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From the blog of Alec Maclean

Remember This

March 15th, 2000

People make mistakes all the time. Big ones, small ones. We all make mistakes. My mistake was taking a literature course as an elective. I don't mind reading. As the son of a writer, even if my mom just writes romance novels, I grew up in a household where not wanting to read was like admitting you didn't bathe or worshiped the devil.

However, taking this course was a mistake because my professor wasn't interested in literature. She was interested in memory, but the course vetting gods at York University didn't think it would draw much interest.

So she renamed her course Literature and the Arts.

The course vetting gods approved. And I got stuck thinking, reading and writing about why we remember, how we remember and what we remember. The three hour lectures weren't mind-numbing, but all too often, I left the seminar room with a headache.

Let's go back to the mistake part. Even though we make mistakes, sometimes good things happen. They don't always happen like in Mom's books where getting lost in a blizzard leads the heroine to meet her hero and fall madly in (let's be honest: lust, then) love.

But hey, if you're lucky, it just might happen something like that. It happened to me at the St. Clara archives. It wasn't the forever kind of love, but before you judge me to harshly, do you remember the advice to girls about having to kiss a few frogs until they find their prince? I decided that it means that love doesn't appear out of nowhere. You have to look for it, work for it. So while I am not finding love, there is nothing wrong with kissing frogs.

Jumping back to archives, while I am still interested on the topic. Daniel Derrida wrote Archive Fever which was a book-long rant about how people were archiving too much. Archiving is collecting stuff about important and interesting people so future generations can know about their life. Derrida thought people were collecting too much information and archiving stuff that wasn't really necessary.

What also pissed off Derrida was that people were outsourcing their memories. Rather than remembering events in our minds, we'd take photographs or write it down. This meant there was more to archive and it drove Derrida nuts.

Another archivist, Carolyn Steedman, thought he didn't get the concept of archiving. She also thought that if he was going to name something Archive Fever, well then he should have talked about the potential diseases one could get from decomposing vellum, leather bindings, adhesives, and other hazards that came from working with old books. Believe me, it would have been a much more interesting book. And here I always thought the worst a book could do to me, besides bore me to death, was give me a paper-cut.

The part that gets me is that Derrida died before the invention of the internet. That means he was bitching about collecting too much information before Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. I mean,these sites pretty much allow anyone to create a digital archive about themselves, even if they aren't interesting or important. If he realized that almost everyone used computers and their every keystroke was being recorded and stored in data centres run by companies like Google, he'd probably blow a gasket. Good thing he's already dead.

So you want to know about my experience at the archives? Well, here's what I'll tell you and you can probably figure out the rest.

[1] Not all people working in archives are as old as the materials stored there. In fact, some of them are young, with eyes that generate heat as they travel up and down your body, and possess smoking hot body of their own to match.

[2] Before you go to the archive, you have to know what you're researching and what information you'll need. Similarly, when you want a woman, you have to know how to make yourself irresistible to that particular woman. Sadly, I learned a lot about women through secretly reading some of Mom's novel, but hey, it works.

[3] Archivists are very particular with what contaminates the tables where the fones (a particular archive) are examined.

[4] My trip to the archive and further research with my, now, favourite archivist made up for my mistake in taking that class.

[5] Derrida would be turning in his grave, but hey, I can guarantee him that this memory is one that will be remembered in my mind for a long, long time.

March 16th, 2000

Alec was feeling cranky. It was hot in the Scott Library and he had been cooped up for an hour just finishing up preliminary research. Now as he pushed the button to ring the buzzer, he wished he had gotten a bite to eat before he entered the archives. God only knew how long this was going to take. If he were in a more reasonable frame of mind, he would take comfort in the fact that he would realistically only be there for two hours. It was already two o'clock and the St. Clara Archives would close at four. He wasn't in a reasonable frame of mind.

