Lost Characters

The world in which no one is very clear in where their values are, what's good with them, and their lives. This is the lost generation in the 1950's after the first world war. In the U.S. at this time Kevin coollage, and herbert Hoover was president, before the times of FDR. It was that period between the world wars. In this era the story of The Sun Also rises is set. As history presents itself, and also as the book indicates this was the time of unclearness, when no one really knew their goals in life. In the lost generation, people wondered around in life almost aimlessly, without many things such as a goal, a set of values, and perhaps even rationality. People in this generation went around in almost a careless fashion, and cared very little of how they conducted themselves. Many did not understand the word love and did things that a person today who's well educated would most likely shake their head at. In The sun also rises the characters are lost as the novel seeks to reflect society. The three main characters brett the charming woman who has affairs with multiple men, robert the charming scholar who likes to brag about his achievement, which might not exist, and jake the narrator who isn't sure about himself is definitely lost.

Brett Ashley is a charming woman who has affairs with four men throughout the entirety of the book making her an intricate character with four love lives with four men who know each other as friends. In this quote: "'nothing to tell. He only left yesterday. I made him go.'" This was when Brett was with the bull fighter, Romero. Before this however she had called Jake her darling and generally friends are not addressed that way even in the twenties. This proves that she has many lovers, and this proves a lack of value. Love is a set of values seen in another, and because one enjoys them. However, Brett confuses love with friendship, in turn, this makes her a lover to everyone and anyone. She does not identify what she values. So, she decides to love every"one in order find it. Her friendships are her love and instead of sticking with one lover, dates all of them. as Jake said to brett, "`I suppose you like to add them up.`" This proves that she has achieved a lot by way of dating as many guys as possible. In the book she has dated four guys and who knows if she has had more romances that was not mentioned in the books. Her morals, if one may even call it that, is to be moral by being with someone always, even if it means cheating on her husband, and other men as well. However, she feels guilty as she expresses, "When I think of the hell I've put chaps through. I'm paying for it all now.`" Concerning this guilt, a sense of shame for all she has done, is a bit of an achievment, however throughout the book she never truly attempts to fix it, as it seems to be all words. The recognition is certainly a start. In conclusion, Brett is a intricate character achieving the skill of attracting many lovers as she values love and her morality is to not be alone and to find men for herself. This is the reason why she is lost, because she can not find her true identity and stick to one man.

Robert cohn is complexed and lost, because of his inability to recognize who he really is as he does not know what he wants in life and the fact that he promotes himself in a fashion that is unbelievable to the readers and characters. In many instances, Robert enjoyed bragging,. Since, Jake is one of Roberts friends he hears what Robert must brag about and his bragging receives this following response, "Do not think that I am very much impressed by that as a boxing title, but it meant a lot to Cohn." The morality shown by way of this quote is the morality of self righteousness meaning that he must to be good, right, and the best in town at all times. He values being the best at things, so he pursues the goal by pretending that he is really good at something such as boxing. However, nobody remembered Robert, so he is not to be believed or rather suspicion should be raised. This could only mean he would go to any extent to achieve the image of the perfect man, including fraud. besides bragging he is also a big spender and a romantic, "He was married five years, had three children, lost most of the fifty thousand dollars his father left him, the balance of the estate having gone to his mother, hardened into a rather unattractive mould under domestic unhappiness with a rich wife; and just when he had made up his mind to leave his wife she left him and went off with a miniature-painter. As he had been thinking for months about leaving his wife and had not done it because it would be too cruel to deprive her of himself, her departure was a very healthful shock." As of the telling of the story he has been with Frances and was married before for five years. He's in search of the perfect woman. His goal being able to find a woman he could really like, but as of far has never before found her. In one instance, when he went to New York, "Several women had put themselves out to be nice to him, and his horizons had all shifted." This portrays a great deal concerning his relationship. Since, he was not happy with his first wife and now because of these women, frances was not so favorable to him any longer. In conclusion, robert cohn is a character that loves many women to find the perfect match, but not succeeding. He is also a very proud person almost to the point of foolishness.

Jake was the narrator, and the main reason that he is lost is his love life as he's not too sure who to date, and attempts to date everyone or rather would wish for it. He is so romantic that he has stated, "I have a rotten habit of picturing the bedroom scenes of my friends." Clearly, he loves the thought of the romantic scene. He pictures it, perhaps wishing that he could have the same kind of romance, but he doesn't get the chance often. He definitely does not consider it moral, but his moral is to also chase after women and make love with them. he achieved as much as to get a random girl to have a drink and go to a restaurant with him, then when he introduced her to his friends he said, ""I wish to present my fiancée, Mademoiselle Georgette Leblanc," He said this because he attempt to pretend that he is actually dating her for a long time, for he had desired to date someone so badly. In conclusion, Jake is a very romantic gentleman who desperately wanted to date someone, so he tried rather hard to engage a girls attention.

The lost generation is reflected in The Sun Also Rises by the characters and the events that occured. Bret the charming lady, who had affairs with four men, robert the proud one that tries in vain to find the right woman, and Jake the narrator who was quite desperate for love is part of the lost generation. Their actions reflected the lost generation's culture. It was full of romance and love affairs.