The summer heat forced everyone indoors or in water. Xing however, challenged the heat by running on the field track. Her breaths threatened to escape with every step she took but was reined back in a stable tempo with her years of track experience. She went on for rounds and rounds before satisfaction settled in.

Exams were around the corner but she couldn't care less. Having a messed up life killed every taste in her mouth for life. Running was the only way to make her feel alive.

Jun patiently sat at the side of the field with a dry towel in hand, waiting for Xing's return. They were classmates for two years straight and both of them clicked only because their lives were just as messed up. The norms could never comprehend what they went through; only they can.

And so, they supported each other by being around – Xing having her way most of the time while Jun simply follows. Jun wasn't slave to Xing but something nailed him at her tail.

When Xing finally decided it was enough, she jogged to where Jun was and Jun raised the towel. She took and gently prodded her face, at moments buried her face into the soft, albeit warm, comfy feeling.

No word of thanks.

Lust anchored his attention on her supple breasts, hidden by the thin fabric of her singlet and thick sports bra. His gaze followed their rise and fall of their erratic yet steady motions, as if dancing to her lungs.

Perhaps it wasn't lust that sprouted his fascination but life. The very sign that we're living, the upheaval motion our chests experience when air is drawn in. Perhaps, Jun thought, he was appreciating every moment, every aspect of being alive.

Noticing his rude attention on her, Xing smacked the towel into his face and stormed into the bathroom with her clean set of clothes … and towel.

No words of reprimand.

Xing changed into her favourite blouse and shirt which drew her feminineness out more gently than her sporty singlet and shorts. Slinging her haversack over her shoulder, she headed off to the tallest rooftop in school. Jun followed.

While the general population in school sought shelter from the heat in waters or air conditioned areas, Xing chose the rooftop where the wind was most potent. The scenery up there was breathtaking – the whole school shrunk into a scale so small, one could grab it with two hands.

Jun drew his pocket notebook and flipped to a page where his attention was fixated on. Xing snatched the book away to see what interested him so besides her body - it was a list of names with dates and times in no specific pattern. Frowning at the nonsensical information, she returned his notebook and glanced at her watch. It's six-thirty soon, when the sun 'touches' the school with its orange glow; the most beautiful time of the day.

The couple waited. They allowed winds to blast through their bodies, they let the sun scorch their skins but not a word was exchanged. When the sun finally donned its welcoming orange gown, Xing climbed up the parapet with arms wide opened as if to welcome the sun.

Then, she plunged.

No words of farewell.


In matter of seconds her body was drowned in a pool of blood. Jun drew his notebook once more and flipped to the page that caught his attention earlier. He added Xing's name to the list. Once done, he went home – this was just another day in school.