Finally, the door was opened by a woman who looked as ancient as the books in the Special Collections (also stored in the Archives). She was short and her white, fluffy hair only reached up to his shoulders, but she had a way of looking through her thick, tortoise glasses that made him feel she was looking down at him. She wasn't liking what she saw either. Alec knew she'd see a big jock with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She would not believe he could have anything purposeful to do in the archives.

Still, she let him in. Briskly she asked him to leave his bag on a huge, polished wooden table on the right and then fill out a card at the counter, regarding what he wanted to examine. Alec glanced at the counter and turned away to hide his expression. Seated behind the counter was a girl no older than he. Her hair was long, straight and blacker than midnight. The dead straight hair and faint slant to her eyes let him know she was at least half-Asian.

Like the dragon who let him in, she wore glasses. Hers were narrow black rectangles which sat low on the bridge of her nose like reading glasses and had some designer logo on the corner. Her jets eyes had glanced up at him from above the lenses. Visions of the sexy librarian themed porn danced in his head. Her lacy pink camisole peeking out of the deep vee neckline of her brown sweater didn't help dispel the images. Alec got himself under control as he put his stuff away, except for a notebook of lined paper which was allowed in the area designated to examine fones.

As he turned back to the two ladies, he smiled at the sexy librarian and then turned his complete attention to the dragon. He explained he was there researching for a paper on archiving and wanted to examine some fones. He wasn't particular on which fones, but to make her life easier, Alec had made a list of potential fones the dragon could pull for him. The dragon pretended to scan the paper, but Alec had already seen her facial muscles relax. Whether it was because he came to the archives prepared or because he ignored the sexy librarian, without being rude about it, he had passed some test. She became as warm and friendly as a grandmother as she talked to him about his papers.

She made ticks on some of the fones on his list that would be most useful for his paper and suggested others. She gave the list to the sexy librarian to retrieve and continued talking to Alec. While Alec listened attentively to the grandmother dragon and even dutifully jotted notes that he knew he would use for his paper, the detail that burned in his mind was that the sexy librarian's name was Leah.

Leah returned with three fones, which the grandmother dragon informed him were all from members of the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Alec thanked Leah with another smile. A smile that let her know he was interested, but without being overt about it. She smiled back. A vaguely sensuous light passed between them. The dragon's name was Ellen, she guided him to a table and briefed him on the proper way to handle the fones. Basically to lie them flat on the table and only touch them when necessary, like when he needed to turn a page.

Alec thanked her and opened the first box. It was actually pretty sad how into the research he got, considering the incarnation of sexy librarian porn was sitting less than five metres away, but he did get into it. He wasn't sure when, but after examining the second box, he realized that the responses to some of the letters he had read in the first fone, were in the second fone. The fones were conversing with each other and Alec could read the full conversation. It was absorbing. He could understand why his mother got so absorbed in the research she did for her novels.

Ellen broke the spell the fones had cast over him when she said, "I don't want to interrupt, dear, but I just wanted to let you know that we will be closing in half an hour. I'll be leaving now, but Leah will be here until four. If you needed anything to be photocopied, just let her know."

Alec ran his hand through his hair. Had time really gone by that fast? "Uh, thank you. I'll do that," he finally responded. He knew his surprised, slightly unsure tone charmed Ellen. If his peripheral vision was accurate, it charmed Leah too. Sometimes even without knowing it, a guy did just the right thing. They thought his reaction was cute. These were not women to be taken in by the strong and arrogant type. Ellen smiled and headed for the door. Leah pressed a button that unlocked the door from the counter and Ellen left.

Alec finished the document he was reading and then began organizing the papers in three piles. Two to mark what fones the papers belong to and the smaller pile of stuff, he wanted a copy of. While he was doing this, he felt the weight of Leah's gaze on him. He smiled inwardly. She was definitely interested. Taking this pile, he ambled to the counter and began the verbal wooing of Leah. It started with, "Um, could I get photocopies of these? If you're not too busy."

"I'm not too busy." She smiled radiantly. "You were pretty into them for the last hour."

"I know," he agreed. "It's like they just sucked me into their world."

