Note: This is the beginning of a new serialization like Both Sides of the Sun. The stories can stand-alone, but are interconnected via the characters, and of course, the continuing relationship. Unlike my previous serialization, this one is a coworker/office story, versus student/senpai-kohai story. I hope you will enjoy this and support me!


The waking morning

The waning crescent moon was fading in the sky as the sun began to push the start of a new day. Inside apartment unit B in a rather expensive part of Tokyo, Yuki was lying in the arms of his lover, Kiyoshi. His eyes were open, staring at Kiyoshi's sleeping face, wondering when the moment together would be broken.

Yuki was in love with these rare occasions when Kiyoshi would fall asleep after sex and not make it back to his own home.

It had only happened a handful of times. This was the fourth and it was even sweeter this time around. He had woken up to find himself being held by Kiyoshi. Thrice before, Yuki had opened his eyes to his lover's broad back. This morning he was facing Kiyoshi.

How long had he been awake again?

Not long enough.

Yuki was tempted to glance at the clock, to find out how many minutes were left, but he didn't dare move his eyes away from Kiyoshi. He was hopelessly infatuated and it was a thing of tragedy, especially when it was one-sided. Yuki needed to pretend that he wanted less, needed less. Too bad, it was so fucking hard.

"Mmhmm," Kiyoshi murmured as he opened his eyes. "Yuki," he said, smiling lopsidedly, "g'morning."

"Morning," he replied softly. "Anything you want for breakfast? I can quickly run and get something while you shower."

Kiyoshi reached for Yuki, pulling him closer and pressing his lips firmly against Yuki's. "I'll make breakfast while you shower. It's the least I can do for you after you let me stay and intrude on you."

But it wasn't an intrusion at all if he wanted Kiyoshi here.

Yuki didn't know why, but it was hard for him to say what he thought out loud. "I guess I'll go shower then."

"You do that," Kiyoshi said, giving him one last kiss before rising from the futon. "I'll have breakfast done soon."

Yuki waited until Kiyoshi had left the bedroom before he slowly got up. He glanced down at his body, running his fingers lightly over the hickeys that had been left in random arrangement along his torso. They were the marks of Kiyoshi's passion. Yuki smiled softly.

He loved when the mornings were like this.

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Released on March 14, 2010.