Running for our lives!

It was a hot and peaceful night here in P.E.I for the most part anyway I awoke from my deep sleep to the sound of pebbles being thrown at my window. As I slowly pulled myself out of bed and to the window. I tripped over a chair grabbing the window sill as I fell. I pulled myself up and opened the window. As I opened the window a rock hit my forehead "OW!" "Sorry Brenden". Right then I knew it was Elizabeth. "What do you want Lizz?" "I found this amazing place to swim let's go" "Its two in the morning" "Your point?" I closed the window, grabbed my T-Shirt and went down the hall down the stairs through the kitchen grabbed my shoes and went out the door.

"Take long enough?" asked Lizz. "Well sorry I like to wear these things called T-Shirts." As we walked out of the yard the mist of the morning surrounded our legs. I looked to the right and saw a pair of headlights coming our way. Me and Lizz turned to the left and walked down the road "Where is this swimming place?" "Oh it's on the beach." The lights were about 150 meters away. They came to a screeching halt right beside us. The door slide opened and two men in black came out. I had an automatic reaction to run. I grabbed Lizz's hand and started running. The men in black climbed back into the van and accelerated fast. "STAY CLOSE AND JUST TRUST ME!" I yelled "OKAY!" My heart was pounding but I wasn't going to stop anytime soon. I turned right leaped over a fence and ran through the field. I heard a crash behind me I was sure that it was the van crashing through the fence. I saw Lizz running beside me the van was gaining on us. I did something that wasn't the safest thing to do but I knew it might have been the only thing that could save us. So I turned around and started sprinting towards it I knew Lizz saw what I did because I heard her feet behind me running as fast as me if not faster.

I thought the van was going to swerve out of our way but instead it just sped up. I yelled "RUN ALONG THE SIDE OF THE VAN!" I was surprised Lizz heard what I said but the van passed as if it was a lighting bolt. We were now running towards the fence again. I heard the van turn around and was now coming at us again "GET TO THE DITCH AND DUCK DOWN!" We were about 300m away from the ditch the van was coming fast. I couldn't breathe by the time the ditch was 50 feet in front of us the van was about 150 feet away from us coming at full speed. We landed in the ditch and laid flat. I quickly said "When you see the van hit the other side of the ditch bolt across the street into the field and lay down. The van did exactly what I wanted it to it crashed into the ditch the tail end of the van was in the air coming towards us but not fast enough. We were already gone by the time the tail end of the van slammed down. We were in the field laying down quietly by the time the van bursted out into flames. Who ever was in that van was still alive unfortunately. "WHERE DID THOSE LITTLE FUCKS GO?" "CHECK THE FIELD I WANT THEM HERE ALIVE SO I CAN KILL THEM MYSELF."

When we heard that we knew we needed a better hiding spot. We decided to crawl along the grass to the shed which had an underground passage way to my house. We snuck into the back of the shed and hid in some cupboards. We heard them come into the shed right then we thought we were going to die. These men must have been really stupid because all they did was just stand in the door way. As soon as we heard them leave we called 911 on my cell phone we just hoped they got here in time. I knew something was wrong when I heard some crackling like flames coming from the field but I didn't realise how fast it would get to the shed because within 3 minutes the building that was keeping us safe was now burning. "Brenden what do we do?"Lizz screamed "I…I…..I…don't know" I replied.

The World around us was on fire I looked at Lizz and I just stared blankly I knew my eyes must of gone white or something because Lizz looked at me as if I was a freak. I picked her up threw her over my shoulder as if she was a sack of flour and we were gone onto the highway near the see within not even three minutes. I put Lizz down she stared I knew she was scared I could see it.

"What… what… what... are you?"
"Nothing you need to be afraid of" I replied
As I said that I ran into the water dove in and headed away… away from here away from now gone forever.