"That's gay" is not okay

It happens all around schools, in the media, everywhere. People preying on others, mocking them, degrading and bullying them. On the internet, any video you pull up on YouTube will have the words somewhere under it. "That's gay". Two simple words, misused every day, misused somewhere every minute of every day, posted as if just for funsies. Yeah, that's clever. It's witty. Yeah, thanks, you asses of the internet, for being so bigoted that you have to make the word "gay" become a synonym for "stupid".

Yes, I do take offense to it. And saying "no offense" doesn't change the fact that you're using the word in a demeaning way. If asked, yes, I do identify myself as bisexual. If not asked, I don't identify myself as anything. However, I found it offensive even before. I know so many gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. And that's just what they are; People. They're not immoral bastards, they're not freaks, they're just like you and I. They have hopes, dreams, and a right to love who they want.

A few days ago, as my girlfriend and I walked through the hall to our first period class, a guy passed us by and, pointing at our hands, fingers tangled with one another, said "That's disgusting." What's disgusting about it? The fact that we are unafraid to show one another our love? Or the fact we both have vaginas? Why does it matter? It's not as if I, having a partner of the same sex, go around pointing at heterosexual couples shouting "That's disgusting!" as they pass by standing less than 6 inches apart. No, I don't do that. So what right does anyone have to do that to any homosexual couple?

I know, people, that sometimes it is disgusting. But that's just the overly sexual, very PDA couples. Homosexual or heterosexual, it's disgusting to walk past people grinding against one another and moaning, especially in a place such as school. I understand that. But when the only reason for shouting about how disgusting the innocent act of a quick kiss or hand holding is that the two people are the same sex, that is really not okay.

It's not like I haven't had bad experiences with homosexuals. I had my first boyfriend break up with me to date another guy. That hurt. I expect it would hurt less if I liked the person he was dating, and more if it was for a pretty girl. To this day, I have been his last heterosexual romance. And… Technically he was mine, but I don't get around to dating much. If I love someone, I stay with them. So I've had two relationships in the seventeen and a half years I've been on Earth; One lasting three years, and the other nine months so far, ten come the twenty-fifth.

Then, there's the fact that I've been told I'm not gay / lesbian ENOUGH to actually do things like represent GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) at my school. I was told this by my mother, who claims to actually support whatever lifestyle I choose. Yet, the hypocrite tells me my girlfriend and I aren't right for one another, even though I give off no indication I'm going to break up with her anytime in the future if at all, and even though I lost my virginity to said girlfriend, though my mother and father don't know that (and I'd like to keep it that way). I can't say I don't like guys; I've never even fooled around with a guy, much less had sex. (Though, when my gay ex and I broke up, his brother asked if I'd have sex with him if it meant getting back together. Not a good idea to even consider, but, at the time all my ideas were wrong and dark. They still are.)

Load up any video on YouTube right now. If more than just a few people watched it, chances are one of the comments is "That's/This is/[some form of the former] gay". Tell them that that's not okay. They'll either say "fuck you" or "no offence". "No offence"? What the hell?! If you don't want to offend people, don't say it in the first place! Saying "no offence" doesn't change the fact it's offensive. Go look at websites, forums, etc. Comments like "That's gay" abound. Then internets is not just for porn, it's for saying offensive things that you can't say in real life.

In this day and age, it can even be heard in the streets, in the halls, even in classrooms. (Not by the teachers, of course.) Shouldn't we be trying to stop using this, instead of just slapping a "no offence" sticker on it? Because, no offence, but "That's gay" is definitely not okay.