Well, guys, I'm sorry. For all those that have actually enjoyed it, thanks for reading. I hope there's at least a few out there. But, I don't think I'm up for more comments on how fast paced it is. I know that it's fast. It's a habit of mine, because I've read SOOOO many stories that just drip with too much description, and whilst trying to avoid that, I went a bit too fast. Anywho, it was a first story, maybe I'll edit it and pick it up later, with more description, slow it down. No one's first stories are great, I suppose. /: Wish me luck, and let me know if my future stories are too fast.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, I enjoyed writing this. I think I need a bit more experience though, before I post them online.

Cecile, mind helping me slow down and develop characters? I seem to have a lot of trouble with that. ;P If not, I'm fine with it, but I do think I need…. Tutoring isn't the right word, but perhaps that's what I mean. I have a new idea, and I don't want it to go nearly as fast as this one.