My best Friend

Everything is changing, Everyone is changing

This is happening so fast, Change oh so fast

Yet I remain the same, Does time hold the blame?

For the second time she leaves a guy for another,

That's how he found out was over, over on Facebook,

He came to me with a broken heart, His heart in his hands,

Seeking answers he comes to me, Answers I do not have,

He grieves over her pretty face, Grieving for the times they shared,

Grieving for the girl he loves, As she is with another,

He now understands the other, The one she left for him,

She changed from the Girl I've known, The Girl I befriended,

She's drinking now, drinking to get drunk,

That wasn't her, The Girl I've come to know

The people she hangs out with do drugs up to acid,

I was to think she isn't, But I must face the facts,

The Facts that say she is most likely do them, doing them to get high,

Oh how she has changed, This Girl I befriended,

Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Nightingale, Blackbird

How is it you sing? Anything, Anything….

How is it you sing, when Everything is changing,

When Everyone is changing, Yet I remain the same,

Is it only time that is to Blame?