there's creases in your lips, broken and dry
ripples pass through your body like an underlying wave
and the stars leave these undeniable marks over your
i want to trace you, every ounce of you complete
at the base of my fingertips, be able to transfer you
over on paper so then, maybe, people could understand
this necessity for me that is you.

fading street lights, kicking a rock down the sidewalk,
hands in your pockets, looking down.
you smile but it doesn't reach your eyes, this fine line
we've been walking is now a tight rope.
there's a sheer attempt of your trying ways to get back,
i hold out for you, watch out for you
now it's only you and i behind the walls you've built.

my hand is under your shirt, stroking your stomach as
you lay with one hand under your head, the other grasping
my shoulder, pulling me close so your breath ruffles my hair
with every inhale/exhale-
i know you're still alive.

march 10, 2010