The Movies 4

(A?N: Here is an interesting dilemma, I never introduced the female character by name...HA on me)


Bill POV

I open my eyes and find the room full of light. I squint and try to see why the lights are on and notice that all the light is coming from the window, not the overhead fixture. It's morning and I try to register where I am and what time it is, I look over and find that I have slept hours more then usual. I stretch and memories of last night give a sunburst through my mind like a slide show.

I turn my head and find the bed empty, where did she go? Did she leave? I get up in a panic and look around, I can't see any clothes on the floor as I practically bolt out of the bedroom door wearing only my boxers. In a few short steps I catch myself by grabbing the doorway before I enter my living room. She's still here, dressed, all cleaned and looking like she showered. She had coffee and was sitting, reading something. She looks up at me and smiles, oh how I love to see her smile. The way her whole face brightens and draws my own mouth into a stupid grin. We just take a long silent gaze at each other.

Finally she speaks, "Morning sleepy head."

"I thought you left." I said, a bit out of breath.

"So, you thought I'm the kind of woman to shag you senseless and then take off...on to my next victim?" she said with mischievous smile. That brought me back to this plane and I went to join her on the couch. I sat down by her feet and placed them on my lap and started a foot massage.

"Ummm, that feels good." she said.

"Funny, that's what you said last night, but about a totally different touch." I answered. Then I couldn't resist knowing that her feet were ticklish, so I dug in the appropriate pressure and she came to life.

"Ah, no," she yelled and started laughing. Her reflexes were strong, too strong and she kicked me good in my nose, blood flowed freely. I tried to sniff and hold it in as I ran to the bathroom.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." she said after me. I stopped the bleeding and had a huge wad of toilet tissue blooming out of my nostril and she helped me back to the couch. I sat with a heavy landing. When I smiled at her the paper made crinkling noises.

"It's not your fault. I asked for it. You've got quite a roundhouse there." I told her.

"Don't make me use it again. I'm a registered lethal weapon." she said. I looked up at her not sure whether to believe her or not.

"I'm just kidding." she said.

"Oh, yeah, I knew that." I answered. I lay my head back and breath through my mouth. I close my eyes and then I feel fingers gently running through my hair. Then her hands are caressing my cheeks and playing with my ears. I turn to face her and I open my eyes. She asks,

"Do you like this?"

To which I answer with a nod in the affirmative.

Her hands travel down my chest before she asks,

"Or do you likey this better?"

"I likey, I mean, I like it all." I said.

She starts kissing my chest and moving her lips more south. I lean my head back and simultaneously feel heat rise from below along with the helpless feeling of blood still dripping down my throat, odd double sensation. I breath through my mouth when I feel my self becoming exposed through the opening of my boxers. I try to move my head up to see, but she gently pushes me back to rest. I feel her wet mouth surround me and then I don't remember much else until I was done and find the tissue all fell out.

"Look" she said, "the bleeding stopped."

I was busy helping her lie back while my hands went under her top to notice.