Paint Me


You paint me in pinks and golds;

With sun dripping out my pores,

And lips like tulips;

My flesh shinning in a glow.


I write you in sweet words,

That enthrall and succumb.

That whisper your heart

and scream mine.


You draw me with pastels,

All light and airy;

My eyes dark and dreary.

You shape me out .


I tell your story on white pages,

Of pristine paper and solid ink.

I speak in soft tones the lifeā€¦

You live and love.


You remember me in color,

I remember you in black and white.


And when I say the you paint me,

I mean you bring me to life;

And when I say I write you,

I mean I think I might like you.

(A/N: FP always screws up my spacing, thus the --- lines...I don't know how to fix the spacing thing... :( )