Riz walked through the city. It was completely dark now that their 'clock' signaled that it was night. Big, hollow chunks of rocks or caves made the houses. There was buildings, too, but they were scarce, almost only the academy of magic and fightingarts of the drow.

His purple eyes glowed slightly in the darkness, showing his nightvision. He had been the weaponmaster, the greatest fighter, of the 14 house to the throne of the drow city. Tonight, they were going to try to reach the rank of 13 house, by killing off the present family at that seat. Riz had never liked killing, but in this society, it was kill or be killed. Even your own mother could be your enemy. And thus, he followed the orders his mom, the matron mother, leader of the house, gave. If he failed, he knew his oldest sister would kill, or at least disable him for the rest of his life, without a doubt.

He glanced around. No one in any direction. When he had made entirely sure there were no traps nor any spies, he slowly crept closer to the house. He drew out a dagger, and picked the lock before slipping inside. He was one of those few that favoured the ruse instead of only charging. His family thought him boring, but his methods always brought them results.

Riz's head snapped up when he heard the voices of the children of the house they were about to anihilate. He moved towards the voices, dreading his own duty. But it had to be done.

He crept into the room silently, preparing himself for killing them off. The signal came from his matron mother, in form of a mental wave that made the priestesses fall to the ground while clutching their heads. Riz bounded forward, swords drawn. He leapt to the right and slized into the neck of the first child. There were suddenly screams everywhere, and Riz bit his lip to press himself to finish. He made absolutely sure that no one was alive in the room before he left.

Riz sat in his own room. It was hours since they had attacked, but he still couldn't get the kids' dying expressions out of his head. He sighed deeply, and leaned back, dreading the talk he would have to have with his mother later. She had to come home from a meeting with the matron mother of the 1. house in the town. They had managed to kill off everyone, though they only killed the nobles, the soldiers were split, most to the winning house, between the houses.

"Riz! The matron mother wants to talk to you! Get down here!" He sighed again before he got to his feet. Elv, his older sister and next in line for the throne, stood in the bottom of the stairs. She tapped her foot impatiently. As he passed after giving the respectful bow, which he hated, she pointed to the chamber the matron mother was currently in.

"Thanks, sister." Riz said meekly, Elv looking him over to see if there were anything about him that couldn't be shown to their mother. She apparantly found none as she just shooed him into the room.

"You asked for me, matron mother?" His mother, Dil, regarded him coldly.

"I did, Riz. I apprechiate your efforts, though I do not expect less of you, seeing as you are our house's weaponmaster." Riz bowed low.

"Thank you, matron Dil." She now seemed completely disinterested.

"However, I wish you could do it faster. I know we still haven't managed to beat all that mercy out of you, but we will! Next time, I expect you to get in there, kill them off, and get out unnoticed fast. I won't tolerate any delays."

"Yes, matron Dil. I'm truly sorry." Riz said, adding 'not' in his head. Dil raised an eyebrow at him, and waved him out. Riz was only too happy to go.

Elv looked at him with distaste as he passed her again. Males were next to useless! It should be a woman being the weaponmaster, not a male. Even if the male were her own brother, it should be one of her sisters!

"Is something wrong, sister?" Riz looked at her, not liking the malice in her red eyes.

"Not really. I just can't stand having a male in the position of weaponmaster. Now, off you go." Riz nodded, and went back up to his room. He had had enough! His whole life he had been treated like he was nothing, even if he was better than most at meele fights. He slumped down a wall while thinking if he should leave or not. As he saw the prosession of other houses making their way to the door to congratulate about rising in rank, he made his decision.

Taking nothing but his twin swords and the clothes he was wearing; a pair of dark grey trousers, a black shirt and a couple of black boots, Riz climbed out the window and made his way to the exit of the town. Without looking back, he started into the unforgiving darkness of the passages outside.

He hadn't walked long when his keen, elven ears caught the sound of pursuit. He sped up, hiding in a gap between some stones. He watched the drow patrol go by, and slipped in behind them. Riz followed them a couple of miles, then decided to run into a passage on his right instead of following.

He stopped when he grew too tired to continue, finding himself a crack in the rock around him, he crawled into it, falling asleep imediately.

When Riz awoke next, the first thing he did was searching for food. He remembered from his education that the plants growing in the caves were eadible, and picked a lot of them to store for the following journey.

One day, around eight months after he had run off, he noticed that the tunnels were more illuminated, the plants were different than he knew them, and the rock were lighter than they had been.

An animal he had never seen before hopped past him. Seeing as he was hungry, he killed it, feeling dread spread in his body. He knew he had to kill to eat, but he wasn't fond of it. He then roasted it over some flames he created, one of his many drow-spells.

Riz looked different now. His hair was longer, and he was dirty. His shirt had so many holes and rifts that he had discarded it, and his pants were torn several places. His height hadn't changed though. But his weight had. He had become much skinnier than he had been, and he was more careful than he had ever been in the drow town.

Deciding that resting here until he had regained his strength would be smart, he laid down.

When he awoke, he saw that it had become darker outside. Curious, he moved to the opening of the small cave. He dropped to all fours and wriggled out of the tiny hole.

Outside it was chilly, and more sounds than he had ever heard. It was open, but trees stood in a circle around the pool of water to his left. Riz stripped out of his clothes and submerged in the cold liquid. Quickly washing up, he got out soon after.

After redressing, Riz ran quite blindly into the forest, hoping he wouldn't meet anyone.

Elv lead the pursuit this time. Eight months had passed since Riz escaped. This time, they were going for the surface world. They had found his shirt in one of the few tunnels that lead to the surface.She was mad beyond words at her brother's betrayal. Though she didn't like males, he was one with the most fighting skills in their house, and they had suffered some blows in his absence.
"Here we have a hole he could have crawled through." Elv blasted the rock, and stepped out. The trackers searched for tracks.
"We have him. These are tracks from drow boots, and they are only an hour old." Elv smiled and let them lead the way after the tracks.

Riz heard the approaching party as he shook the sleep off. He had come upon a town where everyone was seemingly asleep.
He found some clothes to replace his old hanging on a rope outside. They looked weird, but what did he know about the surface people? Not much. He took the clothes down; a dark blue blouse with a red gem, a pair of dark blue pants with a weird light blue thing hanging out, and a light blue blanket-thing he swept over his shoulders to cover himself a bit as he felt ridiculous.
Soon a sharp noise was heard, and the villagers awoke. Riz tried blending in with the mass, hiding in an alley. He hoped he was safe now, but what was that bright light coming from the sky?