The second month rolls around its a time for lyrics and sounds we write songs so you can sing along building a community and an immunity to fear we want to steer clear from the negativity of so called bad vocals and meet with the locals so we can grow as people as artists without being afraid of laughter because nobody wants to be laughed at itd be like elementary school where you were the fools and bullies were cool no we support each other some write some play collaborations every day you get to experiment with different styles like glass vials its so clear to me creativity is set free for all to see were people of different ages different stages different wages yet we all do our best because none of us are better than the rest its a curiosity that lives in the country and cities our output when life gives us input we take it one foot at a time and soon things begin to rhyme bells begin to chime to not undertake isnt a crime but it is to hold your creative side hostage trapped within your own fears yet youve got peers who are ready to listen reserve judgement because everyone was a beginner at some point through music we are story weavers in this event I call February Fever.