How does one velociraptor

Deliver pizza to his colony

When they are all ravenous mongrels

Looking to eat that fresh meaty cheese bread substance?

Yes how can you be a velociraptor pizza man

Unless you have a plan!

Ogwell the Velociraptor Pizza Man has a plan

So let Ogwell speak!

Step one: Make some pizza

Step two: Pizza in the box

Step three: Deliver to a fox

Step Four: Never return

Okay Ogwell that was a terrible plan

I'll tell you how you do it

Cause I have experience

With velociraptors

(I bet you do!)

You put it in the pan

Fry it up, flip that stuff

Get grimy get tough

Then you walk right in

To the fucking encampment

Don't let them fuck with you

Like you have

Never grew

That's how it's done Ogwell

That how it's done