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The Bleeder: Book 01
Chapter 01 – Jake Steel


The morning couldn't have gone off to a more horrible start.

Jackson City is well-known, more to the word infamous, as a dangerous city during the daytime and a war zone at nighttime. The city lives up to its reputation as it is known for terror-like acts of crime are committed throughout the streets, being the one city that many citizens make them think thrice about coming near this city. Though that the city is home to millions, these residents have some doubts that they should even be here, with all of the activity going on within the city.

Throughout the crime-laden streets, hidden among the residents that freely roam the open sidewalks are the criminals that make up nearly half of the city. These people are well received as criminals to the untrained eye, wanted by the city's police for all sorts of miscellaneous acts of crime, ranging from the small to the life-sentence. Yet, most to all are still out among the people, hiding among the residents that are misfortunate enough to be part of such acts of inhumanity. For those who manage to get caught by the police will only slip away into the many alleys and corridors that make up the densely crowded city that is Jackson.

Then, there is the police force of Jackson City, the only force that is willing enough to go out into the streets and catch these criminals. But their reputation is far from any other agency in the nation, as for being part of Jackson City it only stains their record and their reputation. The men and women who work for the police force are slaving away at their desks and out in the heat, clocking in hours in hopes to get the city back under their control, but with the city's reputation holding them back, it is only a matter of time before anarchy settles in and drives the police out of the city.

For those who remain on the job, their sirens are going off with every chance that they can get when finding a wanted criminal. That, along with the other sounds of the city life of alley cats meowing for food, angry shouts of unpleased neighbors, horns blaring and echoing off the brick walls of the buildings, and the occasional gunshot or two, it will displease anyone that is trying to live a normal life in this particular city. And then there is the lingering smog that hovers above the city, culminating over time to the point where walking out in the street will consume the toxic fumes and die some short days later. Life in the city of Jackson is not for the feint of heart, but the residents currently living in this city do not mind at all.

If one were to be brave enough to survive all of this, it can be but one: a boy name Jake Steel.

With the sun slowly rising up over the city, light starts to pour into one room in an apartment. As the room begins to fill up with light, an alarm is going off near a sofa and an arm reaches around to find the source so it can turn the alarm off. Upon finding the clock, a finger presses down on the snooze button and a body rises up from the covers of a blanket to expose itself to the morning light. The body, revealing itself to be a teenage boy, slowly begins moving off the couch and up to the bathroom, where he is going to get himself awake.

The boy got the hot water going in the shower and he removes his clothing so that he can get his body wet. He closes the shower curtains and got down on the floor to allow the water to shower down all over his body, covering every inch of his exposed skin. He lets out a heavy sigh, recollecting his thoughts from the past few years on how hard his life has been, not even being bothered by the raining water coating him. The boy remains sitting in the shower for quite some time, not even going for the soap to clean himself up and just allowing the water to run.

After some time, he finally decides to step out from the shower and turn the faucet off, making sure to keep the water from running. He grabs a towel and dries himself off clean, getting every inch of his body clean of any dripping water. Once dried off, he wraps the towel around his waist and he walks into the living quarters he calls home and sat down on the couch that is his bed. There is no bedroom for the boy to sleep in, as he quickly called a room last night and did not realize that the room he is currently in is without a few necessities, but he does not mind.

To him, as long as there is information for him to obtain, that is all that matters. He reaches for a remote control that is hiding under the couch and he turns on the television sitting on an old table, all while waiting for the screen to warm up. As soon there is a picture on the screen, he begins changing the channels, going from a pornographic channel to a local news station that is in the area. Due to Jackson City being a major city but cursed with an infamous reputation, no news station wants to be part of the city, but the city is getting every news station and there are news story on each channel. The boy decides to stick with one and begin watching what is on screen in only his towel.

The boy watches with only one eye, as his right eye is cover by a lock of his still wet brunette hair. His slightly shut, left emerald green eye is taking in everything that is being displayed on the monitor, from the local weather in the area to the traffic reports to a news story about a homicide outside of the city. The news anchors on screen begin to describe the victim, a man in his early forties with an open wound on his chest and the police report is saying that every drop of blood is drained from his body.

