Written for my Creative Writing class. Constructive criticism welcomed. =)

The Game Not Taken

Two paths diverged in a video game store
And time prevented me from traveling both
And so I stood by the open door
And looked down one to see if I should explore
For to choose the best, I made an oath

Looking to the left, at the rows I stared
The many games longingly waited
Yet I saw nothing of interest there
And took the right without a care
My hunger would be sated

My gaze ne'er strayed
As I eagerly scanned the wall
For the perfect game, soon to be played
So longer still at the store I stayed
'Til closing time neared for the mall

Then, at last, I found a game I'd waited for
And so my journey was at an end
Yet as I exited the store
From the left, a game called through the door
But sadly, I had no money left to spend