Author's Note:

Hello all readers! This is the very first fictional story that I've written from scratch and I hope everyone will pardon my command of English as I admit that I am not very good in the language.

The focus of this story is on the main female lead, Mizuki. However there are certain scenes that do not involve her but I believe they are essential to the progress of the story. The setting of the story is in a fictional town in Japan.

Words in italics refer to the thoughts of the characters.

Any comments and reviews are welcomed! And I hope you enjoy reading Velvet Moon!


Chapter 1: Arrival

Our story begins one night at a peaceful town on Earth. The clock in the middle of the town square strikes four in the morning and nothing can be heard except the sound of crickets. The round moon in the sky is the only source of light available in this dark town.

A young boy stands at the top of one of the tallest buildings in town looking into the distance. His clothes are black in colour and his black cape flutters together with his dark blue hair as the wind blows gently onto his face. His face is expressionless, his purple eyes shining beautifully in the moonlight. Both of his hands are in his pockets and he appears to be waiting for something.

"Found him" A female voice comes into his head. "I caught his presence along the riverbank near the central park"

"Get him to the outskirts" The boy thinks without speaking aloud. "We'll settle it outside the town. Kai and I will corner him" With that, he jumps off the building and disappears.

Later at a port outside town where huge warehouses are located, the area is in darkness and deserted. A shadow can be seen chasing after another. Eventually the shadow in the rear comes to a stop between warehouse seven and eight. The girl stood in silence as her ocean blue eyes scans the area from left to right. She too wears black clothing similar to the boy seen earlier, however her clothing are more feminine and she did not wear a cape behind her. Her light brown hair stands out of the darkness and she slowly frowns as she moves towards the entrance of warehouse eight.

"In there" She thinks to herself. "I've sort of got him cornered. He's now hiding in number eight"

A boy appears behind her the moment she thinks of that. The boy, once again, wears the same black clothing as the boy earlier, however like the girl, his clothing lacks a cape. He keeps his eyes at the entrance as he walks towards the girl. He too has brown hair but it is of a darker shade of brown as compared to her.

"You're going in, Kai?" The girl thinks once again.

The boy nods once and walks through the front doors of the warehouse calmly. The warehouse is dusty and many large crates can be seen stacked towards the ceiling by the dim moonlight that enter the warehouse through the windows. Since the crates takes up most of the space, there is hardly much space to walk between the stacks of crates. The door locks are lying on the ground near the opened door; clearly shown that they are being forced open.

Nothing could be heard except for Kai's slow and careful footsteps. He pauses as he hears a soft growl from a corner. He turns to face that corner where he heard the sound and notices a set of fierce gold eyes staring back at him. The creature's body cannot be seen and its eyes appear to be floating out of nowhere. It growls in fury as it slowly moves into the moonlight, revealing a part of its body, which appears to be similar to a mammal's.

"Shall we end this, instead of running around all night?" He speaks aloud to the creature.

"We've only got about an hour left, make it clean" The girl's voice says in his head.

Kai smiles slightly. "Why don't you do it for me then, Kiran?"

Thinking that Kai thought about killing it, the creature feels enraged and roars as it smashes through one of the windows to escape. The siblings run after it but slow down to a stop when they see a shadow with a silver ray of light appears out of nowhere and the next moment, the creature screams in pain and disappears into the air, dead. The shadow lands on the ground and stands up from his kneeling position when he lands. It is the boy with dark blue hair. He turns to face the position where he slashed the creature into half as the silver sword in his hand slowly vanishes.

"That's really clean" Kiran says aloud, not bothering to communicate through their minds since the work is done.

"You've been play with him too much" The blue-hair boy replies. "It's been three hours since the both of you started chasing after it"

"There he goes again" Kai says. "You're way too serious sometimes, Takashi"

Takashi turns to face Kai, his face still expressionless.

"Getting rid of those spawns as soon as possible is our job, not a game" Takashi walks into the darkness and disappears.

"He never changes, does he?" Kiran asks.

"I wonder when he will" Kai replies. "I trust that he will change, someday"

Six hours later, a few kilometres outside the town, the Sunday morning sun shines brightly as it approaches the middle of the sky. The open lands of grass are everywhere, with flowers blooming during the spring season. Out of all the grass, there is a small road created through it for travellers to move with ease in and out of the town. The road is not too crowded with vehicles at this time of the day. Most of the vehicles are mostly those that transport goods into and out of the town for business purposes. Out of all these vehicles, one of them however, is not using the road to carry out everyday business.

"We're here! We're here!" a woman calls out. She is driving a rather old-looking van, headed towards the town. She wears a cheap pair of sunglasses, a brown top and a pair of torn jeans with her yellow hair tied up into a bun.

