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Chapter 1


Staring at herself, Alana just felt like hitting her own reflection in the mirror. She was that enraged.

Well, who wouldn't? Being transferred from one college to another right through mid-year was downright horrible. Not only had everyone befriended someone, but they now knew who the new student was and who wasn't, which meant all eyes had been on her ever since she'd arrived at college yesterday.

"Who's the new girl?"

"Have you seen the red haired?"

"Is she a freshman?"

"She looks a bit rude, doesn't she?"

Maybe, Alana had thought, but just because you won't stop staring at me.

Alana knew that being the new student, especially in college, where gossips and rumours were taken to a whole other level, was hard, but not this hard. Or maybe it was just because it was this college and these people. In her previous university, whenever a new student was transferred, sure, they'd gossip about the poor creature, but they were discreet. Now these people... they utterly annoyed her to her limit.

Pointing, whispering and gossiping about her right when she was walking down the hall was a challenge to her lack of tolerance and patience. If all of those brats knew what a bitch she could be whenever things weren't under her control, they probably wouldn't dare to open their mouths until they were certain she was far, far away from them.

However, she had to keep her fiery temper under control. After all, the attention she was getting for being the new girl was already enough. The last thing Alana wanted was people trying to discover why she'd been transferred to a new college at this time of the year.

Eventually, she'd be able to end the gossips – or even replace them for some juicy ones, but for now, she'd have to put up with it.

Taking a deep breath, Alana looked at herself one last time before walking out of the ladies' bathroom.

She combed her slightly untamed hair, which was this copper colour that had forced her to listen to plenty of redhead jokes. Worthless to say that those jokes angered her to the point of her clenched fist meeting someone's nose. She had a very fair complexion, which made her few freckles stand out from her cheeks and nose. Her thin lips were also of a pale pink colour, not to mention they were thinner than Alana would've liked. Her slender body and pallid green eyes were the only features in her that she didn't feel ashamed at all to take advantage when she needed, but of course, she wasn't any slut.

At last, pulling herself together, Alana breathed deeply, and dared to walk out of the bathroom with a couple of notebooks in her arms.

The instant she stepped out, all eyes were on her. Some pretended to ignore her, but others stared at her unswervingly. Pressing her lips together, Alana forced herself to continue; otherwise they'd surely ascertain how bad-tempered she could be.

She found a way out through the maze that building was, but was brought to a halt when she was outside. Her classes were over and she wanted to head back to her dorm. Alas, she had a lousy sense of direction. However, Alana did know that she had to cross the campus park to reach her dorm, which meant she had to go right, since the park was that way.

It took her about ten minutes to reach that green area.

Alana's green eyes roved through the area that surrounded her, and came to a conclusion in a matter of seconds - that open area was just too green for her, or maybe it was just her grim mood winning her over. Trees, bushes, and brown benches were spread all around. At her right side was a playing field, with boys showing off how manly they could be by tackling each other throughout a football match. In that moment, one team scored, and Alana saw three boys approaching and laughing together, ignoring the rest of the team.

The shortest of them, with thick black hair, was smiling and punching the blonde's arm, whose shining blonde hair had jaw length. Then, the third one, no longer laughing, was yelling at one of his opponents, who apparently didn't consider the point had been fair, or so it seemed. She could practically listen to him yelling, and he was at a considerable distance from her, "What the hell is wrong with you? Vince didn't do anything wrong!"

Vince, who Alana guessed was the blonde one, didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that the other team didn't consider his point fair. However, the black haired one did move to stand beside the third one.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up?" The third one, with really short brown hair and with a considerable height, yelled.

I bet he's going to punch the other guy if he doesn't shut up soon, Alana thought, suddenly amused by the scene. She even slowed down her pace to see what would happen.

Unfortunately, her attention was drawn away from the paused game when she heard a high-pitched voice, "Taylor, look! Isn't that the new girl?"

"Who?" The moment Alana found the girls to whom the voices belonged to, she noticed the one with grey eyes and dirty blonde hair, who was openly pointing at her. But when she became aware Alana was looking at them, she swiftly dropped her arm, blushed and both looked away. However, the girl who stood beside her, a brunette, whose name Alana assumed it was Taylor, continued, "Oh, yeah. That redhead's the new girl. She looks pretty rude, doesn't she?"

Yes, so? Why couldn't they mind their own business?

"Yeah, she does. As far as I know, she hasn't spoken to no one... I wonder why she was transferred." The interested way she talked, told Alana that she was more engrossed than what she was supposed to be. "Is she a freshman? I haven't found out yet."

Were they pretending to ignore the fact that Alana could listen to them, or were they just doing that deliberately? Her temper flared at that.

