Okay, so here's what's happening. I decided to rewrite this first chapter because the other chapter didn't really fit the way i wanted it to because i didn't have the whole of my story planned out when i wrote it, so, now that i know what's going to happen and all that, i decided to fix this chapter up a bit. Tell me what you think, do you think it fits? or should i try again?

I sucked in a breath and prepared for the onslaught of decaying rot that I knew would come when I opened the door. My face contorting in dread, I twisted the handle and let the door swing open. Covering my face with my sleeve I stepped into the darkness of Mrs. Matheson's room.

I'd heard from Clement that these rooms down Corridor 18 were usually dark because of the residents' aversion to light. Most of the 'patients' in corridor 18 had become ill with what Mr. Sheffield liked to call the Specialising Deficit for those who hadn't been able to deal with the Specialising process. It was everyone's worst nightmare to have SD. Poor Mrs. Matheson had been one of the few to come down with it, so now she lived in Corridor 18.

Feeling for the light switch I fumbled across the room, blind in the darkness. The light from the doorway had disappeared once I closed it. Finding the switch I flicked it and expected light to flood the room. Nothing happened though. Flicking it again, I waited for the light to come on, nothing happened. Ignoring the fault of the lights, I reached out my arms, and began to walk forward, wary of any unseen objects I could possibly stumble into.

"Mrs. Matheson? Was there something you needed?" I called, as I continued to feel my way forward. I was surprised at how big the room was. There was no answer, but I thought I heard something like heavy breathing coming from further in the room. "Clement?" I called, beginning to feel very self conscious of my vulnerability in the dark room. My eyes weren't adjusting; there was no light to adjust to in this darkness.

I made my way forward and eventually came to the far wall. To my surprise, there wasn't anything around or near it. Following the wall with my fingers, I continued to walk, searching for Mrs. Matheson or Clement.

I was really worried now. I had been in the room for over five minutes now, and neither Mrs. Matheson nor Clement had called to me. I was about to turn around to where I thought the door was when I heard something.

It was like heavy breathing, but worse, like shaky, tight gasps of air. "Mrs. Matheson?" I called, my heart racing. Clement had told me to be wary of the Corridor 18 residents not because SD was infectious, but because of what it did to the sufferer.

Reaching for one of my knives on my back I drew it out, and hesitantly stepped forward.

Immediately my foot hit something soft but hard. I stumbled over the something, but was unable to keep my balance and fell to the ground. Groaning, from the pain that radiated from my wrist, I searched around me for my knife that had fallen out of my hand when I fell.

There was only a brief glimpse of silver before a sharp pain came out of my back. I yelled out in surprise and instantly went into combat mode as I like to call it.

Swinging one of my legs behind me, I felt it make contact and body fall to the ground. The body wasn't down for long though, because it lunged at me and something that sounded like teeth snapped near my face. Shocked, my fist came up and punched who I guessed was Mrs. Matheson square in the face. She made some sort of whimpering noise before what felt like claws scaped across my face. Yelling, I kicked her off me and began to roll into a crouch, when I came across the something again. It let out a moan as my foot collided with it accidentally. Surprised I realised it was Clement. Feeling for a pulse, I was shocked to find him covered in something wet and sticky. Horrified I realised what it was and searched for any of the wounds. Even in the dark, when my fingers came to the massive gash in his chest, I knew it was going to be difficult to move him. As I prepared to make a bandage for Clement, a weight pushed me off balance and had me lying on my back. I barely had time to react before Mrs. Matheson had me pinned. I struggled to get her off me, but failed. She was stronger than I had ever expected.

I began to scream for help, knowing that without my knife, there was no way I could get away from Mrs. Matheson. She growled in a way that reminded me of a wolf and then her teeth ripped into my shoulder. Yelling in pain, I tried to punch and force her off me. I needed to help Clement.

That was when Clement helped me. He had my knife and he had stabbed Mrs. M in the back.

"Go! Quick, June!" He yelled at me before Mrs. Matheson lunged at him.

I didn't need to be told twice. Getting up I sprinted to the door and opened it letting light poor into the room.

I only had a moment to glance at Mrs. Matheson, in semi-wolf form, ripping Clement apart before the door slammed shut, and I heard the almost silent click of the lock.

Horrified I realised what had happened and began to pound on the door. "Clement!" I screamed.

The door was locked from the inside. The keys had been left inside and I didn't have any others.

"No!!" I tried to kick down the door, but I knew there was no way the door would budge. The doors in this corridor were reinforced with steel.

Falling to my knees, I looked at the door in shock.

Mr. S looked at me from over the tops of his glasses. He'd heard my story calmly, and now looked at me in that firm way he had.

"It is understandable, Juniper, that it would have been hard for you to kill a SD casualty, but what you did was unforgivable."

I nodded, resisting the urge to cry. I knew what I had done in fear was wrong, and I was to blame for Clement's death. I never should have run from the room, I should have stayed and helped him.

"You know what the Council has decreed?" Mr. S asked me, moving some of the papers around on his desk.

I nodded, not trusting my voice.

For the first time in all the years I had known him, I saw a small essence of emotion on Mr. S' face as he looked at me. "Then you know that they have ordered you exiled from this place until a time comes when they will ask for you again. As part of this exile, no Seraph may communicate with you or assist you in any way." Mr. S ran his fingers through his hair and leaned forwards so he could look me in the eye. "I speak for all of us, June, when I say we're all sad to see this happen to you. None of us want you to go, but the law is the law and we follow our laws."

I nodded again and stood, smiling grimly at him before bowing slightly and leaving the room.

I didn't bother to pack any clothes. I knew that they would stand out in the human world; instead I packed my armour and knives and grabbed my stash of money from beneath my mattress. The rest I would leave for Katelyn to deal with.

As I stepped through the gates of the estate, I only glanced back once, just to set the images of it firmly in my memory. Hopefully one day, I would return, and everything would be like nothing had ever happened. One day.

Until then, I thought, I'm still going to do my job, no matter the laws. As I thought about the things that I had sworn to destroy, I felt an anger grow inside my chest. Like a tightness that made it hard to breathe. They would pay for Clement's murder. I would see to that.

Unsheathing one of my knives I clenched the blade in my hand, letting blood drip from my palm. I would kill them all.