Song of the Stars

wintry indifference framing gems
of cold-cut crystals etched in eventide,
sinking slowly into velvet shades

where flames are but frost-flakes
who wait and watch and wink
as they sit in silence
or dance in slow obedience

Untouched, these paragons,
held not by toil nor temper
as they soar o'er terrestrial woes
patiently twinkling as time tarries

while we watch in wonder
and claw and crave and cling,
drunk on daydreams and delusions,
grasping for some speck of sweet serenity

Were our roles reversed, O paragons
I one of you, and one of you I
would drudgery dim your radiance
and would I dauntless shine rejoicing?

would we walk the well-trod paths -
I wait and watch and wink
you claw and crave and cling -
and both obey this silent law?

But no, your place I will not usurp
and neither do you desire mine
for I am made to walk below
and you to watch above

for drudgery shall not overcome me;
your witness, O paragons, is not in vain.
I hear your song of heav'nly glee
and know I'm here to sing the same.