Chapter two: one faithful meeting

AN: well here is chapter two, for the first part of this chapter it will be from Tory's point of view.

"Tory, Tory where are you!?" called Cookie

Just then a clash of what sounded like pots and pans came from the tent behind Cookie, she quickly rushed over to the tent to find a huge pile of tables, chairs and other bits and pieces and at the bottom of the pile was a young girl around the age of 16, with short, almost white, blonde hair with beautiful light blue eyes.

"Tory, what are you doing?" Cookie asked

"Oh hey Cookie, I was just practising a new illusion which Eli taught me, I was thinking about doing it in tomorrows show" Tory replied struggling to free herself from the mess.

Cookie sighed and helped the young girl to her feet.

"Thank you" said Tory dusting herself down "What's cooking?" she added

"Hotpot and apple crumble" replied Cookie

"Yummy" exclaimed Tory licking her lips

"Anyway, ringleader jean, wants you to go and get the water, to water the horses and for the tropes to drink for the night" Cookie explained lazily

"Aw, but I did it yesterday and I swear those woods are haunted" moaned Tory

"Don't be ridiculous! Oh I know why don't you take Stallion with you, as they say animals are the first to know" exclaimed Cookie

Stallion was a horse with light brown fur, a black meine and he had what looked like a white arrow going down his nose and black spots on his body near the bottom.

Tory sighed, it was hopeless "very well" she said

Stallion let out a small snort as Tory put on his saddle and hopped on to his back, she kicked Stallions sides to send him trotting out of the stables and into the woods.

A sudden coldness wash over her as she entered the woods, beads of sweat started to form on her forehead,

Just then she thought she saw what look like a deformed eagle fly ahead, but she just shock her head.

"There is nothing there, its all inside your head" Tory thought to herself for comfort and it was working.

Until Stallion sudden rose to his hind legs, causing the young girl to fall off, he then trotted off into the shadows and left Tory alone.

"Ouch Stallion, why did you do that for and where are you!?" Tory cried

She looked all around her but all she saw was trees, trees and a small stream behind her.

Just then she caught eye of the tip of Stallions tail.

"Ah, I have found you!" Tory called out

She ran in the direction of which she had seen Stallions tail but she ended up being tripped up by something and falling flat on her face.

"Ouch not again" Tory cried rubbing her face

She suddenly realized what she had tripped up on, she gasped, it was a body, a body of a young boy around the same age of her with spiky blackish-purple hair which was Short except for the two long bits of hair that hung from the sides, but there was something strange about this boy his ears was not like normal human ears, his were long and pointed in fact they were so long that the tips were just about above his head, His skin was a deep tan which seemed to have a very slight hint of bluely-purple, but only a very tiny bit, his eyes were closed.

But altogether he looked very beautiful in Tory's eyes….and she sworn she had seen him before.

"It couldn't be, could it? It can't possibly be him? He died protecting me and my mother" Tory thought to herself

She put a nervous hand on the boy's cheeks, they felt cold but soft and…wet. Tory pulled her hand away to have come back covered in what looked like blood, Tory gasped, "But how did he get this injury, and how did he get here?" all these questions were swirling around in Tory's head.

Unless…no that's impossible, Tory put an ear on the boy's chest, she could still hear his heart beating so he must still be alive, she looked back at the cliff just hanging above them…there is no way a normal person could survive a 100 feet drop, unless they weren't human.

Tory gulped, the more she thought about it, the more this boy was like him, but how could she be sure, there was only one way to find out she will bring him back to the camp…

(Going back to Terrin's point of view)

Terrin awoke to the sound of people talking and an aching head.

"Tory what were you thinking? We don't know this boy" Murmured a feminine voice

"Yeah, but I couldn't just leave him there, he was hurt he might of died" protested another feminine voice

"Well, maybe he was left in the woods for a reason maybe he was…"

Terrin let out a groan before the person could finish their sentence.

"'re awake how are you feeling?" asked one of the voices

"Huh…who?" Terrin said still feeling very dizzy and his vision wasn't very clear

once his eyesight had finally cleared he saw two strange girls looking at him, the first one he noticed had dark skin with black hair which seemed to pulled back by cainrow, she wore a pink top with black tight jeans and a white apron over the top of them.

The second one had a lot lighter skin then the other girl but her hair was short and blonde which was nearest to white then normal blonde, she was also a lot shorter then the other girl with black hair, she was also wearing a black and white top with writing on it that Terrin didn't understand and white jeans.

But the strangest thing about them was that their ears weren't pointed and they were the smallest he has ever seen, and their eyes…their eyes were coloured, Terrin has never seen anyone with coloured eyes in fact the closest to coloured he has seen was white eyes like his own.

This could only mach up to one thing these creatures weren't demons they were humans…but how did he get here?

"W-Who are you?" Terrin asked a little bit of panic in his voice

"My name is Tory" Said the girl with short blonde hair "And this is Cookie" Tory added pointing to the other girl with black hair

"And who might you be?" asked Cookie a little coldly

"M-My name is Terrin" Terrin replied, a little unsure if he should have told them who he was, due to the way Cookie had asked him, but since they told him their name it would be rude not to tell them his.

"Nice to meet you, Terrin" Tory exclaimed "Can you walk?" she asked

Terrin's head was still aching but not as much that he couldn't bare it.

