epitaph: A brief literary piece commemorating a deceased person.
(Our love once lived & breathed.)



am attached to you fully & completely in
ways that i myself can't explain; i'm so
full of your life (& your failure) that i can't
breathe without you here. so please


let me fall apart, please don't let me slip
away from you & break into the pieces that only
you could (fail to) put back together. it's not so
easy for me to love; i


you to show me how to live. you hold
my heart when you hold my hand. as
my fingers lace between yours, you fill
me with life & hope. you're all that i have,
you're everything to me, you're
the only thing i want. i can't live without



a/n: I prayed to the Lord above that I wouldn't fall in love with him,
he reached in & took from me what never should have been his.
I hope to God & all the angels that I never love again.