I was waiting at the bus stop one night, hypnotized by the seemingly sentient gaze of the full moon. I followed the bridge of light from the sky down to the concrete and what did I see looking so pitifully back at me? An infants boot probably kicked off in a fit of rage one foot free from it's cage it kind of made me think. What about all those kids who live on the street forced out when they couldnt take one more beat, defeat. Sure the problem is discrete and we hide it, bide our time, confide, or we can reach down deep inside and do something about it. We have voices for a reason so lets use them to speak for those who have none those who sleep on cold slabs of concrete at night those who scavenge in the sun when they should be in school they should be cool. Not made a fool of by people like you and me, mockery and misery go hand in hand instead we should take a stand and do something productive, something constructive. You see that's called a vision, which turns into a dream which with a little hard work turns into reality. Starting is the hardest thing and thats a concept that's universal. Yet with a little bit of information we give power to our creation station,this nation is under the spell of money infatuation and so we turn a blind eye to that one guy on the streets because we think its funny that he has no money. Heres to all the bootless wonders and your bravery long days and even longer nights because even just living is a fight.