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Tachibana Akane is a student attending Kabushiki Academy, a prestigious school dedicated to educating the brightest and wealthiest in the country. Starting her second year, Akane is setting her sights on Tokyo University Medical School. Unfortunately, there are some setbacks...

Setback 1

(Tachibana Akane's POV)

Tachibana Akane flipped through the latest Psychology Today magazine and continued to ignore the television screens. Usually, security was priority number one in love hotels. For Akane, that was not the case.

"Excuse me," a man tapped the window.

"Yes," she said, her eyes still glued to the latest article about the scandals of Australia's cabinet ministers.

"We'd like to get a room-,"

"All our rooms are occupied."

"But... there are keys behind you."

Always the type to think on her feet, she explained to the annoyed man, "By occupied, I mean all the non-insect infested rooms are."

"Kyaaa," she heard the man's partner cry.

Sighing, she wondered why people had the urge to have a sex romp at this time of the day. After all, it was only 7 o'clock in the morning.

"Kimiko-chan," he cried, chasing after his frightened girlfriend/mistress/one-night-stand. The couple left an extremely delighted Akane to her magazine. In a few hours, she would be on her way to school and to her real life. Every morning Akane sat in a little room that acted as the reception desk for the Koi Love Hotel until somebody would take over for her.

Once she heard the familiar click, she closed her magazine and got up just as someone was trying to unlock the door.

"Good morn-," Yamaguchi Seiji greeted, but his words did not fully reach her. Akane was already rushing to get upstairs.

She ran to her room and quickly changed into her school uniform. As she passed through the hallway, a middle-aged woman wearing a small towel blocked Akane's path. Although time had not been too kind to her face, Tachibana Akira managed to retain some of her beauty. Her rich dark hair had not begun to fade and her fair, youthful body remained alluring to many. Unfortunately, her beauty did not transcend to her daughter.

"Akane," her mother yelled, coming out of the steamy bathroom, "Why are you always in a hurry?"

Not feeling the urge to respond back, she made her way to the kitchen and grabbed the bento box packed the night before.

"You didn't have to make your own lunch," her mother continued with her list of complaints. Akane placed a toast in her mouth, swung her backpack on and took out her bike lock from the closet in the foyer.

Akane glanced at the grandfather clock. 7:20? Maybe she had a shot of getting there on time…

Without saying a word, she was gone.

This was the Tachibana tradition. She never said 'good bye' and her parents never said 'take care'.


Because she hated her parents for being a part of the sketchy love hotel industry. Since Akane was two years old, the Tachibana managed and lived in the Koi Love Hotel.

She frowned in disgust at the thought of her parents. "Menaces to society," she mumbled, biking her way to school.

When she reached her destination, there was thirty minutes left until the bell. At an average Japanese school, students would be rushing to find out his or her classroom number on the bulletin board. However, this did not happen at Kabushiki Academy. After all, it was the most prestigious school in the city. Teachers took it upon themselves to email every single student. Everything was already set for her and her new classmates: seats, lockers, books and schedules.

Akane stopped near the school entrance to chain her bike to the racks. She smiled at a thought. Last year, her bike was by itself and it seemed the tradition would remain firm. Kabushiki students tended to roll in with S-Class Mercedes Benz, the latest motorcycle or even by helicopter.

She locked the chain on and followed the arriving students up the steps to the grand foyer. In the locker bays, people around her were squealing in excitement and chattering about his or her latest vacation trip.

"Eh? You went to see Wicked in New York? I'm sooo jealous!"

"Did you go to the tea ceremonies held at the Imperial Palace?"

Quickly, Akane put on her school shoes, took out the necessary books and left. She did not feel the urge to fill people on her eventless school break. Akane was a private person, who only focused on her education. If she spoke to someone, it was about something urgent… like proofreading a group assignment.

It was not surprising that no one greeted her or vice versa.

She headed towards 2-B, but was immediately stopped.

A middle-aged female teacher, she did not recognize, said, "Where are you going?"


Akane was taken aback by the way the question was asked. The teacher sounded annoyed. Was she not supposed to go to class?

The teacher sighed, "I'll assume your homeroom teacher did not inform you that this year we're going to the Assembly first. Am I right?"

When she received the email from her teacher, it had not come across as odd at all. Usually, last-minute updates would be passed along. But, it was not the case for Akane.

Simply, she gave a little nod which lead to unfamiliar to sigh.

"Turn around and go to the gymnasium," she ordered.

Bowing her respects, she did as she was told and walked towards the opposite direction.


Akane looked over her shoulder and saw a teacher she definitely recognized. The plump, short, aging Fujiwaru-sensei appeared surprised to see her. "You're usually a punctual person," he said, as he stopped in front of her.

"Sorry, Sensei. My new homeroom teacher did not message me."

"Ah, so that explains the vacant seats in 2-B's row. I was worried about my top student becoming a delinquent."

She could not help but smile with him. They both knew the thought was utterly impossible. Tachibana Akane, a delinquent?

"Are you still teaching Advanced Biology this year?"

The old teacher shook his head. "Since this is my last year, the school thinks it's best I just overlook the teachers."

"You're Head Teacher," she gasped, "But you hate administrative work."