"I think so" he replied

He began to rise to his feet, but he stumbled backwards and almost fell over but luckily Tory was there to support him.

"Here let me show you where you are and introduce you to the other acts" Tory said excitedly

"Other acts?"

"Yeah, oh didn't I tell you this place is a circus, well its name is midnight dream circus" Tory exclaimed

"What's a circus?" Terrin asked

Tory hesitated for a moment but then smiled "A circus is a place where people go to be entertained by a group of people doing funny and wonderful acts" She explained

"What you mean through sword fighting to the death?" Terrin asked

Now it was Cookies turn to hesitate "And what era are you from, the roman years?" she asked sarcastically

"No actually I'm from…"

Terrin's sentence got interrupted but the sound of loud laughing, he turned from looking at Cookie to looking in front of him, and there he saw two more humans who had the same faces, literally they both had short brown curly hair and each had one blue eye and one green eye.

"Hey Tory" the two said together

"Hey guys" Tory replied

"Who is this guy, he looks weird" whispered the one on the right

"Yeah look at his eyes, their white" whispered the one on the left

They thought that Terrin couldn't hear them but due to his sensitive hearing he could hear everything they were saying and he didn't like it, in fact he had only just met them and already he didn't like them.

"You think my eyes are odd, look at your own there different coloured and to make it worse there is two of you so I am doubly freaked out" Terrin said in defence

"well, at least we only have only one thing wrong with us, but you, ha, your whole face is wrong so if there was two of you everyone that looks at you would want to commit suicide" exclaimed the one on the right

That was it now Terrin really didn't like these guys…

"Boys, boys please stop this…here let me introduce you, Terrin meet coda and Cody, and coda and Cody met Terrin" Tory said nervously

"Nah, I think long ears, suite him better" said Coda the one on the right

Terrin sighed and he thought Phantoms insults were bad…

"Hey you guys, come out and met long ears" called Cody

Not long after he had called out, when more humans came out of the white and red tents.

"And who may this be?" asked a man who was tall and lanky with spiky brown hair which ends were dyed blonde, his eyes were green and had a small triangular beard under his bottom lip.

"Oh hey Eli, this is Terrin I fond him lying injured in the woods" Tory replied

"Hmm…and what were you doing in the woods young man?" Eli asked Terrin

"I don't know" Replied Terrin his memories had become blank as a bit of freshly cut paper all he could remember was this shadow flying over him like some sort of bird.

"Maybe Andrew's run away lion got him" Joked Coda

"Don't even Joke about that, it's not funny, it's all in the past" Exclaimed another man behind Eli, who had long strawberry hair which was tired up in a pony tail, had brown eyes and was well built, a little like phantom, except without the red hair and long ears.

"I take it these are all "acts"" whispered Terrin to Tory

"You could say that, but this isn't all of them, the other are probably outside the camp practising" Tory explained

"We prefer to be called performers" Exclaimed a tall woman with long, curly, ginger hair with ocean blue eyes

"Oh s-sorry" said Terrin laughing nervously

"Let me introduce you to every one" exclaimed Tory suddenly

"Coda and Cody you have already met, well their act is acrobatics, and here is Eli he is the master of illusions and my trainer, oh yeah and here is Andrew he is a lion tamer and here is the misty the magician" she explained "Oh yeah, and here is Cookie the cook and dancer"

Terrin didn't know what to think, what did this all mean? Were things like acrobats the level of importance or just a nickname, but despite all this confusion Terrin worked out that human life is confusing so it made him wonder some more to why would his farther want to protect these creatures? That in some way is no better then demons.

"And how do you think ringleader jean would react to all this!?" Cookie exclaimed

"Indeed, How would he?" called an masculine voice

The others gasped and parted to make way for and strange looking man with his hair jelled back and a black moustache, his eyes were baggy and his nose was slightly hooked.

"R-ringleader jean, how are you?" Tory asked nervously

The man got right up to Tory's face and said

"I was a very happy man, until I discovered our uninvited guest in my circus" the man they seemed to call ring leader Jean replied

"Wait, I found him injured in the woods I couldn't just leave him" Tory exclaimed

"And you don't think he might have been there for a reason?" Ringleader jean asked

"I said the same thing" Cookie buttered in before the ringleader shoed her away

"Don't you have a home to go to, boy?" The ring leader asked Terrin now in Terrin's face

"I do, But I don't know how to get back" Terrin replied nervously and feeling a little sick from inhaling the man revolting breath

"Please sir, allow Terrin to stay here" Tory pleaded

"But what talent, dose this boy process" the ring leader spat

"He could be the freak show, no circus is complete with out a freak show" Coda suggested

The ring leader seemed to be thinking about this and for a while they all sat there in silence until he finally spoke.

"Very well boy, But do you accept my offer of being the freak show" the ringleader asked

"But sir, that's just cruel and…"

"It's a deal" Terrin buttered in before Tory could finish her sentence

The ringleader smiled "Great, well for now get some rest, you can share a tent with Andrew your first show starts tomorrow" he ordered before turning away.

Terrin caught eye of the shock and disbelief on Tory's face, he sighed he too didn't like the idea of being a freak show but to find out further to why his farther adored humans sacrifices like these would have to be done,

And besides where else could he go…?