Chapter Two.

Day two

I really lost my focus after dinner. I just zoned out and sat in the dining room. Ginny finally came in and asked me if I wanted help back to my room. I said yes and she deposited me here.

Now I'm ready for my first night. I'm in my pjs and I am now where near sleepy. I decide to walk over to the library and get a book. I open my door, making sure I have a key, and close it behind me. I quietly walk in my socks down the hall to the grand staircase. I walk down and make my way to the library. When I open the doors I am impressed. It was probably bigger then any school library and it was private. I wondered who bought all these books. I went to one wall and started looking. I couldn't quite understand how they were grouped, but maybe there wasn't any order. They looked warm and inviting and the whole room had a wonderful stuffy smell. I reached out and touched the different textures, leather bound versus paperback. That is when I hear him clear his throat. I turned around and was staring at Ashley, uhm, Morgan.

"Oh, hi." I say.

"Good evening." said Morgan.

"Good Evening, yes. It is." I say and turn back around to face the books because I can't believe what I just said.

"Are you laughing at me?" asks Morgan. I turn back around.

"Are you a vampire?" I ask, not believing what I just said again and I'm sober. I must be a nervous wreck.

"No. You're safe if you are worried about fangs." said Morgan keeping his eyes on me.

"I'm sorry. I'm just nervous being here." I say.

"Of course. First night jitters. Can't sleep? Looking for a book?" asked Morgan. He smiled weakly.

"Have you read anything good here?" I ask.

"I've read them all." says Morgan matter of fact look in his eye.

"All these? I mean, I think there are more books here then at Amazon." I say.

"Not quite, but it is a nice selection." says Morgan.

"How long have you been here?" I wonder out loud.

"Not that long. To be honest, I read all the books, but not all from here." says Morgan. Pick out a mystery and read the back cover. Morgan gets up and joins me looking at the book. "That is a good one. You like mysteries?" asks Morgan.

"Yeah, life is a mystery." I answer. Then I look up and Morgan is close, real close and he smells good.

"Why are you here?" asks Morgan. "If that is not too personal."

"I have issues." I say avoiding his question. He drops it, very understanding. "What about you?" I ask, not sure why.

"Sex addict." says Morgan with a straight face. I look up quickly. " I share a room with Tiger Woods."

I look past Morgan to the door, then back at this hulk of a man between me and the door. He smiles a devious smile as if he is figuring all this out too. He is in the way and no one is around and I'm getting nervous. Morgan laughs and goes back to his chair and sits down.

"Relax, I'm joking." says Morgan. I laugh along and keep checking the door.

"I knew that, sort of." I say, laughing more now.

"Yeah, right, no, Tiger isn't here." says Morgan. We stare. I get the joke and I laugh. He keeps a very sober face.

"Good night. " I say. And I start to walk toward the door.

"Good night, sweetheart." says Morgan. I get to the door and turn around.

"Do you know why I'm here?" I ask.

"No." answers Morgan.

"I think maybe you do." I say and I turn and leave. I don't mean that he checked out my file. I just felt some connection with this handsome stranger. As if he judges movements an weighs what thoughts cause the effect. When I get back to my room I find myself very tired and decide not to start my book. I turn out the lights and fall asleep quickly. That's when I really get introduced to Morgan.

We meet in my dreams.