Akane knew this because Fujiwaru-sensei struck a deal with her in first year. 'Fill in paperwork after school and get extra grade points'. The arrangement was corrupt and unfair to the other students. Neither Akane nor Fujiwaru-sensei cared about academic ethics. They got what they wanted: Akane got better grades in her Science classes and Fujiwaru-sensei did not have to deal with the office. It was a classic win-win arrangement.

He chuckled, "Get to the assembly."

She rarely pouted. This was Fujiwaru-sensei's last year before retirement. She had high hopes of him mentoring her. After all, he was a trained physician.

While walking to the assembly, she wondered if she could continue her relationship with Fujiwaru-sensei. Even if he was Head Teacher, he would hopefully help his star pupil.

Once she entered the gymnasium, she was shocked by the empty seats. She had been told about the absence of her classmates, but she was still taken by surprise at how empty 2-B's rows were. Always strategic when it came to her comfort levels, she took the seat furthest from the entrance. If she sat at the aisle seat, people would have to squeeze their way through. It would have been uncomfortable for them and her.

She looked around and wondered what was taking her classmates so long. All the other rows were filled. Glancing at the front, she saw all the necessary people were on stage: the school's Chairman, the Principal, and the Student Council President.

It always boggled Akane's mind how a person like Kanemura Kyosei became Kabushiki's Student Council President.

He was the most perverted, egotistical person she had ever encountered. Plus, he was not that intelligent.

The first and last time she spoke to Kanemura was on their third day as freshmen. In any class, it was easy to figure out who was the keener and who was the slacker. Akane filled the role of the keener for 1-A and Kanemura was the slacker. During the lunch break, Kanemura cornered Akane in the hallway. With a charming smile, he brought up a proposition, "How would you like to go out on a date with me? In return, I'll-,"

Akane stared straight into his face, "I will not sell my intellect for your body."

It pained her to remember that he became president because of his popularity amongst the girls. They fervently campaigned for their 'Beloved Prince' to rule Kabushiki Academy.

Akane sourly had to admit that he was attractive and understood why he possessed an army of rabidly insane hormonal girls. Kanemura was blessed with porcelain-looking skin and hazel eyes that could melt any heart. His light brown was always cut in the latest style. He was tall and perfectly thin. If he wanted to, he could become a superstar idol. Instead he used his handsome looks to win a high school election.

Kanemura's luck was not limited to his attractive features. He was heir to the Kanemaru Group, the largest shipping company in Japan. He was drowning in money as did everyone else in Kabushiki.

To get into Kabushiki, many students needed the funds. Fortunately, their families were ridiculously wealthy. Akane was not different from them. Her parents owned a chain of love hotels. She did not need a scholarship to get in Kabushiki.

She shuddered at the thought of her tainted background.

Luckily, no one knew about her parents or cared. Akane was happy no one was interested in her life.

"Are you saving any of these seats," a male voice said, breaking her from her thoughts.

She looked up to see a boy standing near her. From her sitting position, Akane noticed his average height. He was probably a bit taller than her. She became fixated with his hair. It was dark and extremely messy. The shagginess did not fit the rest of his appearance. He had fair skin, warm chocolate eyes and wore over-sized black rectangular glasses. He was dressed neatly in his uniform.

Simply, she shook her head.

"Excellent," he smiled, sitting next to her.

She stared back, expressionless. Her mind was consumed with thoughts of mowing his hair.

Her silence did not dissuade him. Trying his best to be friendly, he kept his smile firm. "Since you're sitting here that means you're in class 2-B too. My name's Sukihara Mamoru."

He extended out his hand for hers. She peered down at the offered hand and looked away.

Akane definitely did not want to know Sukihara Mamoru.

He was the best friend of the waste of space, Kanemura Kyosei.

With Sukihara in her class, the useless Student Council President would visit at lunchtime and so would his herd of devoted imbeciles. Her head throbbed at another infringing worry.

In first year, she heard about a Sukihara in 1-D. He was one of the most intelligent kids in Kabushiki. He was most likely going to aim for the best. The best was Tokyo University. The reason Akane applied for Kabushiki was because she needed to be the best candidate for the university.

What if he stole her spot?

Sukihara interrupted her thoughts again. "I hope they start soon. It's already sad that our class is going to be this year's delinquent class."

She glanced past him and saw no one else sitting.

Her chances of being a top student were dwindling by the second. Delinquent class, rapid fan girls coming to her class and an incompetent teacher were spelling disaster for her. She was a great student, but only in the field of science. Math, Languages and Social Sciences were all her enemies. It took her a lot longer to understand those materials. What if her chances for Tokyo University were stopped because of her class handicapping her?

"Are you an introvert?" Sukihara looked at her with curious eyes.

She glared at him. Akane was never a fan of useless chatter, especially when people wanted her to talk.

Finally, she parted her lips to say, "What kind of stupid question is that?"

"You're not social."

"I become an introvert when people ask stupid questions."


I'm heavily revising this story. It's sort of a follow-up to another story, the Tomorrow Cases. The reason why I'm revisiting 'Love Hotel' is because I need to lay the brickwork for one of TC's sequel, Himawari. Some of the characters established in LH will return in it. Also, some other characters will pop up in other stories too.

Love Hotel takes place a year after the end of TC. As you are aware, I'm still writing TC. I'll try my best to speed up TC so things don't get too confusing.

Chapters are going to be broken up into different character perspectives. Even though Love Hotel mostly revolves around Akane, this story is about high school kids growing up.

Please enjoy the story and remember to write feedback.