You Are Such a Geek

Knock. Knock. Knock.


The blond and beautiful Jean Wynne ran down the stairs and came to the door. She opened it, and found her tutor, the brunette boy, Jacob James. His blue eyes met her own, and he blushed as he said, "H-h-hi, Jean."

"Hey Jacob. Come on in," she smiled. Jacob did so, and as he did, she thanked him for tutoring him today in Chemistry.

"Oh, it's n-no problem, Jean," Jacob blushed.

"You okay? You're red," the bombshell teased as Jacob put his jacket on the coat hanger, and the two walked up to her room.

"Um…Fine…J-j-just fine. Um…Are your parents home?"

"Nah. They're working late today."

"So…It's just us…alone," the boy nervously realized. "On your bed."

"You say something?"


The two came to the girl's room, and both sat on her bed. Jean turned on the TV, and turned it to Channel Six News. A female reporter appeared on the screen, and began to speak about today's events. "Once again, New York's resident superhero, named Archangel by his fans, saved three children from a fire. Here's Robert Smith with more on it. Robert?"

The screen changed to an older man with grey hair, in a black suit. "Thanks, Kate." He motioned behind him, where a burned building stood, damaged, but still standing. "Just earlier today, a fire was started on this small apartment. Firefighters were able to arrive, but not before the fire had escalated and engulfed nearly the whole building. One woman told the firefighters that her three children were still up there, but the building was too overcome with flames for them to go in and search for them. Hope seemed lost, when one of the residents pointed to the skies and declared that a figure was flying towards the building. Here we have, Mr. Taylor, the man who saw Archangel."

The reporter than gave the microphone to a slightly obese man, with a bald head. "Well he didn't so much fly, as he shot this grapple hook out of his hand and it pulled him right into the building."

"I see. Can you tell us what Archangel wore?"

"Yeah! He was all white, but all ninja stylel! He had this utility belt on him, and his suit was covering his whole body. I saw some armor padding on certain parts of his body, like his chest and knees."

"Thank you, Mr. Taylor. I'm now going to give the mike to the family of whom Archangel rescued. Here are Susan, Betty, and Ann Becket, with their parents, James and May," and the news reporter gave him mike to Betty, the middle child. "Now, can you three tell us what you saw and what happened?"

"Yeah. We were hiding in the closet, and our room was burning down."

"Teddy was scared!" Susan, the youngest, whimpered, holding her stuffed teddy bear.

"And then, the door was kicked open, and in walked Mr. Archangel!"

"He saved us! He was so cool!"

"He then got this little ball out, and threw it at the fire and there was this white mist, and suddenly the fire was gone!" Betty explained. He then picked me and Susan up, and told Michael to follow him! We ran out of the room, but then the ground broke under us! We almost died! But Mr. Archangel threw another little ball down, and this big, soft, foamy thing popped out of it and we landed on it! After that, he led us out!"

"He even saved Teddy from falling into a fire when I dropped him!"

"Thank you. Mr. and Mrs. Becket, do you have any comments?"

"Yes…I do. Archangel…if you're listening…thank you for saving my children. Thank you so much," the mother cried, wiping tears from her eyes. "God bless you, Archangel."

"What about you, Ann? You have been pretty quiet. Anything you would like to say to the man who saved your life?"

"She's just quiet because she has a crush on Mr. Archangel!" Betty giggled.

"Betty! Shut up!" the older girl blushed.

As the two girls argued, Robert took back the microphone and smiled. "You have it here folks. Another group of innocents, saved by the city's own guardian angel. This is Robert Smith, Channel Six News. Back to you, Kate."

"Man…That Archangel is so cool," Jean sighed.

"You're a fan of Archangel?" Jacob inquired.

"Of course! The way he risks his life for people he doesn't even now! He gets shot, burned, thrown, and nearly killed practically every day, and he always comes back! He's amazing!"

"You know…I-I'm friends with Archangel!" the geek stated.

"Oh? Is that so?" Jean giggled, obviously not believing the slightly older boy.

"I am! I take pictures of him for the newspaper! I was chasing him one time, before some thugs attacked me! They would have killed me if he hadn't saved me!"

"Okay, let's say I believe you…If you can, could you give him a message next time you see him?" smiled Jean. Jacob quickly nodded, and the blond beauty smiled. She leaned forward, and she brushed her lips against his. The boy's eyes widened, before he suddenly fell over, blushing red.


"You are such a geek," she giggled at the boy. "Huh?" she suddenly turned to the TV, and saw a car speeding down the road.

"For those of you just joining us, police are following a group of bank robbers on a high speed chase," the TV explained.

"That looks close by! Look! That park is just around the corner!"

"This just in. The bank robbers have crashed at the local park, and are currently holding a couple as hostages. The police are trying to save them, but any wrong move will result in the couple's demise."

"Oh man…I got to go, Jean. I have to go take pictures for the newspaper! Archangel might appear two! Just look over Ch. 15 while I'm gone, okay?" the nerd quickly said as he stood up, and ran to the exit.

"Archangel? Jacob, wait up! I'm coming two"

"None of you fucking cops better move, or I swear to God we'll kill them!" The criminal leader walked back into the armored van, which was hidden behind a few trees and bushes. He looked at his five associates, and their two hostages.

"Heh, maybe after this, you can ditch the loser and meet me in an alley," one of them smiled, rubbing his hands on the tied up woman's body.

"Get the fuck away from her!" her boyfriend growled, only to be punched by the man.