The boy could only smile. "I say, it looks like the police are onto me. I guess this time, things are going to get interesting," he said with a bit of a chuckle, before turning his smile into a frown. "Still... I can't let my guard down. It is just one person that is going to get the police after me, and that's bad."

The boy studies the policemen that are on the screen, taking notes of their true personalities as he begins to realize what the force he is going to deal with is really hiding. The boy smiles once again, now seeing that the police force of Jackson City is not the cleanest of them all, and he can see that these men have kills on them, making them targets. Once he got all that he need, the boy flips through the channels, hoping to find something that is entertaining early in the morning. With nothing on, he decides to go to the pornographic channel he was on when he turn the television on and let the device run.

The boy got up from his seat and begins collecting the clothes lying across the floor, grabbing a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a black jacket. The boy got the clothing onto his slightly pale body, getting himself dress for the day, and he reaches around his room for his black shoes and gloves so that he can get those on. After getting dress, he walks up to the refrigerator to see if there is anything to eat, only to find the appliance empty of food. He grumbles to himself, telling himself that he should not bother with food, as he walks back to the couch to grab the remote and shut the television off.

The boy begins to head towards the door and along the way, he grabs a cane and a black wide-brim hat. He places the hat onto his head and the cane on his back, and the boy makes his way out of his room and down the stairs to street level. Once at base level, he passes the check-in counter of the apartment building he is staying in, and walks right out into the heated sunlight. Everywhere that the boy can see, he notices people wearing business suits and light clothing, all just to take care of themselves in the immense heat. But as for the boy... he is doing fair wearing an all-black suit.

This boy is no ordinary boy. His name is Jake Steel, a thief from Britain with the tutelage from a master thief, and he is a cold-blood murderer. However, unlike a normal murderer, Jake studies his targets, making sure that he is making the right choice and seeing if the person is good or bad. If the person contains enough bad in them and has a high amounts of kills, Jake will kill that person and steal their blood, which will collect into his own blood and increase the number of kills he has. But if the person is good, he will either let the person go, or give them a friendly death if their time has come. This makes Jake a serial killer, but he does not bother by his job. In fact... he rather enjoys it.

The boy takes his first steps into the heat and got into the flow of traffic, moving east to one point of interest in the list of task he wants to accomplish for today. Jake made a mental note in his mind stating the list of tasks to do for today before he can begin his mission here in Jackson City. First is to acquire two new guns, as the boy's revolvers he owns are getting old. The next is going to a local market and get some food to fill his empty stomach, follow by a shop to fix a blade. Finally is to look for a place to exchange the currency he has on him, as the pounds he holds in a pouch are worth some money during this time.

As Jake is making his way through the crowd, he tries his best to blend in with his surroundings, but he is getting stares from people that are sweating very much. To them, they can see that Jake is not sweating a single drop, despite that he is only been out in the heat for two minutes and is wearing all black, but this is not stopping Jake from accomplishing his tasks for the day. He continues to walk with the crowd, moving at the same pace as the others, and he occasionally bump into a few unfriendly people as he makes his way to the gun store.

Upon arriving at the gun shop, Jake notices a young woman crossing the street. She appears to be in her late twenties, wearing a basic casual work dress in light colors to keep herself cool in the heat, and she is carrying a large black purse on her shoulders. Jake watches this woman cross the street until she got to the other side, where he notices some thugs hanging out near an alleyway opening. The woman makes her way towards the thugs and they made their move, ganging up on her and start talking to her. Jake begins to reach into his jacket to grab one of his revolvers, but he decides to leave the woman be for now.

Jake opens the door to the gun store and he can feel the cold rush of air brushing pass him as he makes his way inside of the store. Upon entering, he can see hundreds of guns stack in neatly rows, all ranging in sizes and types, going from the small handgun to the large shotgun. Jake makes his way up to the counter and waits for service to arrive. A large man emerges from a door and walks up to the counter, where he eyes out Jake and stops his eating of a cheeseburger.