"Don't fret about it, Caroline. I'm sure we'll eventually know. She can't stay mute forever. She'll speak to someone sooner or later, and then we'll-"

"How about now, then?" Alana suddenly made an approach on the two girls, no longer being able to contain her disapproval of what they were doing.

The brunette and the blonde just stared at her, utterly dumbfounded. Alana allowed herself to memorize those expressions before she continued. "I'm sorry, is just that I couldn't restrain from doing this. After all, you were talking about me as if I just wasn't there."

The blonde's grey eyes looked ready to pop out of her face, and the brunette just swallowed dryly. As for Alana, she smiled in the most cynical way she could, and carried on, "Anyway, didn't you want answers? Well, to begin with, yes, I am the new girl, and no I'm not a freshman, I'm a sophomore. My name is Alana, and so I'd sincerely be pleased if all of you stopped calling me the redhead. I'd also appreciate if you all stopped gossiping and pointing at me as if I was some circus creature. I'm a person, just like you are. I am quite sick of it."

Taylor grimaced, "We were just-"

"You were just what?" Alana cut off the girl named Taylor mercilessly, though still smiling. "Anyway, I know how bitchy this sounds, but no I'm not going to say I didn't mean the way I'm talking, because I do mean it. If having the reputation of a bitch is what it takes to bring an end to the tiring gossips, then so be it." That was what they got when they brought up what was worse in her.

Grinning at them, Alana waited for a reaction. She knew she'd picked up a fight, but she was ready for whatever weapons they had. She wasn't some weak girl who regretted having said something in a frenzied moment.

However, the wait wasn't worth a thing, because a few moments later, the two girls just turned around and left that trail, completely shocked and outraged by what had just happened.

"Idiots," The red haired grumbled, shaking her head. She was about to resume her walking when someone whistled. Ready for another fight, Alana looked out for the person that had whistled, but she just found two other girls sat down on a bench, smiling at her.

One of them had a fair skin like Alana, but the rest was completely different. While Alana's hair was copper and her eyes were pale green, the girl's shoulder length hair was black, which contrasted with her big blue eyes. As for the other girl, she had a more average aspect. She had brown eyes and hair, though her hair had blonde highlights, bringing out her skin colour, which was somewhat darker than the girl and Alana's. However, her grin was the sweetest and nicest Alana had ever seen since she'd stepped in this hell.

Considering that not all students were stupid, Alana decided to give this two a shot. Tucking her hair behind her ears, Alana drew closer and snorted. "Those two deserved-"

"We're not going to condemn you," The blue eyed girl spoke first. "In fact, we were going to congratulate you! Those two were asking for it for a while now."

"They really weren't expecting you'd rebel!" The girl with the nice smile remarked. "In fact, no one here revolts about anything, no matter how nasty the gossips can be."

"That I don't understand." Alana commented, her eyes jumping from one girl to another. "Still, you have no idea of what I've been through ever since I arrived!"

"Believe me, I have an idea." The blue eyed girl hinted, exchanging looks with her friend. "Sure, being the new girl can be hard, but you don't really need to be someone new to have all types of gossips circulating all over college about you. You better don't forget that. Anyway, I'm Roxy, and this is Patty. Why don't you sit down?"

"Thanks." And so Alana sat beside Patty, the girl with the blonde highlights. When she looked ahead, she noticed the game had already ended, because most of the guys weren't there anymore. Nevertheless, the three amigos were still there.

"Seeing that you're new, we should warn that in this college, everyone knows everything about whatever you do, no matter how hard you try to hide it. It's just impossible." It better not be, Alana thought for herself. She really didn't want people snooping, trying to find out why she'd been transferred.

"I know that in college, gossips are a lot nastier and all of that jazz, but my college wasn't as bad as this one! I mean, there wasn't one single person that didn't look or pointed at me!" Alana told them, recalling every time she'd walked down the hall and had people whispering about her, without even hiding it. Just the thought of it... it annoyed her. However, she still hoped it would eventually end. It just had to.

"You just have to get used to it." Patty shrugged her shoulders. "Anyway, are you really a sophomore?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Curious. We're actually freshmen." It was Roxy who answered, suddenly staring ahead of her. Wanting to know what had caught Roxy's attention – and Patty's too – she looked ahead too, and became aware the three amigos were coming back from that open field.

From where she was, she could listen to them. "You need to cool down, Sean."

"How the fuck was I supposed to relax when that guy was yelling shit at me?" Oh, so Sean was the tall guy's name. "Come on, Ryan, you know Vince's point was fair! They were just pissed off because we won the game thanks to that point!"

At last, Alana could finally see their features.

The shorter one, named Ryan, had thick black hair and this sensual stubble bear, which stood out against his fair skin colour. However, regardless of having the least tamed body, but well-cared nevertheless, he had the most incredible green eyes, different from hers, capable of making any girl fall for him in a snap of his fingers. They were so bright and so appealing that even Alana felt tempted to go to him and stare at his eyes for long hours.