She nodded approvingly as she rose from her seat. Alec was pleased to see she was wearing a skirt and checked out her legs. They were nice legs, long and shapely. She carried herself confidently, unaware of the appreciative glance. "They do that. I love working at St. Clara's."

They talked about the archives and the conversation drifted to what program they were in and what majors while Leah was photocopying. When that was done, she drifted to the table he was working at while he packed the remaining documents in their respective boxes. He picked up all three boxes and placed them on the main counter. He smiled while his back was to her, because he could feel her hot gaze roam his shoulders, back and lower.

He went back to where she stood, leaning against the table, probably unaware that she was biting her bottom lip with indecision. He cocked his head to the side a little as if something just struck him. "By the way, I'm Alec," he stated, with a grin. "I just realized I didn't introduce myself. I overheard Ellen calling you Leah."

She nodded, smiling. She hesitated and then as if she didn't want the conversation to end, she added, "My full name is Aleaha."

"Aleaha," he rolled along his tongue, as if tasting her name. "It suits you."

"Really?" she asked, pleased. She pushed off from the table to stand straight. That worked for Alec because it brought her closer. "Why?"

"It's going to sound corny," he replied with a sigh and leaned a bit closer. Lowering his voice, so she leaned closer to hear him, he stated, "It suits you because it's a beautiful name and well, you're beautiful, too. So, it suits you."

She blinked. "Oh." Her cheeks reddened slightly.

"I warned you it would be corny," Alec said. His light tone was at odds with how carefully he watched her, waiting for the signs. "You can make fun of me, it's okay."

She licked her lips. "I wasn't going to make fun of you. It was really sweet."

He said nothing, but let his desire show plain in his eyes. She swallowed, but didn't look away. Tension exploded between the them and only two feet separated them. Her mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. Her eyes drifted down and focused on his mouth. The edges curled upward in a conqueror's smile and he went in for the kill. One step closed the distance between them and his mouth closed over hers.

Her lips were lush and soft and took very little convincing to open under his gentle assault. His soft kisses stoked a growing fire. Alec penetrated her mouth with his tongue and the kiss went wild. Her arms wrapped around him and she kissed him back with a ferocity that burned up all gentleness in a fiery conflagration. Their bodies pressed against each other as their tongues dueled. Alec's hand rose from her hip, scaled her ribs, slipped into the vee neckline of her sweater to cup her breast.

Whether it was the hand on her breast or the hand under her sweater that set off alarms in her head, Alec didn't know, but she broke the kiss and pushed a step away from him. "Wait," she gasped. Her hand rested against her chest, as if it could slow down the pounding of her heart.

His heart was pounding too. His breathing heavy. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean for things to get out of control like that. I just—I'm sorry. I should go."

"Wait," she cried out again. She had grabbed on to his hand and drew him back to her. Her eyes were wide and Alec suspected she was a bit stunned. Her lips were swollen from his kiss and face was flushed. She looked gorgeous. If guys weren't hitting on her all the time, Alec had no idea why the hell not. She was flustered from a single kiss and that made Alec want to strut around like a proud peacock. "I, um, don't go. I think—"

Alec kissed her again. He figured, he liked where things were going and letting her think was probably not the best idea. She responded to the kiss eagerly, so she clearly wasn't put out with him. His tongue delved deep in her mouth while his hands cupped her ass and pulled her against his erection. She moaned in his mouth and he ground against her. Yes, it had definitely been a good idea to not let her think.

Alec's hand slipped under her skirt and massaged the bare cheeks of her ass. He thanked heaven for women's preoccupation with wanting no panty line since it led Leah to wear a thong. Her arms tightened around his neck as she undulated against him. She was with him a hundred percent so it seemed like a good time to pull back slightly, and ask, "Are you sure? Leah, do you want this?"

She looked at him with eyes glazed with desire. She searched his eyes and then smiled. "Yes, please."