"Now what can I help you?" he asked.

"I am in the need of replacing my Colt revolvers for something more... modern," replied Jake, taking out his two revolvers. "I hear that you have two automatic pistols in stock. Is it true?"

"And why do you want those?" the clerk asked. "Aren't you a little young to be buying guns?"

"The brain can be fool by what the eyes perceive," Jake quoted. "I am much older than you think I am, and if you want proof, give me a release form."

"All right, smart ass. If you want to show me proof, here you go."

The man slides a release form on the counter, which will allow Jake the rights the purchase of the guns. The boy takes a pen and fills out every entry that he needs to fill, leaving some blank as they do not apply to him. Once he is done, he presents the form to the clerk and the guns, and the man takes the sheet of paper to verify its results.

"You got to be fucking with me," he said. "You seriously going to allow me you were born in 1852?"

Jake can only nod as he pushes the two revolvers forward. The clerk picks the guns up, studying them to check out the quality of each gun. As he is studying them, he notices that each gun looks and feel like they were new, as if they were taken right off the assembly line. And that is not going to say that these guns are the same that are being produced today. The man is astonish to see such guns coming from the same age as what Jake is saying, only to place the two guns on the counter and give Jake a good stare down.

"All right kid, I don't know what you are trying to pull," he said, "but by the looks of your guns, you got yourself two guns worthy of auction blocks. How can you keep them in mint condition?"

"Will you believe me if I am dead?"

The man stares at Jake, looking all over for any signs to see if he is lying. The man then takes a gun and loads a bullet in one of the chambers, getting the shot ready to fire and pulls the trigger. The target is Jake's head and the bullet whizzes right through him, leaving only a clean hole. The hole that the bullet made is healing up very quickly, closing up as Jake is standing tall with hands in his pocket and a smirk on his face. The clerk is in disbelief by how someone like Jake is still standing after one bullet shot to the forehead, only to realize that this boy is much different from the other customers the man had.

"So if you are dead, then how come I am holding these guns?"

"I am no ordinary ghost. I am what you call a blood ghost," Jake said, holding up his hands. "A ghost that is tainted with blood, forced to remain on this earth until my time has come and the Grim Reaper takes me away, or the blood reapers come and get me."

The man shoots a raspberry. "Blood reapers? What the hell are those things?"

"Trust me, you don't want to know," the boy replied.

"All right, you can have your pistols," the clerk said, "but you need to cover your permit and tax. I hope you have some real money on you, ghost or not."

Jake reaches into one of his pocket and pulls out the pouch that is holding the British pounds. He takes out a coin worth enough to cover his charge and he presents the coin to the man. The clerk takes the old coin and studies it for a bit, only for Jake to explain that the coin is worth more than what is worth during the 1800's. A cash register rings in the man's mind and he pockets the coin so that he can later collect the reward, and the man heads away from the counter so that he can retrieve the guns Jake is asking for.

As the clerk is busy finding the automatic pistols, Jake turns his attention to where the woman is, only to find her struggling in the grasp of the thugs. Jake can sense that this is the moment he is waiting for, so he rushes out of the store and out into the heat once again. The clerk hears the door opening and he runs to the entrance to find Jake missing and a fight breaking on the other side of the street. The clerk looks around to see if Jake is in the mess or he is somewhere else, only to make up his mind and go back to get the guns in case Jake was to come back.

Over on the other side of the street, the thugs are dragging the woman into the alleyway, where they are tearing off her clothing and going through her purse for anything they can get their dirty hands on. As one man is ripping through the woman's purse, two others are ripping each article of clothing off of her body, leaving her undergarment expose and the men to allow to play with her breasts and clitoris. One of them removes her bra forcefully from her chest, exposing her breasts and immediately squeezing them, giving the woman sheer pain in her chest as the thugs rape the woman. The other man that is with the woman begins to finger at the woman's clitoris, making her ease her way to orgasm as she struggles against the urge.

"So, how about your first time out in the streets, missy?" the thug groping the woman's breasts asked.

