The Awakening of Human Drama
The Merry Thoughts of Tears for the Dying
Bitter Grace of The Damned Skeleton Family
Two Witches Deform The Cure.

The Sisterhood of the Paralysed Age
The Sisters of Mercy Play Dead
The Specimen of The Church
The Last Days of Jesus Love Like Blood

The Birthday Party of The Machine in the Garden,
Dead Can Dance The Last Dance, the Ghost Dance,
45 Graves in the Fields of the Nephilim.

The Mission of London After Midnight,
The Lords of the Church,
The Naked and the Dead, And Also the Trees,
All Gone Dead, This Mortal Coil,
In The Theatre of Ice and the Theatre of Hate.

The Diary of Dreams, Dead Artist Syndrome,
Tones on Tail with the Switchblade Symphony.

This poem is written using only the names of thirty-eight Gothic Rock bands. The only other words are: the, of, in, and, and with.