The Movies

I'm waiting outside the movie theater complex. We are meeting for the first time, alone. Just a movie, right, nothing too painful. We sit in the dark and watch. No talking to disturb others around us. This should be, I'm interrupted by a tap on my shoulder.

"Hello there." says Bill and he smiles that warm melty grin that makes me instinctively smile back like I just ordered a large ice cream sundae and it arrived, just the way I like it. Bill, is the type of guy who is just the way I like 'em. Yummy. He is talking again,

"Care to go inside?" he asks.

"Yeah, you have your ticket?" I ask in return as I watch him take off his jacket. His broad shoulders seem so strong. I'd love to be wrapped up in those arms. His hair at his shirt collar with a curl at the end. I just want to reach out and …

"I think it is the downstairs theater." he says. And takes long strides as he walks. I watch him from behind. Now that is the definition of a tall drink of water. I smile at this thought. And then I get this waft of imitation buttery popcorn and my head turns and my feet stop.

"I want to get some popcorn, ok? Do you want anything?" I ask. He keeps walking but turns around.

"No, that is junk. I'll just go save you a seat. I like to see everything from the first commercial to the last credit.. I'm strange in that way. Mwehhh" He says as he turns the corner as if he is the evil movie watcher swirling his cape. He never stopped moving. I got my popcorn,candy, and soda because I love to eat while watching a good movie and I love when I realize that I get so enmeshed in the story that I have stopped eating. Yeah, I love that and now here I am going to see the new Alice in Wonderland with my favorite guy friend. I reach the theater and find only three other seats taken. The theater is practically empty. I sit down next to Bill who already has his 3-D glasses on and he is checking out the back of his hand.

"Awesome." says Bill and he watches as I settle in with my snacks. I place the super large slushy in between us. He looks at it.

"You drink is blue on the bottom and pink on the top." says Bill with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, I mixed the flavors and I can mix them up more with the straw and turn it all brown like dirt." I say.

"Yes, but I guess it is more like mud since it is wet. Yuck, how can you eat that crap." says Bill with a look of true disgust.

"Want some popcorn, I made it buttery." I say as I wave the tub under his nose.

"No, thank you." says Bill with the cutest scrunched up nose.

"More for me, alright." I say.

Just then the advertisements start. We watch and don't talk too much. The lights haven't dimmed yet.

Bill is watching me eat.

"What?" I ask getting paranoid.

"You eat your popcorn one piece at a time?" asks Bill.

"Yep, I savor each morsel." I say with a crunch. "What would you like me to do, shovel it in in three bites?" I laugh back at him. Then I grab a fist full and mash it at my mouth. He leans away.

"And you think I'm weird?" he says.

"I never said you were weird. I have always said you are sexy." I put the show stopper out on the table. Bill looks over and smiles.

"You always say I'm sexy?" says Bill. Who is now ignoring the ads for the first time in his life. I think the other couple of people are probably tuned into me too at this point.

"Absolutely, I tell everyone, I write it on my LJ. You are Hhhhhhot." I smile back at him.

"Where is this from..." says Bill as he turns toward me, but at that moment the lights dim and the "other story" begins. With the opening music I lean over to Bill's ear and whisper,

"I got snacks for us to share, and the slushy is very appropriate for Lewis Carroll. He would approve of a two colored drink that gives you freeze- headaches." I say and with that, Bill picks up the drink and takes a long slurp through the straw. I shh him and he smiles. Then he says,

"Ouch, my neck and head, Oooo, freeze, it hurts, save me." Bill is laughing, then he settles in to the movie.

A couple of times he reached over to take some popcorn, I was into the movie and I had my hand stopped in mid pick of a kernel. Our fingers touched and I looked over at him. He then looked at me and our eyes locked. I couldn't look away though thought this could really bother him, missing the movie. But he just smiled back at me. He took the slippery tub and placed it on the floor and put out his hand. I picked up the box of m&m's and poured some onto his palm. He smiled at me. I realized that was not what he was motioning for me to do. I was always late about those cues. I leaned over and kissed his lips. They were salty from the popcorn. He dumped the m&m's into the tub on the floor and reached his hand up to my cheek, gently caressing my face. I heard the movie and it brought me back to where we were and tried to turn my head, but he kept me steady with his hand. He looked into my eyes and I felt my lids feeling heavy with desire. I wanted to close my eyes and kiss him so badly, to escape into my own Wonderland entering through the feeling of my tongue slipping inside his mouth. My other hand reached into his la and I listened to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum discuss Alice becoming bigger and smaller and I felt Bill growing as well. Must be the magic of the two-toned slushy, I think to myself. Then I correct myself. No, I think, maybe he could like me more then a friend, or a friend with benefits. Maybe he could be feeling what I feel when ever we're together.

I'm rubbing and he he is starting to move around and moan gently. Where will this lead to? I mean, not here in the movie? Oh, what the hell, maybe here is as good a place as any.

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