"NO!" she yelled. "I don't want to do it, especially with you thugs! Help, somebody!"

"Suck it, miss, no one is this fucking city is going to hear you," the thug digging through the purse growls. "No matter how you scream, we're going to fuck every last hole you have on your body and everyone will view you as a fucking slut."

"Just let me go!" the woman shouted. "I don't want any of you inside me!"

The men laugh as they tease the woman some more. As the thug got deeper into the purse, he begins to feel very cold all of a sudden and he notices a trickle of red dripping down his face. His vision begins to blur and the man collapse onto the ground, lying dead with some of the woman's valuables in hand. The other two thugs stop what they are doing to notice the dead man lying on the ground.

"What the hell!" stated the breasts grabbing thug. "What happened to him?"

"Let her go!" shouted a voice.

The two remaining thugs release the woman and they search around the alley to see where the voice was coming from. They reach for their guns on their sides, but the clitoris fingering thug drops his as he got an invisible punch delivered to his face. The man recovers quickly and takes a swing, but he is hitting only the air around him, and he feels another blow, only this time to the back of the neck. With the sound of bones cracking, the man is lying on the ground and a cut is reveal on the man's neck. All that remains is the thug that groped the woman's breasts.

The remaining thug is terrified as he is fighting an opponent he can not see. He takes his gun and fires a few shots, only to miss completely. He could feel a chilling sensation right behind him and he turns around to find Jake Steel standing right behind giving the thug an evil eye. The thug makes an attempt to shoot Jake, but the bullets pass right through Jake, leaving him standing there.

"You people make me sick," the boy growls. "You twisted men think that if you see an attractive woman, you have the right and go abuse her, do you?"

"N-No, it's not l-like that," the thug stuttered.

"Well apparently, it is!" Jake barked. "For all you do, you just want to satisfy your sex drive and not worry about the woman's, huh? You don't consider that she wants to have pleasure, not torture or pain! If she's into it, than that's fine, but this is wrong no matter what it is! And you just earn yourself a spot with your friends in Hell!"

The boy moves up one of his hands and makes a hand sign. Below the man is a puddle of blood, coming from the thug with the purse and he looks above him to notice a puddle of blood floating above him, coming from the thug who played with the woman's clitoris. He tries to back away but his feet are glue to the blood on the ground. Jake flashes a smile to the man.

"Tell Lucifer I said hi," is his final request for the man. "Blood Columns!"

Jake slashes down his hand and the blood shot out from the puddles to crush the man. Along with the puddles below and above the man, there were two additional puddles hidden on the walls of the alleyway. After the collision, the blood is lying on the ground and is going up into Jake's body, leaving not a single drop behind of all three men. Jake looks at the body of the last thug, seeing a large gaping hole in the middle of his chest, and the lifeless body falls backwards as all three thugs are now dead.

The murderer walks up to the thug with the purse to retrieve the said item and he walks up to the shaken woman, who is half naked with only her panties still covering what is left of her body. Jake can see that her crotch is soaked due to the men playing with her, and he decides to comfort the woman with the best method he has.

"Are you all right?" he asked calmly.

The woman looks up with tear soak eyes, staring into the eye of a murderer. "... I'm all right," she replied softly. "I'm just..."

"It's all right," Jake simply replied. "I know it's hard to go through this, but you'll get out. I known countless women during my time on this earth and some of them went through the same thing you experienced. There were some that I saved, while others weren't so lucky. At least you were a lucky one."

The woman begins to collect more tears. "... I guess I should thank you," she said.

"It's nothing. Just as long as you are still alive, that's all that matter to me."

"But aren't you going to kill me, like you did with those men?"

"Oh no, I won't do that," Jake responded. "I only go after those who times are up and those who are bad. From what I can see, you only did a small sin and that's nothing to what those men did. All I can see is that your time is much longer, and I wish you the best of luck in your life."

Jake takes notice of the clothing that is lying on the ground. "Are you going to be all right with all of this?" he asked. "It wouldn't be safe for someone like you going around this city half naked."

