Ilirian pecked Riz' forehead on the way out the door. The drow had decided to stay at home because of the slight pain in his lower back, so he would have to go hunting alone. He felt satiated, though. Mostly because of the thought that Riz belonged to him now, just as he belonged to the young drow.

Riz smiled that cute little crooked smile of his, and returned the light kiss. He was lying on his belly in the bed, and he had said he would get up when his hips allowed him to. Ilirian chuckled and went out into the sun. David was waiting for him on the outskirts of the small village, just as he had said he would.

"You look awfully happy today. What have you done now?"

He teased playfully. Ilirian just smirked his way, telling him silently. David groaned.

"Why is it that even you get laid before me?!"

"Good question. Perhaps you should seduce someone?"

David sputtered, and shoved playfully at him. Ilirian laughed and went to hunt, leaving his thinking friend alone.

When he came back home, he saw that Riz had gotten out of bed. The small male wandered around the house, tidying a little. Ilirian grinned as he tried to sneak up on him, only to be stopped by Riz turning around. The human pouted as the drow grinned and pressed a light kiss to his lips.

"I still can't sneak up on you."

Riz stuck out his tongue at the human's words, and Ilirian grabbed him to kiss him more passionately.

"Don't stick that out if you don't plan to use it."

The dark elf blushed, and hid his face in his chest. He looked adorable. Ilirian wrapped his arms tighter around his slim frame, not planning on letting him go anywhere anytime soon. Riz shyly pressed a kiss to his bare torso, making the human smile and sit down on the bed. The drow squeaked as he suddenly found himself pulled up in between his lover's legs. Ilirian let the hand that was on the small of Riz' back travel to his butt and gave it a small squeeze. Riz jumped and lifted his eyes to semi-glare at him.

"You know that won't work on me."

Riz pouted, and flicked Ilirian's nose with his index finger.

"I can still try."

Ilirian laughed and headbutted him gently, kissing his cheek as he nuzzled the drow's face.

Sitting in the moonlight, Riz felt utterly content. He had found the life he couldn't have beneath the surface. Ilirian pressed a kiss to his back, and the small dark elf shuddered before leaning back into his lover's embrace.

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