Discovered and Captured

To Reaper

You did the impossible, Love.
You strode down my castle's
down the corridor, and entered
my chamber of pain, where
I hide from fear of discovery.

Your long fingers caressed
my bruised heart, as you
captured me in a rude
awakening. I lit candle

after candle to see in the dark,
to make out the expressions
on this Reaper's face, as you
loved me with your brutal yet tender touch.

The night of our first embrace:
when we fell entangled,
and I let the meteor burn;
the night is over.

I expected you to leave soon after,
but like the last fading star of four AM
you never left my side. The dawn
has greeted us.
I cannot hide
the burns.

Accept it, Love.
Find peace within me.

Your kisses are that of
a river: calm but rough
and violent at a second's notice.

I noticed the lock in your chest
matches the key around my neck.
Tenderly, I twist the key in.
I am yours for as long as I breathe.