"Well, I can make do with what I have," the woman said, gathering up her bra and strapping that back on. She then takes the remains of her top and places over her chest to cover up some of her skin. "Maybe I should call in sick for the day and go get a change of clothing. Say, what is your name?"

"Why do you need to know that?" Jake asked.

"What? It's not like I'm going to report you to the police!" the woman stated, trying to make sure Jake is not getting arrested for his act. "I just want to know your name, that's all."

"Well... for a lady like you, it's Jake."

"Jake... well Jake, if you are ever in the Bronson district, just ask around for Christine and they were lead you to my place," the woman said, introducing herself.

"Will do," Jake said, tipping his hat as he hands over the purse to the woman.

Christine got up from her position and she puts on what remains to be her skirt and she gives Jake a friendly wave as she makes her way out of the alley and down the sidewalk. As Jake heads out, he notices that Christine is heading back towards him, as she appears to want to tell something to him.

"Oh, and there's one thing I forgot to mention," she begins. "Those men were from one of the major gangs in the city. If I were you, I better stay away from this area as they got some mutants nobody should mess with."

"Mutants?" echoed Jake, raising an eyebrow upon hearing that.

"You never heard of them?"

"I know of people getting seals on their bodies from God, Lucifer and the Grim Reaper, but never mutants," Jake explained. "Maybe what you see as mutants are those people with seals."

"And what you make say that?" she asked.

"Because I am one of them myself," the boy said, showing off the tattoo on his arm.

Christine is astonish to see the skull tribal marking that is the Death seal on Jake's arm, making her realize that Jake is no ordinary boy but a ghost. "Oh my... so you are dead?" she asked.

"I'm afraid so," Jake replied. "It's not much, but I am working hard on getting my life back. Those thugs had a few kills on them, but not much to get the requirement to get myself back to life."

"Well... if you say you need kills, then this is the city for you," Christine said. "Jackson City is best for all sorts of people, mostly criminals all trying to escape the law, and all of them have at least some sort of kill streak going for them."

Jake returns a smirk. "Then I guess I made it to the right town then," he said.

"And I should also warn you that the chief here is no easy cakewalk," Christine whispers, noticing a police officer walking towards them. "If there's one thing you should know about the chief, he's really a pain-in-the-ass kind of bastard."

Jake laughs at this. "For a lady, you seem to talk trash," he said.

"But what can I say? He's nothing but an arrogant asshole that needs a good..."

"OK, take it easy," said Jake. "I'm sure that if there's an election, you and maybe the whole town can vote this guy out and get a better chief."

"You're right, and I realize I am running late," she said. "I better get going. It's nice meeting you Jake!"

Jake gives a return wave as he watches Christine run off into the crowd of people. As soon he could not see her anymore, the boy turns his attention back over to the gun shop, where he needs to go retrieve his guns and have them ready to use for his time in the city. He crosses over the busy street with ease, going over the cars as he lands on the other side and walk in and out of the gun shop with two brand new automatic pistols in tow, as Jake continues his morning with the rest of his schedule to fill.

Total Count: 999,015


For the rest of the day, Jake made his stops at the appropriate places: getting his sword cane fix up with a new blade, some food at the market and cashing in his old pounds for a large amount of money. With a new boy walking the streets of Jackson City, Jake is very confident that he can make a living in the city, after knowing that this city is loaded with criminals with high kill streaks. Without that piece of information, Jake will be out of town in no time flat, only to move to the next city in hopes of completing his deal.

As Jake is walking around a corner, he notices a street punk leaning up against a lamppost, facing the alleyway with his head hanging low. Jake pays no mind to the punk, figuring that the man has nothing to do with his mission, as the boy casually walks by the punk. As he is walking, the punk pays special attention to Jake as the boy strolls on by, and he continues to watch Jake as he walks away from the punk.

"Hey kid, you know something?"

Jake stops in his track and turns around to face the punk. "What kind of information?"

"You seem like someone with a high kill streak. How high do you have?"

"Very high, but it's impossible for someone to get mine. Why are you asking?"

