I don't quite remember where it began, and I don't know how it's going to end, or if it will ever end. This all seems like a terrible nightmare, horrid and it clings to my mind and I'll never be able to pry it from my mind's eye, these endless scenes of destruction. Though, sometimes within that nightmare, that ceaseless horror I call my mind, I escape from it, for just a moment, and I see something wonderful. Like the unfurling wings of a beautiful butterfly breaking from its cocoon for the very first time, wings frail and begging to be ripped like translucent tissue paper, yet captivating as beautiful patterns caress your eyes and awe you with the beauty of such a tiny, frail thing, these are my most treasured memories, these are the moments like falling autumn leaves that drift ever so slowly and you beg them not to touch the ground.

Fly away precious butterfly, fly far away where your wings touch the sun and you're nothing more than a speck on the horizon. Fly far, far away, so far I just need to close my eyes to see you.