"Mizuki look!" The lady calls to a black-haired girl sitting at the back of the van. She is wearing a casual white dress with a small white hair clip and her hair is until the middle of her neck. She wakes up from her nap and moves forward to see where the lady is pointing. All she can see are buildings in a distance.

"So that's where you meant when you said 'It's time to start all over', Helen?" Mizuki asks, covering her mouth as she yawns.

"It's gorgeous, isn't it?!" Helen replies. "It's worth all that travelling right?"

"I think you'll need some sleep, you didn't get any for the past twenty-four hours" Mizuki replies.

Helen yawns. "It's alright. We're almost there"

"You're already yawning. Please just get some sleep"

"Fine, just let us get to the apartment and after the unpacking …"

"I'll handle the unpacking, you need your sleep" Mizuki interrupts.

An hour later, they reach their apartment where they live on the third storey in an avenue near a park. Helen decides to take a nap on her bed as Mizuki insisted, when they have chosen their rooms. It takes Mizuki five trips to carry their belongings from their van, where they park it in the nearby car park, up to their apartment.

It is about four in the afternoon when she finish unpacking all their belongings. She arranges her second-hand school books that she needs for her new school the next day before deciding to take a look around the neighbourhood and perhaps buy some groceries to cook for dinner.

"Out to get some food to cook for dinner" She writes on a piece of rough paper and leaves it on the small coffee table, since Helen has yet to awake.

Out in the neighbourhood, she notices that the people in the town are quite sociable. She introduces herself to her neighbours as she leaves the house as well as the shopkeeper of a small convenience stall at the bottom of her apartment when she is asking for directions to the nearest supermarket.

Following the directions of the shopkeeper, she walks across the park near her apartment to an area where there are two food centres, some small shops as well as a supermarket. She makes her way to the supermarket and notices that most of the people that stay in this neighbourhood are similar to her, people belonging to low and middle-income families, except for a young teenager that is outside the supermarket, leaning against his car.

His car seems to be attracting the attention of the people passing by as it is a silver Porsche, unlike the cheaper cars that they drive. The teenager seems to not notice the commotion as he listens to his music through his big white headphones.

Out of curiosity, Mizuki walks over to take a better look at him. He is wearing a grey shirt and black pants with his hands in the pockets. His face is expressionless as he looks at the entrance of the supermarket. Takashi turns to notice the black-haired girl looking at him with his cold eyes. Mizuki immediately turns away out of embarrassment when she realizes that he is looking at her and rushes into the supermarket.

She picks up a basket and starts to take a look at the cabbages on sale when she sees Kai and Kiran exiting the supermarket and walking towards the car. They load the groceries that they have bought to the back seats of the car before driving off.

In the car, Takashi drives in silence as Kiran stares out of the window looking in the direction of the supermarket.

"Is there something you've forgotten to buy back there?" Kai asks as he notices her.

Kiran turns back to face the front of the car. "No, it's just that I thought I just felt …"

Takashi looks at her through the car mirror as she continues after a short pause.

"I thought I just felt one of us back there"

"Are you serious? When? You didn't mention it when we're getting all that stuff" Kai says.

"No, I just felt it when we reached the car" Kiran frowns. "Weird"

Takashi thinks in silence about the black-haired girl that takes a glimpse of him earlier. He turns his attention back to the road upon thinking that she cannot possibly be the one that Kiran is talking about. If she is, he will have sensed it and take the necessary precautions.

"Is it someone you've sensed before?" Kai breaks the short silence. Kiran shakes her head as they head back home.

Back at the apartment, Mizuki locks the gate as she returns from the supermarket with three bags of groceries. She thinks about the boy she saw at the entrance of the supermarket and wonders if he is the son of one of the richer families in town. A soft whistle from the kitchen brings her back to her surroundings. She rushes into the kitchen and turns off the kettle boiling on the stove. Helen enters the kitchen as she starts unpacking the groceries.

"Your school starts tomorrow at eight; do you know the way there?"

"I think so, I've seen the registration documents and the address"

Helen helps her prepare dinner as she continues. "I've heard that there's a popular group in your school from the neighbours. It seemed like they're quite famous in this area"

"Famous? Why? Are they bullies?"

"No, rich people I think"

Mizuki thinks about the boy she saw earlier, especially when he looks at her with his cold eyes. "It couldn't be him right?"

The next day Mizuki leaves her new apartment early in the morning so she can spend some time looking for the school. Luckily, the school building is distinct as compared to the buildings in the area. She is walking through the school compound when she notices a group of students gather at the school car park and seem to be talking among themselves excitedly. Most of the students are girls and they become more excited as a luxurious black Mercedes pulled into the school compound. She continues walking to the school without keeping her eyes off the car, thinking which student will be so crazy to drive such an expensive car just to attend classes. However she did not notice a student walking beside her and accidentally knocks into him. The boy drops the pile of books in his hand and starts picking them up one by one.