"Well... the gang I am in are getting rumors about a boy in black killing hundreds of people, using guns, a sword and blood."

Jake begins to think about what the punk is saying. He knows about what Jake can do, but why is he talking about this? "What is it you seek?"

"Is it true that you are the person doing that shit?" the punk asked.

"I may be, I may be not. But if I say I am, then what are you going to do about it?"

The punk shrugs. "I dunno. I was thinking of teaming up with someone with a high kill streak like his, but my leader wants him so that he can kill him."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Jake said, turning away. "If I see him, I'll tell you."

The boy gives the punk a wave as Jake continues on his way through the city. As the heat is still lingering on the ground floor, he notices a bar coming up on the sidewalk. In the boy's mind, he could go for something to drink, so upon approaching the bar, he walks up the steps and enter the building, only to feel the cool air greeting him and seeing some other customers in the building. The boy makes his way up to the counter and got a seat next to a man in a brown jacket, and he notices several empty shot glasses are upside down next to the man, being he has been drinking.

"Hey barkeep, can I get a soft drink here?" asked Jake.

The bartender behind the counter notices Jake and walks up to him. "Sorry kid but I'm fresh out," he replied. "I'm getting some later today. Is there anything else you like?"

"I guess some water will do for now," is Jake response.

The bartender nods to this request and he grabs a cup to fill up with and slides the glass down the counter. Jake grabs the cup and he begins to drink the water, feeling its refreshing cooling texture going down his throat. After taking his first sip, Jake places the glass before him and he turns his attention to the television that is playing, noticing that the local news is currently playing right now. On the screen, Jake notices that there is a report about a serial killer/rapist in the area, appearing very much like the man sitting right next to him.

Jake takes his eyes off the screen to take note of the man next to him. He appears to be the same as on the screen, with messy brown hair covering his dirty face of a stubble beard, a crooked nose and sharp black eyes. The man is hanging his head low, trying to keep his identity a secret, but what Jake is seeing is that the man before him is the one on the television and he can sense that this man has a good kill streak going for him, meaning more kills for Jake. The man then raises his head and holds up a glass for the bartender to see.

"Barkeep, hit me," the man pitched drunkenly.

"Sorry but I can't allow you to have another drink," the bartender responded. "One more shot will damage what brain cells you have left in your head."

"Dammit, I said hit me!" the man roared, slamming a glass shot glass on the counter and smashing it. "If I said 'hit me,' then you fucking give me another fucking shot!"

"Look sir, I own this bar and if you want to cough up an attitude, then take your ass outside and let it rip," the bartender snorted, pointing towards the door.

"Now look here, if you don't give me another shot, I'm going to cut your fucking organs out of your body," the drunk said, grabbing onto the bartender's uniform and taking out a cutting knife.

"May I fill your request of hitting you?" Jake asked calmly.

The man takes his face away from the bartender and looks towards Jake's direction. "Heh... really? Then hit me!"

The drunk receives a quick blow to the face, taking a direct blow from Jake's fist as his arm is now floating above the stool the drunk once stood. "Wish granted," is Jake's response.

In response to Jake's comment and him hitting the man, the drunk throws his knife at Jake's head, but the knife did not faze Jake even for a second. The boy grabs his drink and takes a few sips before taking the knife from his forehead and placing the blade on the counter. The drunk got back up on his feet and he tries to grab onto Jake's clothing, due to the alcohol in his system, but he did grab onto the boy's black jacket and drag him from his seat and onto the floor.

"So how do you like that?" the man asked. "Does that feel great?"

"Feels cold and stupid," replied Jake, trying to get back up on his feet.

As soon as he got up, he feels the elbow of the man jabbing into Jake's stomach, causing him to go skidding across the bar floor and hitting a few tables. Jake catches himself by using a bar stool and he notices the man coming at him in a drunk rage, so Jake easily steps out of the way to allow the man to slip right by him. The drunk tries to hit Jake again, but due to the boy being sober, he easily dodges each blow that the man tries to throw.

"Dammit, stand still!" the man ordered.

