Chapter one: In which it begins

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The sound of swords clashing together filled the whole of underworld city

Terrin felt himself fly backwards into the wall, and let out a yelp, he place one aching hand on his new flesh wound on his face and look back at his hand to see it covered in scarlet liquid, he let out another moan of pain as he clutched his sides.

Soon after laughter was herd, such a deep laughter that it made Terrin shiver in fear, but that was nothing compared to the person it belonged to.

Phantom suddenly appeared from the smoke, he had long blood red hair, along with his dead black eyes, his face was deformed, complete with a crocked nose which had a huge scar across it, his ears pointed, and one of them had a ripped earlobe while the other had a single golden hop piecing. He grabbed hold of Terrin around the neck and yanked him off the ground and high into the air before pinning him to the wall causing the young demon to whine.

"Had enough yet you pathetic excuse for a demon!?" Phantom teased making his grip around Terrin's neck tighter.

"Not yet" Terrin tried to say but it only came out like muffled coughs as he struggled for breathe.

Phantom let out a smirk before burying Terrin's head into the ground.

"You're a waste of space just like your farther" phantom exclaimed before turning his back and left.

Terrin gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he felt a stinging sensation in his eyes as the tears flowed down his now badly wounded face, how dare phantom call his farther a waste of space, now anger was really boiling up inside Terrin so much that all he wanted to do was strangle phantom until he was dead.

And he would of to, but he stayed where phantom had first put him his head in the ground as Terrin felt to weak to do anything…

The moon shone high in the starry sky, Terrin had finally regained the strength to heal he staggered over to the water fountain and washed off the stale blood before letting his body do the rest.

That was one of the thing a demon can do they can heal quickly within 10 or 20 seconds but it really depends on how badly they were hurt and how much energy they had left so in Terrin's case it took him longer as he was very tied.

When Terrin's body had finish he let out a relieved sigh then put his sword back in its scabbard and swung it over his shoulder and made his way back to the inn where he was staying which was called toadstool inn.

When the inn's sign of a black toadstool with green spots come into view, Terrin smiled and began to run up to the front door and made his way inside.

The smell of smoke filled his nostrils and the sound of laughter echoed though the inn of men playing cards gambling, playing darts or enjoying a good old chat over a pint.

Terrin made his way down the stairs and walked up to the bar where snake the one eyed bar man came up to greet him.

"Don't even think of ordering a pint your under age and plus even if you were older I still wouldn't give you one I know you have no gold" snake said resting an arm on the bar

"Well maybe I would if you didn't run me dry with rent" Terrin replay crossing his arms

"If you don't like it them scram there are plenty others that will take your room" snake spat

Terrin was about to speak when the door burst open and in came two fully grown and very strong looking demons in their true form they each wore a bag which was the star of David with a circle around it the whole of the inn fell silent.

Terrin narrowed his eyes knew what this meant they were minions of axle and the soulless institute; axel was a powerful being and the head of everything in underworld city get on the wrong side of him and that's it you're history.

The two demons turned to face Terrin who had only just drawn his swords as he knew who they were looking for.

"Terrin silverthread son of Arden silverthread you are under arrest!" one of the demons boomed

"For what my farther did protecting a human!" Terrin exclaimed

"He knew the punishment his death to him and his family" the other demon shouted

"Don't you think my father's and my mother's death enough punishment for me!" Terrin cried anger boiling in side him.

That's when he lashed out catch the demons by surprise and made his exit but that was foolish as his body was still weak form the fight with phantom that is also part of the soulless institute.

A sudden pain ripped though Terrin's shoulder blades he let out a cry and turned to see two arrows sticking into him.

"Dammit!" he cursed

But still kept on running until he came to a sudden halt as he found himself at an edge of a cliff,

"Oh great I'm trapped" Terrin thought to his self

Terrin was about to turn around, when he saw a giant bird come towards him, he hesitated, and was about to strike it with his sword, but he was to late the bird had already swooped down and struck him in the eye coursing him to stammer backwards and fell of the cliff side.

He felt him self fall, a muffled scream escaped his throat, the last thing he saw was the two demon looking down from the cliff top, before a white cold pain travel though his whole body, and that when every thing went black…


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