Captain Cynic

Captain Cynic where are you

I'm looking through the glass

I just can not find you

Captain Cynic what ever will I do?

Paging Captain Cynic

Paging Captain Cynic

Come in Captain Cynic

Captain Cynic reporting in

All systems are a go

Fire your thrusters, light your engines

Prepare weapons in case of emergency

Life support, jet packs, and rations

Fuel pipes, dreams, desires, inquiries

Metallic rust forming on the ships outer edge

I guess we're going to need repairs when we dock next

In a short time we will be landing on the planet of Xzaz

Get ready in your capsule launchers

This is your Captain Cynic

Follow orders and procedures

Set your weapons to stun

Make sure your packs are full

We're docking everyone

Prepare for landing

Captain Cynic I've found you

On the hostile planet

Be careful, things lurk unseen

Captain Cynic what ever will you do?