"And you didn't say please," Jake teased.

"Then shut the fuck up!"

The man smashes a fist into Jake's face, causing the boy to fall back slightly before recovering and recoiling the blow back into the drunk. The drunk went flying into the counter, crashing into some stool and he got back up on his feet, only to notice some glass that he can use to cut Jake open. With the shards in hand, the man charges at Jake, only for the boy to take a fallen table and use it as a shield. The shards are now sticking in the table, and the man comes up with a plan to use the table to his advantage, so he raises a foot and kicks the wooden table, using the force to knock Jake back a few feet.

With a quarter of the bar ruin, the battle between the drunk and Jake erupts when the drunk notices a woman cowering behind a table. He grins a terrible smile and he hurries over where the woman is, as Jake recalls the event from earlier with Christine and he tries to rescue this woman, but the drunk got to her first, holding her close to his body and a handgun in hand.

"Come any closer and I'll blow her brains out!" the drunk shouted.

"No! Not my daughter!" shouted the bartender. "Take me instead!"

"If you give me another shot, I'll let her go," the man said. He then aims his gun towards Jake. "If you make one move, I'll fucking blow you up."

"Sheesh, that doesn't sound right," Jake grumbles.

The boy takes a step forward and the drunk unleash a bullet hell upon Jake, quickly unloading the clip that is in the gun to the last shot and Jake is riddle with holes all over his body. Everybody watch as he body goes down, even the bartender, as Jake's body splashes all over the floor with blood and the drunk lets out a hysterical laughter.

"Oh man, that was fucking great," he snorted. He then turns his attention to the woman in his grasp. "Now then... how about you do me a favor and give me a good fucking right here?"

"There's no fucking way that you're going to fuck me here, you fucking pig!" the woman snapped.

"Well, I guess I need to get you drunk," the drunk said. "Barkeep, give this woman a shot."

"I am not forcing my daughter to drink a shot," the bartender stated, trying to defend his daughter.

The man reloads his gun and aims the gun at the bartender's head. "You didn't here me. I said give this woman a shot, or I'll shoot out your brain and I'll fuck your daughter right on top of your cold, dead body."

The man readies himself for the shot, but a gunshot rings out and the man's grasp is let loose on the woman. The drunk falls onto the counter and he turns around to find Jake unloading his first shot from his new gun. As the barrel is smoking, Jake lowers the gun to notice that the man is still alive. "I guess you're not normal, aren't you?" he asked.

"Of course I ain't," the drunk replied. "I got myself an Infinity seal, capable of lasting me a lifetime!"

"You do realize that's a Devil's seal, meaning that the only way for you to die is for your time to come short of what the Grim Reaper wants you to end," Jake said, remembering information he obtained about the seal.

"So what? I got one and you don't. I don't understand how you are still alive, but I'll kill you one way or another."

"You can't kill something that is already dead," Jake quoted. "Besides, you want to rape a girl over her father's dead body. That's worthy of you taking a direct route to Hell."

The drunk takes his gun and fires away at Jake, only to allow the bullets to pass right through Jake and not allowing the boy to fall this time. Instead, Jake takes a fallen table and gives it a good push, causing the round table to roll across the bar floor. The man moves out of the way just in time before the table crashes into the bar, all while still carrying the woman, and he unloads another clip at Jake as the boy makes an attempt to save the woman. He takes his automatic pistol and fires a few shots, trying to aim towards the man, but the drunk is to nimble, making all of Jake's shots useless.

Jake falls back, going up to a standing table, as the boy begins to come up with a strategy to defeat this man. He knows that the drunk owns an Infinity seal on him, making him incapable of dying unless certain conditions are met, and he knows that the man is currently holding the woman in his grasp in a death bind. If Jake makes a wrong move, he is going to add an innocent victim to his kill streak and he doesn't want that to happen. The boy places a hand over his right eye and he concentrates very hard on trying to figure out when the man is going to die, seeing at what point the drunk is going to go down.

