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"Audrey, what the hell is up with this? I'm out for one day, and you just totally replace me?"

Audrey looked up from the papers she'd been working on with her girlfriend. (Yes, it would have made more sense to say Mercy there, but...she was her girlfriend. Her girlfriend. One more time, Mercy was her girlfriend. Okay, she lied; one last time: her girlfriend.) It was Jen Gillespie. Uh oh.

Jen was nice, but she was...not like Audrey. At all. Audrey didn't really talk much. Jen didn't have this problem. "Sorry, Jen." Oh, and when Audrey did talk, she wasn't exactly loud.

"Uh, yeah, I should say so. We've been partners for months now, and you immediately ditch me? Do you want me to fail Introduction to Photography? You know that I have nothing but the utmost fear of the difficulty of this class, and you abandon me in my hour of need? The hour on which ten percent of the final grade before Miss Campbell adds twenty percent to everyone's score rests? For shame, Audrey. For shame." Jen shook her head, frowning. Audrey was pretty sure she was joking. Pretty sure. But she couldn't take the chance, so....

"I really am sorry," she mumbled, looking back down.

"Don't be, I'm just messing with you. Camp feels bad for me, so she's partnering me. I'm pretty sure that defeats the purpose of a project, if the teacher is supposed to do half the work, which'll end up being all the work, but...." Jen shrugged her shoulders, cheerfully. "On a serious note, why? No offense or anything, but I never got the feeling that you two were friends, and you always struck me as the type to stick with a sick partner. What changed?" She actually did look curious. They were some pretty decent questions.

"Well..." Audrey fumbled, trying to think of something to say, when Mercy cut in smoothly.

"We're dating," she said coolly, taking Audrey's hand pointedly, clasping their fingers together. Audrey almost died. Mercy—her girlfriend!—was holding her hand. And said that they were dating. Death was worth it.

"Really? Congrats. Hmm, wasn't expecting that one." Jen seemed to be less affected by the utter amazingness that was that moment. Strange.

"Why not? Do you have a problem with it?" Mercy asked aggressively. Pissed wasn't a bad look on her.

Jen shrugged again. Again, she seemed unaffected by Mercy. Audrey couldn't imagine ever not being fixated on every move her girlfriend made. "Not particularly, I just wouldn't have put you two together. You're really different."

"How is that?" Mercy didn't look like she was backing down any time soon. Audrey couldn't breathe.

"Well, you're kind of a bitch, and Audrey's...pretty much the farthest from bitchy any girl can be without being a '50s sitcom character." Jen shrugged. (Had she always shrugged that much? Audrey might have known if she could remember anything from before she and Mercy had started dating. That was only two days ago. Which meant that Audrey didn't really remember much. Especially since she hadn't managed to concentrate on anything but Mercy since they'd become girlfriends. That would probably be a problem down the road, but she couldn't quite remember why.)

Mercy laughed suddenly. "True." She held out the hand that wasn't holding Audrey's. "Jess, right?"

She smirked. "Jen, actually. Mercy." They held eye contact for a moment, until Jen looked away and cheerfully said, "Got to go work on this very, very important project. And by work, I mean make sad faces at Miss Campbell while she works on it for me. Bye!" She skipped off. Literally skipped. Which, okay, Audrey had felt like doing for the past two days. But that was different.

Mercy looked at Audrey, which she noticed immediately. Staring at someone helps you do that. "Sorry about that," she said, "that probably wasn't necessary, was it?"

They were locking eyes. Audrey opened her mouth, tried to talk, then closed it again. Mercy was staring at her lips. She blushed; Mercy's eyes flickered back up to hers. "Probably not, but...you know, it's no big deal. I'm not mad at you or whatever." Audrey found her voice, somehow. She didn't think she could be mad at Mercy. It just...wasn't possible.

"Yeah, I think I was just kinda...jealous or something. I'm not...good at this whole relationship thing." Mercy smiled then, one of her rare, sweet, pretty smiles. Audrey didn't think she'd seen a single one of them Before, but she'd seen four now.

"Yeah, I'm not really either," she tried not to mumble.

Mercy's smile widened. "Really? I never would have guessed."

"Hey," she started to protest, but then Mercy squeezed the hand that she still held and Audrey sort of forgot how to think. They looked at each other for a bit. Audrey forcibly tore her eyes away from Mercy's face. If she let herself, she had the feeling she'd look forever. "So we should probably...do this thing," she muttered, sounding incredibly enthusiastic.

"Yeah, I guess...or we could play paper football and I could go to your house after school? To work on the project, of course." Mercy's soft smile had turned into more of a grin. They were both equally beautiful. Audrey knew, somewhere, that Mercy really wasn't that pretty, but that didn't stop her from being the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.

She smiled back. "Of course."

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