When: March 14, 2010

Time: 12:14

We meet up together.

It's going to be just us two.

I've been looking forward to this.

My day has been bad,

So, so horrible,

But I can force a smile for you,

No problems there.

But when I greet you,

You hold up a hand,

Yell into your phone,




I already know who it is.

You just can't hang up on him.

I wait patiently by,

Feeling my heart go out to you

As you finally hang up

And apologize to me,

Over and over again.

But I tell you it's alright,

Even though deep down it's not.

And then we walk.

We walk, we laugh, we talk,

Just like always.

In a snap, my mood is better;

My worries gone away for now.

Then he arrives.

I can already feel the tension,

Whether you feel it I don't know.

He walks towards you

And you turn to me, apologize.

Why apologize?

Then you walk off with him.

I yell at him,




But he takes you away anyway.

You stay silent at his side,

Tears threatening to fall.

Then he whispers in your ear.

You giggle as you near me,

Expression blank.

I go to you;

Smile shakily.

Are you really staying with me?

But that look...unnerves me.

I take a hesitant step back.

You get closer.

Then, at the edge,

When I feel I can't take it anymore--

What's wrong?

Why aren't you speaking?

Why aren't you smiling?

What are you—

You push me;

Shove me forward.

I stumble backwards

And fall right off the cliff.

But I manage to grip the side

And look up at you.

I gulp down my vertigo.

Why did you do this to me?

Did I do something wrong?

You never answer.

You just reply

That you're sorry.

But how could you be?

There's a moment when

He's not looking over your shoulder

And you reach your hand out to me.

I try to take it,

My other hand slipping.

He looks again

And you pull away,

Whispering your apologies

Over and over again;

But they mean nothing to me

As I fall to the ground