Look at me you little lima bean

This is a vegetarian Walrusoarus rex

Don't eat me I am a man not a plant

Bad breath, long teeth, sharp blood

This is a word of words

In fact a little quirkly lurker

Strike your snizzly booblekins

Roar to your kin maw

Silly catatonic superbonic isotoptonic

Clones of sixty four, ten four, two four

I am not the clone of your six

Two three four five!

Road cats, flying bats

Toad man, road cans

Flying booblekins

And starlit flins.

Walrusoarus REX!

Walrusoarus REX!

Walrusoarus REX!

Walrusoarus Walrusoarus Walrusoarus Walrusoarus REXASAURUS WALRUS WALRUS WALRUS WALRUS

Gimme another doughnut.