"I'm so sorry" She apologizes as she helps the boy to pick up the books. The boy has short dark green hair and yellow golden eyes. "I didn't see where I was going"

"No it's alright" The boy replies as he smiles. "I shouldn't read while walking" He picks up the last book and sees her face for the first time.

"You're the new student right?"

"You can tell?"

"You don't seem to be from this area" He adjusts the position of the books on his hands before continuing. "I heard that we've a new student in class, could that be you?"

"Maybe, I don't know which class I'm in yet" Mizuki replies and turns her attention back to the crowd at the car park. Three students have left the car and are walking towards the school with the entire crowd behind them. She spots the blue-haired boy among the three students. He is walking ahead of the other two students whom she recognizes from the supermarket the day before.

"They are …" she starts.

"It's always like that everyday, don't let it bother you" The green-haired boy beside her says.


"They're really popular in school. You'll know them soon enough. The blue-haired boy is …"

"Hey Kazuki!" A voice interrupts the boy from the back. "Let me help you with these"

An orange-haired girl approaches them. Her hair is short and spiky at the ends. She helps Kazuki carry half of the books before noticing Mizuki.

"Hi there, I'm Saki. You're …"

"Mizuki, nice to meet you"

"She's a new student here" Kazuki informs the orange-haired girl.

"Oh, welcome to Kurosaka High! I see that you've met our KSA3"


Saki points to the three students walking with the crowd following them. "That's what we call them for short here"

"Who're they anyway?" Mizuki asks as they continue walking.

"The blue-haired boy walking in front" Saki starts. "That's Takashi. He's really quiet but most girls in school thinks of him as cool. He's pretty good in his studies though he don't really take part in school activities. He tends to keep to himself, except for the other two of them. The brown-haired girl behind him is Kiran. She's quite pretty and I think she's the most talkative in the group. She's the vice-president of the school's Debating Club. The other boy beside her is Kai. He's a really sweet guy, really caring and sociable. But forget it if you plan to date him. Most of the time Kiran just sort of shoo all the girls away from him"

"Wasn't planning to" Mizuki says with a soft laugh.

"Kai is the president of the Science Club. He's one of the top few in Science naturally. Takashi's the most popular I think, since he seems to be the leader"

The bell rings for the first class to begin.

"We're so late" Kazuki quickly says. "Mizuki the admission office is over there. We'll see you in class" He points in a direction across the corridor and walks swiftly down the corridor, up a flight of stairs with Saki.

Mizuki makes her way to the office where a lady helps her with her registration documents and gives her a timetable. The lady introduces her to her form teacher Ms. Jean, a smart-looking woman with short bronze hair.

Mizuki follows her form teacher up to the classroom where she is asked to stand outside the classroom for a moment.

"Alright class, settle down" Jean started as she places her books on the teacher's desk. "We've got a new student in our class from this day forth" She signals Mizuki to enter the room, which she does. Mizuki notices that the 'KSA3' whom she heard from Saki are her classmates as she stands in the middle of the whiteboard.

"I'm Mizuki, nice to meet everyone"

"Mizuki you can take that empty seat over there and we can continue where we've left off last term" Jean points at an empty seat in front of Takashi.

Some girls in the classroom grumbles but later become silent as Jean gives them a stern look. Mizuki nervously walks over to her seat and takes out her second-hand copy textbook. She sees that Takashi has nothing on his desk except for a clean open notebook, a mechanical pencil and some coloured pens. Takashi looks at her when he notices her attention. His eyes once again are expressionless. However it appears cold to Mizuki as she quickly turns her eyes to the whiteboard, where Jean has written some words.

"What did I do now?" Mizuki thinks to herself. She takes a peek back and he seems unbothered by the attention this time by keeping his eyes on the board.

Time flies and the lesson comes to an end. The classroom is full of commotion as students make their way to their next class. Mizuki packs her books and sees Takashi walking out of the room with Kai and Kiran. Kazuki and Saki approach her.

"I've guessed that you're that new student" Kazuki says, but changes the subject when he notices her expression.

"Is something wrong?"

"It's nothing just …" Mizuki answers.

"Did Takashi give you that look?" Saki guesses.

"What look?"

"Well, you know …" Saki tries to mimic Takashi's cold look towards Mizuki.

"How did you know?"

"He does that all the time to almost everyone, except the teachers. So don't let it bother you"

"What's his problem?" Mizuki asks. "It's as if he treats everyone here as an enemy"

"I guess that's who he is" Kazuki says. "But despite that, many girls still like him"

"You're also popular for your information" Saki comments. "You're still among the top three 'Most Popular Guys' in school"