When: Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time: 7:32

I never knew where I belonged.

People, just faces in the crowd,

They would point and laugh.

I broke the glass, my scream so loud.

They called me names,

Pushed me down.

It was a vicious cycle,

Until I was met by a clown.

His smile was painted on

As he held his hand out to me,

His claws gripped tightly,

But somehow I felt free.

He showed me this wondrous place

Full of people that invited me in

With open arms and faces,

Concealed in masks through the end.

It seemed so perfect here.

They told me not to let others get me down,

Because here, they took revenge—

In their own blood they would drown.

This sounded so splendid to me;

Without a hypnotist, I was entranced.

These people took action to my thoughts.

I was so excited I wanted to dance.

Suddenly, the clown turned to me

With a fang-filled smile,

And told me I should try it out,

Just for a little while.

But I turned him down,

With a smirk of my own clever,

And told him with a spark in my eyes,

That I wanted to stay all forever

His laugh sent shivers down my spine,

Leading me to the biggest tent.

He spoke to me as I followed,

"You're gonna fit right in."