In terms of Stereophonic

The tender misanthropic,
groping atheism,
globe trotting,
still tepid from jr. high art classes
where pre-teens sit crosslegged,
and slightly bedraggled,
making fun of someone else's purple underwear showing;

all, this, before they were kissed
in dark classrooms -

in terms of the stereophonic
stethoscopes, measuring heart
beats and foot falls through sound,
though sight floats with a kind of
apparatus that gloats in the face of
those days, already head tilted, already
arms shaking, teeth tugging words through
small smiles, and new waves of growth.

all, this - before she knew what
monochromatic meant, and later
placating ploys, lip gloss, egg shell,
words tossed aside circumference,
and stale echoes barking back across
the halls -

she remembers
all, this, as in life-mingling-film
imitating film-unifying-life, and
she starts to wear her hair a certain way
and keeps it thus for ten more years,
because she wants someone to notice,

wanting to watch the recognition
filter across someone's face like
the thousand shards of color graphed
to a envelope-colored screen, gabbled
backlights, a boy beside a girl, laughing
at a joke, she said: "I raped him" in mirth,
he smiled: "twice."

and, all, this
is still enveloping the melon of her
body, the time, slow, crumbles, speeds
away, out of site, as though vision
were a place, and, all, this.