It was one of the strangest feelings to be dying. I didn't know how, or why, all I knew was that soon, I would die, and it filled me with dread. I knew it with the most certain of certainties, it scared me a little. But, seriously, who wouldn't be scared if you just knew you were dying? I didn't want to admit it but, somewhere, deep inside, I was strangely happy. And that scared me even more.

I wasn't myself, but I was in a way, because I could feel my real self beneath the surface of this confusion in my head. I didn't want to be happy to be dying, but I was, and I guess that was just the real me coming through.

I'd recently had flashes of memories and thoughts. Once there had been one of suicide, but I couldn't be sure. I was too messed up.

The realisation of my upcoming death came to me as I lay in someone else's bed, in the verge of sleep. It was just as my breaths became slow that I felt it. It was like a small pause in my heart beat, only for a few seconds, and in that moment, I could have sworn I was dead. It was strange, though, because I the next instant I was leaping from the bed heart racing and head throbbing.

That was another thing that made me know I was dying.

It had only begun in the last few hours, but as time wore on, what had begun as I small tickle had turned into a painful throbbing that made my whole body ache.

I was curled up on the ground, gritting my teeth against the pain, trying not to make any sound. If I started to scream, who knew who or what would come barging through the door, and Nathaniel had said I wasn't meant to be here so then the punishment would be even worse. Although, at the very moment I could scarcely imagine anything more tortuous as the pain that was spreading through my body like icy tendrils reaching into my bones ad through my blood.

I wanted to call for help. I wanted to call for Nathaniel, I needed him. I felt childish for thinking like that but I didn't really care anymore. I didn't care about anything.

It had been hours since Nathaniel had told me he'd be back. I was whimpering on the floor, tears of anguish streaming down my face. I wanted death now. Anything would be better than whatever this was. Why couldn't it just hurry up and kill me already?

Then I remembered something, lightness, a joy. A peaceful, exhilaration, that set me free from the world. That would set me free from this crippling pain. A memory flashed in my mind, of glinting teeth and a blissful delirium. I wanted it. I needed it. That delirium from before, it had been so…so… I couldn't think of the word, but u knew the feeling it had given me. I wanted that delirium; I wanted it to drown out everything. To drown out the pain.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was at the door my hand n the handle. It was like I was in a daze, I couldn't think properly, my head was throbbing and I wanted to curl up into a ball, but I wouldn't. Not when I could make it all go away. I just needed to find one of them.

I opened the door and stepped through, and almost immediately it saw me.

It was like everything was slowing down, like everything was in slow motion. I saw the girl lunging at me, her knife drawn, ready to slice open my neck. As I looked at her, again it occurred to me that there was something familiar about her, about her eyes. Everyone else was frozen, like they were in shock of what was happening. I didn't even need to look at the two intruders to know they were Seraph.

Then everything seemed to speed up again. The girl was still coming at me, and instinctively I leapt back. She was watching me, circling me. I could tell that everyone was leaving the house. I had a strange sense of déjà vu about everything here. I dodged another of the girl's attacks and made a grab at her knife, but she side skipped me and just missed my face with her knife. She was a better fighter than June had been, but I was still stronger than this girl.

"Who are you?" I asked as she lunged at me again, blade flashing. She grinned dangerously.

"Your killer." She threw one of her knives at me; surprising I and slicing open the side of my arm. I glanced down at the wound for a split second to make sure it was healing. That was when she made her move. Throwing another knife at me, she dashed forwards, a smaller knife clenched in her hand. She brought it down on my chest.

I fell to the ground, in shock of what had just happened. The knife was sticking out of my chest, but on the wrong side. I looked at the girl curiously.

"You missed." I said, frowning. There was pain growing in my chest and I gently pulled the danger out. The wound was already healing.

The girl smirked and knelt down, a hand pushing down on my wound. I grimaced. "Don't try to get up. If you do, I'll stick another one of these in you, this time I won't miss." She pulled out another knife and placed the tip over my heart.

I looked into the girls eyes and frowned. They didn't have the usual hardness of a Seraph hunter. I looked to the other Seraph, and was surprised to find him lounging on of the couches watching us. I looked to the girl again. "What do you want?"

The girl smiled grimly. "A couple of moths ago, an unmarked Seraph girl came to one of these bashes, and then she went missing. We want her back, and if you wan to live, you'll give her to us."

That was when I realised why those eyes were familiar. They were June's.

"She's dead." I lied. I wasn't sure why I lied. This girl was obviously related to June, but something Michael had told me rang through my mind. She's an exile, Nathaniel. Unwanted by her own kind. They won't miss her, they don't care.

Apparently they did.

The girl's face hardened. "No, she's not. If she were, I'd know."

The other Seraph stood up now and stood beside the girl, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Just kill him, Katelyn. He doesn't know anything, we'll go to some more bashes and we'll find something, I promise."

Katelyn looked hard at me and frowned.

"No, he knows something. I can see it." She closed her eyes for a moment frowning slightly then opened them. Her eyes were watery and she looked about to cry.

Standing up, she looked at the other Seraph. "She's alive, Dylan. But she's sick," she lowered her voice. "I think she's gone vamp, she's dying." Dylan looked down at me, eyes hard and ready to kill.

"If you know what's good for you, vampire, you'll tell us where the girl is." He crouched down and looked me in the eyes, a cold feeling spreading through me at his gaze. "And don't try to lie, because if you do, I'll know."

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