What's in your wallet?


What wallet?!

I have an Errol in my pocket!

(And it's happy to see you)

What is going on Errol in the house reppin with Mickey Mouse.

I am a Sqerrol

Sqerrol! Sqerrol! Sqerrol!

Laughter! I am broke! Hear me spoke to you! Don't got a clue, it's debt no credit. Let it.

So stop and go, with the flow, ain't got rakes and hoes, so I ain't got no change of cheques, bills and car wrecks, do I look like Shrek?!

Baby you can touch me, such trees, much in need, but keep your hands off my large Errol.

Whats the square root of Errol?!

Two times zero!

That is zero!

Ha ha! Zero!

So get your hands out of my pants cause my Errol is very sensitive!