Major Tom I know your out there

In the space of vaccums deep

In your mind you've lost conciousness

Cause of your green tea

Not quite so tea

Oh Major Tom where have you gone

Left me in despair

I need a hit of you and a

Little lovin too

Major Tom where are you tonight

I need you to watch the fight

Pat me on the back when I

Walk away victorious

Major Tom Major Tom Major Tom

Something is majorly wrong

Isn't it?

I'm right.

The General wants to see you

But you're nowhere to be found

I guess your hiding out

Somewhere underground

Major Tom come back to me

I need you to help me

As the wheels of time

Turn so slowly

Major Tom come back to us

Cause we're loading up our

Tour bus and we need you

In about an hour

Here comes Major Tom

Back from asteroid goodness

Swept back hair and a goofy smile

All is well for Major Tom.