As Jake is busy, the man makes his move, all while carrying the woman in his grasp. He whips out his knife and jabs it forward, but Jake notices the blade and he dodges the first blow, continuing to make evasive moves as the man makes attempts to stab Jake. With one swing of the knife, Jake jumps back onto a table but only to tip it over and crash on the other side. The man kicks through and he notices a pistol aiming directly at his face, with Jake burning his visible eye right into the man's gaze.

All while busy with the gun, Jake takes his sword cane and jabs it through the man, hoping that this will kill the man, but his assumption is wrong. The boy withdraws his sword from the man and tries again at shooting at the drunk, but each shot is useless. Jake lowers his weapons for a moment to allow the man to try again a stabbing at the boy, only for his first move to land successfully. After backing away, the man and everyone notices that Jake is taking the knife to the heart and he is not dripping a single drop of blood. In fact he is still standing after taking a hard blow to the heart.

The drunk stumbles back as Jake removes the knife from his heart. "But... how?" the drunk asked.

"Ain't it simple to you, or has the alcohol killed all the brain cells in your head?" Jake asked. "Didn't it occur to you that when you unloaded you gun, I am still alive after that?"

The drunk is figuring out how to deal with someone like Jake, as he never faced a more powerful opponent as Jake. Even with the Infinity seal protecting the drunk from any further poisoning, bullets and stabs, this boy knows how the man is going to die. Jake takes a foot and breaks off one of the legs to a fallen table, picking it off the ground and spinning around in his palm, only to get the broken end to point forward and aiming directly at the drunk.

"Now it's time for you to die!" shouted Jake, charging at the man full speed.

The drunk makes an attempt to kill the woman in his grasp, but his grip loosens as Jake pierces the man in the head with the broken leg. Blood begins to spill from the wound, marking the sign that the man is indeed a mortal, as the drunk continues to bleed from his wound. The blood starts to crawl along the leg and into Jake's skin, collecting into his system as he removes the leg once every drop from the man is out from his system. The drunk let his grip go on the woman and collapses to the floor dead, with his eyes staring blankly into space as the woman backs away in horror.

"You... You... You just kill him," she said in terror.

"And there is a good reason," said Jake, checking his body for the Infinity seal. He pulls back on the man's jacket to find an infinity symbol tattooed onto the man's neck. "Just as I figure: death by blow to the head with a table leg at just a few seconds ago."

"And you can tell all that?" the bartender asked.

"Pretty much. Infinity seals are written pretty much as a password lock works, with so many combinations out there it is hard to find the right one, unless you are a reaper or me. And since this is a Devil's version, the seal is a lot easier to read than say a God version or a Reaper version."

"So then... you're a reaper?" the bartender's daughter asked.

"No. I am not a reaper. I'm just me," said Jake.

"Well I can't thank you enough kid," the bartender said. "Not only you got rid of that annoying bastard, but you saved my daughter and my other customers. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Just cover my charge on my drink," Jake said, presenting some hundred dollars from his pocket. "I rather take care of the damage, since I did do some damage to the place."

The bartender could only stare at the sum is before him as Jake makes his way towards the exit. As the bartender counts the money, he notices that he haves the lifeless body of a rapist and murderer lying on his floor, so he walks towards the phone so that the ambulance can come and retrieve the body. But that would leave the boy prone to the police coming after him... the bartender hangs up the phone and he walks up to his daughter.

"Julie, go get a garbage bag," he said with a serious tone. "That boy did us a favor and we can't allow him to get arrested."

His daughter returns a nod, knowing what her father is going to do. She begins to figure out that the boy did save her from a certain fate, being a victim to one Wilson "Sludge" Turkson, and that the boy got rid of the bastard. The two of them work together in getting the body of the dead drunk into the garbage bag and out in the back. Once they are done, the bartender walks up and talks to the other patrons, telling them not to speak a word of the situation before them, and all of them agree. Outside of the bar, Jake stops on the edge of the sidewalk and lets out a heavy sigh.

"I think I need to go lie down," said Jake, grabbing onto his head as he makes his way back towards his apartment.

Total Count: 999,029

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