Hello everyone. My name is Cory, better known as PRIVATE Corp, and I am please to present to you my work piece of an original story. Now, I have been writing fan-fiction for some time, but I have intended to begin writing original stories from the beginning of the time I started to write.

So, what I have here is the start of my gruesome idea, a tale about a boy and his mission to regain life by taking the lives of others. But, the thing is that I have a whole philosophy that is going with this story, so please bear in mind about what is going on within the story.

Disclaimer: I own all content that lies within the story. This story and all of its content belongs to me unless stated otherwise.

The Bleeder
Prelude – Night Air


Five minutes, that's all you need.

The empty vastness of the empty open stretch of highway continues through the darkness of the pitch black nighttime air. Very little light is illuminating upon the hidden gravel, as thick clouds crawl along in the skies to prevent the moon and stars from shining down their gentle lights. There are also no street lights fencing the open road, as the nearest city isn't for a good ten miles to the north. All that remains is the nothingness and pitch black coldness; the perfect atmosphere for a nighttime stroll.

A solitude deer glides through the dark harmlessly, prancing on as it makes its way home. It approaches the pavement of the road and it stops as it touches the gravel. The deer turns its head to approaching lights, the only lights in this part, and it looks in wonder the ever-glowing lights. The deer could have gone on to meet with its friends and family, but Faith knew that the time has come for this one creature, and what remains is a trail of blood.

What hit the deer is an off-road navy blue truck, big enough to ram through the deer and create a bloody mess, but not strong enough to withstand the force of the impact. The truck comes to a screeching stop, seconds after colliding with the wood creature, and the driver door opens up for a man to step out. He got over to the front of the truck to examine the damage, and he looks behind to notice more carnage and blood trailing right behind the vehicle.

The man could only mumble a curse as he got back into his truck. He twists the keys to get the engine going again, but the impact from the deer was severe enough to cut the fuel line to the engine. Again the man curse, this time beating a fist onto the horn, and he slams his head down onto the steering wheel. He waits for a minute to allow his anger to get out, and he cocks his head to the right to notice a boy sitting in the passenger seat.

The boy is wearing all black, similar to the nighttime atmosphere outside. The clothing comprise of a jacket with coattails going down most of the legs, a shirt, a pair of long pants, and a wide-brim hat. All articles of clothing are black, with a few hints of stains of blood splashed all over his clothes. He haves a lock of blond hair covering his right eye, despite that he have brown hair hidden under his hat, and his visible eye is glistening with emerald green from the headlights. And he haves a strap going around his chest, with a cane tucked right in-between his legs.

The driver of the truck got up from the steering wheel and he shivers in fear. "Wha... What the hell are you doing in my truck?!"

The boy didn't turn his head. He only moves his visible eye over to the direction of the driver. "Isn't it obvious? I am trying to get to town."

"But in my truck?" asked the man. "Why couldn't you have taken a bus?"

"I could have, but at the depot, the next scheduled bus is coming in the morning, and I didn't want to wait that long."

The man looks at the boy with a confused look. "But how did you...?"

Now the boy pivots his head so that he can fully focus on the driver. "You really want to know?"

The man gives a firm nod and the boy lets out a heavy sigh.

"I'm dead."

The man recoils in horror from this statement, jettisoning out of his truck by using his palm to open the door and stumbling out onto the open road. The boy casually steps out from the passenger side of the truck and he walks around the back to meet up with the terrified driver. While the boy is walking, the blood from the deer begins to crawl along the rubber of the wheels and the gravel, pointing towards the walking boy as he got closer to the stumbling man. When the man notices the moving blood, he speeds up his stumbling to get away from the strange boy.

"Who... What are you?!"

"I am a spirit that has been walking this earth for more than a century, collecting the blood from nearly one million people so that I can reborn again."

"Reborn?! That's insane! You can't come back to life!" shouted the man.

"Really? Then care to explain why I have this Death seal written on my forearm?"

The boy pulls up his right sleeve and he bears out his arm, showing the man a gray symbol tattooed into the boy's arm. The symbol is made out of a skull with different variations of lines and curves to make a tribal marking behind the skull.

"This curse seal allows me to kill people if I'm dead," the boy said. "Plus, with the number of people I killed, all of that goes to me getting one step closer to becoming mortal once again, and it's all thanks to a contract that I signed."

"But why did you choose to ride with me?"

"I can tell if someone has been evil during their life. And by what I am seeing, you had been living a life of crime during your rebellious teenage life; getting away from seducing and raping innocent girls to multiple thefts of banks and drug operations, and many more. That there is a sign that you must pay for your crimes."

"But I have already paid for them!" barked the man. "I have spent my time in prison and gave back to the community! I don't deserve to die!"

"Well, according to the Grim Reaper and the Blood Diamond... you do."

All the man could remember is something sharp and cold entering right through his stomach, piercing right through the stomach and liver. Blood came pumping out of the body, as the man collapses onto his knees and falls back. The boy removes the instrument from the man – his cane with a sword blade attached – and he puts the cleaned cane onto the strap so he can carry it. Then the boy crouches down to look at the wound he made, and he hovers his hand over the wound so that the blood will allow to rise up into the boy's hand. After a few minutes, the body of the driver is lying there with a large, open cut in his stomach, dried to the bone of every drop of blood, and the boy looks towards the north to notice a flood of flashing lights heading right for where they are now.

"Well, this officially makes 999,000 kills," the boy said, clenching his fist. "I just need a thousand more and I'll be able to come back to life."

The boy puts a smirk on his face as the vehicles with the flashing lights come to a stop and several men rush around the scene, looking for the driver of the truck. A few men in police uniforms head over to where the body of the driver is; astonished by the sight they are seeing, as the boy moves out of the way to be submerge in the darkness of the night.

"Then this means that I am almost halfway from meeting my goal," the boy said out loud, heading over to where the police cruisers are.

The boy jumps on top of one of the police cruisers and he waits as the men in uniform gather the information and evidence from the crime scene so that they can take it back to the city. Then after a half a hour, the vehicles got moving, heading back towards the city with the boy taking a ride on top.

The boy lets out another smirk. "Well Death, your wish is nearly halfway granted," he said with a glowing smile. "It won't be long now until Jake Steel completes his part of the deal."

So, it is time to begin this story. I have introduced the main character in this whole charade, and he is getting forth with his mission.

Now, as I said in the beginning, I have a philosophy going with this story, and over time I will reveal more and more of this philosophy so that you will truly understand what in the world is going on with my main character. Yes, I know I immediately had him kill some random character, but that character is just a small minor in the grand scheme, and this is just to demonstrate what my character can do.

Please, stick around for the main story to begin. I hope that me killing someone right off the bat didn't scare you off. And, if you like, review for this story. Thank you very much.