Dear Sir

I am glad to see that you have published the speech from president Roosevelt in Wednesday morning's eddition, of the paper. I was delighted to see it in the paper, but must say I had to disagree with the writers angle. I know this is front page news and you're not suppose to have a stance on it either way, however I detected the slight angle in the piece. However, I must say that the piece over all was an excellent piece, and was well assembled.

Since, world war I many things have become reality in europe with many different countries. The leaders of some governments have since become overwelmingly opressive. Yet, these nations are not satisfied with what they have. Indeed power has been piled high and is still being wanted. Also, the names of Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Tojo, and others are familiar to our ears. They have taken over. As president Roosevelt has stated for us war will happen someday, but it won't be long either.

After the war in 1919, things were settled. Germany were not supposed to have an army. They have had an army as of now and they have been ever building progressively. This is violating the treaty that Germany had signed. They were prohibited to do this. The other nations have slowly built up an army expansively as well.

I must say I have to agree with President Roosevelt however much I am a republican and do support the publican party. His decision to go to war was indeed the right decision, and I must say that I enjoyed his metaphor about the widespread disease. I think that since we are a republic and do believe that we should do everything to keep the world's freedoms and stop the tyrants that could potentially harm the republic of the United States or any other nations, it is our job to protect ourselves and stand up together and fight these nations that do believe in it. I think individuals have the right to vote and choose what they want in life and I think dictatorship is wrong. The United states has always been a heroic nation who helps out with other nations, we must continue to do it especially at this time, but also I think this would also be beneficial to both us and other nations. If these country can have the ability to take over smaller countries it wouldn't be hard for them to eventually take over America.

As I understand it isolationism as you believe it is a system where the nation takes no position and refuses to fight, because it stands alone as an island. You must remember however, that even islands must trade amongst themselves, and with the mainland unless they really have it together. And as much as America would like to think it's got it all we do not. We have it together more than most nations, but we could not sustain without trade. One must remember that we are only an ocean away. That gives us no time to stop, so we must stop them now, before it is too late and we are taken over. We fought hard to be freed from britain, so why should we stop now.

I must say I write not to appear as rude or forceful. Merely to point out the truth of matters and hopefully to persuade those who think it's correct to oppose the idea of an inevitable war. I hope you do consider what I have written. I hope you will continue on writing such a quality paper.


Rachel Ng