A/N: This is a short I had to write for my creative writing class. This is the first short I've ever written so please go easy on me. Also if there's anything wrong don't hesitate to point it out, constructive criticism is always appreciated from readers.

When she ran

As Natalie dashed through the bushes to the meeting spot so many thoughts went though her head.

Beginning at her childhood, at the very first day she met him – the man she was supposed to marry, Michael, by her parents wish. At that time she'd never given it all too much thought, he was just another boy, another friend. Marrying never was one of the things she dreamt about as a young girl, it was all decided for her, all taken care of, no worries.

It wasn't until she was older that she met Michael's older brother, James. Like his younger brother he was tall, dark hair, brown eyes, and a kind smile. But only on James the tallness was accompanied by broad shoulders and strong arms. His hair and eye's shone with health, while Michael was sick every couple weeks. Then there was his smile. Both brothers had a kind smile but Michaels was small and weak. James' on the other hand was strong and behind that crooked smirk of his was a sense of mystery and a taste of his mischief. It was love for her at first sight. She was meeting the whole family for the very first time and as soon as she entered the room there he stood. It wasn't until he introduced himself to her a couple minutes later that she realized she was staring.

"Hi. You must be Natalie." He extended a hand to her, flashing his gorgeous smile, "I've heard much about you. Finally I get to meet the girl who's captured my brother so completely." She nervously took his hand, "Pleasure is all mine. Um, so I take it you're Michael's brother? James, if I recall right." Letting go of each other's hands he his blinding smile shows once more, "Yes ma'am. So you've heard a bit about me?" She smiles sheepishly, her cheeks tinting a slight red, "More than a bit. Michael is always talking about you. I feel as if I know you already." He laugh's to this comment. "Well then I suppose that saves us some conversation, he's told me quite a bit about you as well."

Natalie shook her head, stopping her train of thought. Now wasn't the time to be remising about the past. She was with James now, or soon will be. She was just out of the compound of her house when she stopped dead in her tracks. Dodging behind a tree she holds her breath. I've got to avoid being seen. That guard almost caught me, she thought. Rounding the tree, Natalie slowly got around the guard. After she got a ways away from him and a few others scattered across the outside grounds she was very much annoyed. Scoffing she hisses to herself, "Of course they'd put guards around me. Ever since it was known I like James more and he likes me in return they've tried everything in their power to keep us apart. Luckily they're not very good at that."

She bursts through the trees into a small clearing, her and James' secret meeting spot. Pausing at the entrance she sits on the floor she gets lost in her thoughts again. How long was it since we started to secretly meet? Or even how long did it take for us to even stop fighting our feelings? Too long I suppose, I was . . . I guess I still am . . . his brother's fiancé. I wasn't to even be touched by him. She smiled, remembering all that's happened in the last few years. A stick breaks behind her. Quickly standing up she twirls around, her long brown hair blocking her bright blue eyes from seeing the man standing there. And there the man was, tall, dark hair, brown eyes, and a kind smile.