"Look who's coming, Roxy," Patty commented, jerking her head towards the boys.

"I know," Roxy said, looking straight at Ryan. In that moment, Alana noticed he was gazing back at her, his lips curving in a mysterious smile. Something was definitely going on between those two. "That guy is Ryan on Earth and God in Heaven."

Alana advanced to the blond one, who had plain blue eyes. However, Vince seemed charming with his messy blond hair with jaw length, and a skin even paler than Ryan's. He had a strong jaw, completely shaved, unlike his friend green eyed friend, and well-defined and soft pink lips that just called her out to kiss him.

"Oh, I'd totally do Vince..." Patty sighed, looking at the attractive blond with dreamy eyes. Who wouldn't want to do him? Alana asked herself. He was indeed good-looking.

"I already told you, Patty," Roxy rolled her eyes, "If you want, I can ask Ryan for Vince's number." Oh yes, something was definitely going on between Roxy and Ryan.

"It's ok, it's ok..." Patty mumbled, following Vince with her brown eyes.

Last but not least, Sean was the tallest and even though he wasn't the most handsome, he was somehow... alluring and tantalizing. He had light brown hair cut really short and like Ryan, he had a stubble bear, which perfectly went along with his tanned skin colour. He was not only the tallest, but the one whose body was more developed, in a good way.

"Oh, and that's Sean." Roxy told her, "And just so you know, they're all playboys, unfortunately." Well, that was evident. They were all handsome! If they weren't playboys, they just had to be gays.

"We can have a good time with playboys." Alana stated, looking back at Roxy for some seconds. She'd had fun with playboys, like they'd had fun with her, but their involvement had really been just for the fun of it. Frankly, every girl just had to have fun with a playboy once in their life. Whoever hadn't probably would stay a virgin until marriage.

"But they'll eventually break your heart." Patty remarked, watching the three amigos approaching them.

"Those three definitely would." Probably, but only if girls let them so, right? If they fell for them knowing all they wanted was sex, then they were just plain stupid. Still, Alana couldn't condemn the girls like that. She too had learned her lesson, after all.

"If you wanted, you could also break their hearts." Alana said bluntly. It was the truth. If a girl committed herself into it, why wouldn't she be able to do so? Girls could be even just as heartless as guys were, and sometimes, they could be worse. "Why do they have to be the ones who always break our hearts?"

"Because they can focus only on sex, while we, girls, always end up falling, no matter what."

That wasn't entirely a lie, but Alana couldn't help but to smirk. She didn't consider herself a weak girl. Hell, if she wanted, who knew if she wouldn't be able to break one of those playboys' hearts? She just had to focus on her goal, that's all. Boldly, Alana dared to say, "I bet I could break one's heart."

"Oh no, you couldn't." Roxy said, shaking her head. Then, out of the blue, her grim expression changed when her face creased into a smile. "Hey, guys."

"What's up, ladies?" Out of the blue, Alana became aware the three amigos were right in front of her. The one who had spoken was Ryan, the black haired. His voice was slightly husky, totally attracting her.

Vince simply smiled at them, and Sean had his arms folded over his chest, staring at the playfield where he'd played a while ago. He looked as if he still wanted to beat the crap out of the one who'd defied him. Anyway, Alana focused again on the conversation when her name was mentioned. "Oh, and this is Alana. You know, the girl everyone's talking about. Alana, this is Ryan, Vince and Sean."

"Nice to meet you, Alana." Ryan said, offering her a mysterious half-smile. As for Vince, he just waved his head at her, with a tight-lipped smile on his face.

"The pleasure's mine." She replied, not forgetting her good manners.

However, the moment she spoke, Sean looked back at the group. It was then when he noticed her. His brown eyes narrowed, and before Alana knew it, he had a mischievous smile on his face, completely ignoring her presence, on the contrary of his two friends. She didn't know him at all, but that impish grin meant trouble beyond doubt.

And so with that wicked smile stamped his pretty face, Sean looked over at Ryan and Vince, and started, "Listen to this, do you know who are the ten most important people in a redhead's life?"

The instant Sean said that, Alana sucked in a breath, frowning. Oh no, he's really not going to tell a redhead joke.

"The first is the doctor, because he says take your clothes off, and the second is the dentist, because he says, open wide." When he finished saying that, everyone, including Patty and Roxy, burst out laughing.

As for Alana, she remained silent, and gazed at Sean with gritted teeth. Had he really said that?

After, when he was still struggling for breath, and the others were still laughing, he carried on, "The third is-"

"If you continue," She promptly cut him off," I swear to God I'll kick you in the balls."