"Hey! Shut it, bitch! Or I may just have some fun with her!" the man threatened, spitting in his face. "Don't worry though. I'll let you watch."

"Quit messing with those two, man," another associate, this one a female, commanded.

"Why? Not like they're going to do anything."

"Yeah, but if you keep threatening them, it won't be as much fun when we actual rape her. I like surprising my prey. It's not fun when they expect it," she smiled, and the two shared a good laugh as the bound woman cried.

Outside of the ring of trees and bushes, Jacob and Jean were running onto the scene of the crime. The two teenagers saw a few cop cars and many officers around the area. They were quickly stopped though, by two police officers who questioned them.

"Pictures?" one repeated. "Look, kids, this is dangerous! Get out of here now, before you get hurt! We have the best people on this. So go!"



Jacob and Jean sighed and quickly left the scene, though they could still hear the criminals yelling, and the police sirens wailing. "Now what?" Jean sighed.

"Stay here. I'm going to try and sneak into a tree and see if I can get a good picture of the crooks," Jacob ordered, which made Jean stare at hm in suprise.

"What? Are you sure? Isn't that a little dangerous?"

"I'll be fine. You should get home though. I don't want you getting hurt," the boy advised, before turning red, having realized what he said. "Um…I'll be climbing that tree if you need me…." Jacob quickly scurried away, jumping onto the tree and disappearing into its lush, green leaves.

"Why don't we just leave with the two, boss?" a thug sighed.

"Because, I told the cops we would let the hostages go if they let us go free, and gave us all of the money we missed back at the back. We're waiting for my money."

"Uhh…Don't you mean OUR money?"

"I mean, what I mean," the boss threatened, pulling a gun out on the man.

"Y-yes sir."

"Hey! I think I heard something in those bushes!" the woman from earlier yelled.

"One of the cops must have gotten stupid. Grab one of the hostages, and go flush them out," the boss ordered.

The woman nodded, and faced the bound couple, but before she could take a step towards them, she felt something hit her back. "What the-?!" The female criminal was suddenly pulled into nearby bushes, where her scream was heard, before being silenced.

"The hell just happened!?" the gang leader shouted.

"Shit man….It's him! It has to be! Its Archangel, man!" the previously silent criminal suddenly began to scream, trying to regulate his breathing. "Arch-motherfucking-angel! We're dead, man! Game over, man! GAME OVER!"

"Shut it! You two, go check it out!" the leader demanded, and the other two men nodded, grabbing their guns and running into the bushes.

"You ever seen Archangel before?" the smaller man asked as they looked through the trees and bushes.


"I heard he took out ten guys, and hung them outside the police station!"


"Did you hear me?!" the man spun around, but found his partner was gone. "Shit…shit…shit…shit! Where did you go!?" he cried, before something hit him. The unconscious body of his partner fell on him, and he screamed at it. "You don't want me, Archangel! I-I'm just a lackey!" he whimpered as he pushed the body off. As soon as he stood though, the unconscious body of his female partner landed on him. "Please don't hurt me!" the crook begged as he began to hear footsteps.

"The fuck you doing!?" Boss growled, throwing the woman off of him, beside him was the scared robber from earlier, who had already wet himself twice by now. "Where's Archangel?"

"Man, I don't know! Let's get out of here before-AHHHH!" the man screamed as a dart shot his back, and a painful electric sensation shot through him. He soon fell to the ground, unconscious, and randomly twitching on the ground.

"Oh god! He just took out all three of them, and we haven't even seen him! Oh god! I'm getting out of here man! Fuck this!" the coward screamed, and quickly made a mad dash in a random direction. He didn't get five feet away from Boss, before being smacked in the face by a club. He fell to the ground, teeth broken and nose bleeding, but breathing.

"You…" Boss took a step back as Archangel walked forward, the white figure looking right through him. "Get…get away! Get the fuck man!" he screamed, and firing his pistol at the masked man. The bullets didn't even hit, instead, it was like they just bounced off of him. "No…no fucking way," Boss whispered, as Archangel threw a small ball at his feet, which let loose a green gas. Just one whiff of it, and Boss blacked out.


"Once again, the masked hero, Archangel, has saved the innocents of New York. Just within the hour, he incapacitated five criminals, and saved a young couple from what could have been their last moments alive."

"I can't believe I missed him!" Jean screamed, suddenly regretting doing as Jacob ordered her to.

"Uhh…Hey Jean," greeted Jacob, who was just now walking into her room.

"Jacob! Did you get any pictures of Archangel? The news said he took out all five bank robbers!"

"Oh, yeah! I did get some pictures," the boy proudly declared, pulling five pictures from behind his back. Each showed the hero defeating the five evildoers. "That Archangel…He sure is something, ain't he?"

"Yeah…Hey, were you able to give my message to him?" the blond smiled, causing the nerd to blush.

"Umm…Y-yeah. I was. I mean, I told him! I-I didn't kiss him like how you kissed me! Not that I didn't enjoy it! NOT THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO ENJOY IT! I mean, we're just friends right?! What I mean to say is-"

Jacob was thankfully stopped as Jean placed a hand on his shoulder. "You are such a geek," she giggled.

"Um…Uhh…Yeah," Jacob smiled.


Author's Note: So…How was that? Pretty good? I hope so. If I ever get the time, I may make another chapter of 'Who is Archangel?' and make it seem someone else is our white wearing hero. Until then, this is a one shot.

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