Soft music-box melodies
In my dreams.

Touching the untouchable
Right through the depths
Of my soul.

Alone with myself again,
Watching as my
Whole world rends.

Words that wish to burn my throat,
Regretting every
One I wrote.

Here I am, and I'm still waiting.
Hope is dying,
Faith is fading.

Won't anyone come for me?
Stuck inside this
Wretched sea

Of poisoned thoughts always laced
With Bitterness
I'll always taste.

Making friends with the shadows
Spilling from these
Hazy windows.

All I ever do is mourn
For people lost
And friendships torn.

Rifts as big as oceans deep,
Love I wasn't
Meant to keep.

And there's nothing left to do
Because I'm done
Waiting for you.

I can't imagine where you went.
Stuck by myself,
But I'm content

Just singing to the spiders
And the cobwebs
in the corners.