Ryan and Vince traded looks and chuckled. Patty and Roxy's eyes were jumping from Alana to Sean and vice-versa. The taller of the friends simply gazed at Alana, amused, but she didn't break down. Moments later, he opened his mouth and approached her, "The third is the milkman, because he always asks, do you want it in the front or in the back?"

Automatically, Alana's leg went flying towards him, but Sean quickly reacted and grabbed her before she could kick him. She pursed her lips, and clenched her fists, showing off her fury. Damn.

Grinning at her, he challenged her control. "You just proved your temper really matches your hair, and all I had to do was tell a joke." Then, he shoved her leg down, and said, "You wish, redhead."

That was supposed to infuriate her more, but instead she presented him the same wicked smile he had. "I have two legs remember?" And this time, before his face dropped to see her other leg, Alana had already flung it up right towards the sensitive place all men had.

"Fuck!" All at once, Sean cried out the moment she lashed out, falling down to one knee. His hands instantly went flying towards the men's most vulnerable body part, holding his dear organs tightly.

Sheer contentment showed on Alana's face.

She wasn't afraid to fight against Sean, or to show those girls what a bitch she could. No one, no one, would make a fool out of her just because she was the new girl and knew nothing about this college or its rules. At least, not if she could prove she wasn't a puppet they could play whenever they wanted to entertain themselves.

Smiling sardonically now, the red haired girl leaped to her feet and grabbed her books. She looked at Sean's friends, and then at Patty and Roxy. "I believe it's time to go! It was nice meeting you all."

Hugging her books against her chest, Alana set off to her dorm.

"Wait!" It was Roxy's voice, bringing Alana to a sudden halt. She was about to look back, but before she actually did, both Patty and Roxy stood at her right and left, respectively. "Quite a showdown, Alana."

"He was asking for it," The red haired defended herself, resuming her walking, though not alone anymore. "Besides, you can't imagine what it's like to listen to jokes about redheads during your whole life."

"Once more, we're not condemning you." Roxy repeated the same she'd said before the three amigos had come.

"Like I said before," Alana unexpectedly said, picking up the conversation where they'd left, "I bet I could break any of those playboys' hearts." Especially now, she thought, seeing that all instincts told her to turn around and hurt that guy one way or another. That joke was downright stupid!

"Oh, if Sean heard you..." Patty mumbled, looking at Alana through the corner of her brown eye. "I bet he'd laugh his ass off."

"Well, I bet he wouldn't be laughing that much after I'd make him fall, and then crush his heart."

"Anyway, there's a party tomorrow tonight." Patty unexpectedly altered the conversation's subject. "You want to come, Alana? It'll be fun."

Maybe, but parties always meant oodles of people would be there, which would undeniably lead to more gossips and whispers about her, no matter what she did or for how long she hung about. Still... Alana had to confess a party was a nice way to let off some steam. In addition to that, she could meet more people, and who knew if eventually the gossips would end because she'd befriended more students?

It was, indeed, a rewarding scheme.

"So?" Patty pressured her, her brown eyes hopeful.

Alana lips parted in a faint smile, "Ok, I'll go."

"Great! It'll be really fun, I promise you!"

Alana really hoped it'd be that fun, because she needed to get her mind off this whole gossips' thing. Distractions at the party would be very, very well received. But, of course, it also depended of who – and why – was distracting her.

Patty kept talking to her, but at some point, both noticed Roxy was just too taken in her thoughts, so Alana elbowed her, and had her attention right there. Patty was the one who questioned her, nevertheless. "Something wrong?"

"Oh, no." She replied, but the way Patty looked at her friend with narrowed eyes disclosed that she knew something was wrong. Still, Roxy managed to change the spotlight back to Alana, suddenly amused, now. "I was just thinking that, honestly, I'd really like to see you breaking one of their hearts."


"Oh yes. You would definitely entertain us for quite a while."

Frankly, it would be a nice way to entertain and distract herself indeed. However... the last thing Alana wanted and needed now was to get into any kind of trouble with some playboy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yup, my newest cliché, eh. ;) And since its set in college, with crazy characters, it'll be always about alcohol, drugs and sex! ... No, I'm just kidding. ;) But yes, there will be alcohol and sex. After all, this is about college students, and college life can be quite wild.

Anyway, I must admit I needed to write something different from Welcome to Heartbreak – less emotionally-draining, you know? Besides, this female character is very different from Eva or Kimberly, because she's just downright bitchy and arrogant. Now, about some questions that may be wondering in your mind... No, each playboy will not be getting each girl. That would be something quite stupid to do, if you ask me. Yes, Alana did sound extremely bitchy with her first conversation, but I did say she was a very bitchy character! However, she's flawed, believe me! And since no one never really writes a story about the bitch, I thought, why not give it a try?

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