This is nowhere near perfect, so any constructive criticism is appreciated. I know it kind of rambles on.

I blame this all on kiss withdrawal.

you claw open my eyelids –
false lashes, glitter, and all –
and make sure that my irises stay hazy,
eclipsed by your pupil-less, hungry eyes.

"I hate you," your lips shape;
and what blasphemy that is,
we both know even if you do,
walking away is not part of the plan.

you're sour and soft and I wouldn't be lying
if I said that I missed it,
if I said that I like this
(but I won't feed your ego tonight).

you don't breathe into my lungs and
my sigh burns through the sky,
the loss too acute,
the space between us is an aching, stale air atrocity.

you grin:
I am the canary,
fluttering senselessly in the cage of your arms,
and my fingers – all nerves – drum like stuttering wings
all along your collarbone.

catch and release
you can't forget or forgive;
and it looks like you won't let me
forget you, either.