You don't care
Just someone else to fool around with
God I'm so stupid
I feel so used
Used and thrown away
Like last night's pizza boxes and beer bottles
You don't care
You see me and you think toy
Fun, pleasure
I can't believe I fell for it
You lured me
Tricked me
And I believed you
I believed you
Because I was a fool
A fool who was in love
And too impatient to think twice
About what I was doing
I see your mask
Of kindness and cunningness
I saw only what you wanted me to see
Such an idiot
For not seeing you for who you are
So used
Only good for getting you what you want
It was never about me
Always you
But you know what
I am my own person
You have no power over me
You can't just waltz right on in
And grab me by the scruff
Like I was your bitch
You can't just walk in
And throw me around
Like a piece of trash on the ground
I am me
And I will not yield before your idiocy
So you can use me
You can throw me on the side of the highway
But you will not break me
You will not win this game
Because being used
Doesn't mean I've lost
It means I'm ridden of you