"Unspoken, (until spoken)"

By: darkdreamerx


Our bodies entwine again, and

yet, I am not satisfied (like you

would believe me to be). There was

nothing lacking, no sensation (of

unexplainable) missed; why then, does

my heart (filled with tender lists not

even, a pen of infinite ink could write)

feel incomplete in such this way

(a way that defines the question

of questioning)? Our eyes meet,

remnants of fire burning (that closed

lids would not obscure) and I witness

the answer (of all unanswered answers)

into my ears; entering my mind

(first, then trailing its depth inside,

across veins) gently, to the place of

inquisition... (where, my heart swells)

and peace (not the kind of peace after

war) but, sweet peace, entrances me. I

felt your lips upon mine and still,

I became (where I repeated the sounds

your beautiful voice made, in my head),

and was then, satisfied (willingly; blissfully).