Chapter 1: Warm Shadows

Long ago, in the lands of Norrath, there lived a family of evil trolls. Known as the Shadowgrudge. They lived in the swamp village of Grobb, the most southern swamp of the continent of Antonica. There was Gakab and Pumreku, Tanlaka and Zurandiya, and many others that had come from this backwater village. Each of them had their own skills, warriors, mages, scouts and healers.

Most of the trolls had moved away, leaving Tanlaka and her beasts to defend the village along with the other troll guards. She pretty much grew up alone, her only friends were the crocodiles of the swamps. She would train them as her pets and fight off any foe that would harm the village. Mostly the frogloks.

Her skin was dark green, to match the color of the crocodiles she trained. Her eyes were red, and her hair orange, soaked in the green swamp water, she was a true beauty among the other gross trolls in the area. She was only given a few torn rags to wear, sometimes she had to nail her clothes to her body or she forgets to wear them. As much, her rags were stained with her blood and of the frogloks she slain.

Tanlaka never did like any of the other trolls she lived with, she was different from the rest. She took care of her looks the best a troll girl could ever do, and never liked fighting that much, only when needed to defend herself, that's why she has the crocodiles at her side, or so that's what she says.

She never got a chance to go out to explore the lands of Norrath. She spent most of her time playing with her crocodile pets instead, and she was the strongest one out of the whole village, so she had to stay behind to protect it. But that all changed soon after.

It came from within the deserts, the trolls didn't even see it coming. A horde of froglok warriors came to Grobb and had a massive raid against them. The trolls weren't strong enough, their forces grew weak and the frogloks took them over with great power. Swords swinging, and the holy powers of Mithaniel Marr aided them as well. Tanlaka stood at the side, watching from a distance in the middle of the swamp, under cover from her crocodile pets in camouflage. She knew she and her pets would be no match for the frogloks, so instead she fled from the swamp and suddenly met with one of her distant cousins.

Rinazebra, a troll mage, who came to aid in the attack of the frogloks to rescue any troll that he could. Tanlaka was the only one he found. So, he took her back with him to the world of Azeroth where they would be in the safety of other trolls and even the orcs. He summoned up a portal to take her to Durotar, the barren lands of the trolls and orcs. It wouldn't be anything like her beloved swamp, but it was there that she would be safe now.

Waiting for them was also Meelarah, a troll priest and also another one of Tanlaka's cousins. He healed Tanlaka back to health from the old backwater life she had, nailing herself with her clothes and fighting against the frogloks. Never did Tanlaka see such magic from trolls, it was all so new to her, she was very grateful and decided to stay here with them to take care of her crocodile pet, Cipactli. The water from the swamp and teleporting to Azeroth had changed her natural hair color to green, and it grew much longer and had it braided. She was a new troll now, and wanted to forget her past and move into a new light.

She also wanted to forget about her long long brother, Gakab, who has gone missing within the shadows of another world. Would they ever be reunited, only to bring Tanlaka back into the darkness where she was?