Alec laughed and pushed her against the table. Her mouth found his and they burned. He broke the kiss and pulled her sweater over her head. His mouth drifted across her jaw and down to the hollow where her neck and shoulder joined. At the same time, his hands rose to caress her breasts. Rather than push him away this time, she drew the straps of the camisole down her arms and let it pool around her waist. Alec chuckled and unsnapped her bra. She drew that completely off. Alec lifted his head to look down at her. They were not big breasts, but they were pert and perfect for her lithe form.

Drawn by an irresistible urge, he drew a nipple into his mouth. She arched and Alec lifted her so she was sitting on the table and spread her legs so he could step between them. He licked, sucked and bit first one breast and then the other. Leah was quivering with desire. Her hands pulled urgently at his clothes, pulling off his shirt and jerking out his belt from his jeans. Alec yanked her skirt up to her waist. When her bare bottom touched the table, she froze.

Alec froze too, shaking with desire and hoping she wasn't going to cry off now. He closed his eyes and groaned when she said, "Wait! We can't do this!"

When he opened his eyes, she was looking at him earnestly. He couldn't say anything. Not yet. Looking down at her, half naked and definitely more than half aroused, stepping back was the hardest thing he ever had to do. "Okay, we'll stop," he finally ground out.

She looked up at him as she hopped off the table, causing him to get distracted by the sight of her breasts bouncing. His mouth watered. He wanted to take her so bad. How could she have wanted to stop?

"Stop?" she repeated, looking at him like he was crazy. She grabbed his hand and pulled him across the room to the table where he had dropped off his belongings. "We can't do it on that table. Think of the archives."

Alec looked at her uncomprehending. "The archives," he repeated.

She blushed. "If we... finished, there, it would be not good for the fones or us for that matter. Contamination and stuff."

Alec stared at her as she pulled herself onto this table. The fones weren't brought to this table to be examined. Suddenly, comprehension, and hope, struck. She had positioned herself on this table, exactly as she had been on the other table. "So you don't want me to stop?" he asked, making sure as he stepped between her legs again.

She shook her head, her hair tumbling over her shoulder. "I think I'll die if you do."

Alec grinned. Joy, and lust, rushing to his brain as he realized he definitely wasn't going to have to stop. "We can't have that. Not yet."

She giggled and pulled him closer by the waistband of his jeans. "Definitely not."

Alec ran his hands down her body. "I believe we were right about here," he growled and yank her skirt to her waist again. His hand slipped between her legs and massaged her mound. She moaned and pressed herself against his hand. She was ready, beyond ready. He pushed her down to lie back on the table with her legs hanging off the end. Alec slid the wisp of a thong off and then unbuttoned his jeans. He kicked off his shoes and then the jeans.

He leaned back over the table, his hand sliding through her hair and tilting her head up for a devouring kiss. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her hips undulated against his. Alec groaned. Only his boxers kept them from skin to skin contact and that was too much. Alec wanted to be skin to skin. He wanted nothing between them. He wanted to be in her. He wanted to thrust into her again and again. Alec was shaking with desire, but hung on to enough control to pull back. She murmured in protest.

"Condom," he whispered against her skin. "I have to get the condom from my bag."

She let him go and he got the condom from his bag which was just a step away. He tore open the packaging and pulled down his boxers. When he turned back to her, he was naked and she was not on the table. She was standing in front of it. Alec would have normally thought she had gotten cold feet, but the heat and approval in her dark eyes as they examined his naked form let him know this was far from over. She took a step forward, their bodies brushing and took the condom from his hand.

"I've always wanted to do this," she whispered against his lips. She kissed his jaw, his chin, his shoulder. Alec realized where this was going and thanked all the gods out there that had brought him to this archive. Her mouth slid lower down his body until she was kneeling before him. It was sexy librarian porn come to life. When her lips brushed against him, Alec grabbed hold of the table. When her exploring mouth closed around him, he gritted his teeth against the rush of desire.

He wanted to stop her. He wanted to pull her up and thrust into her so deeply, again and again until she found her fulfillment so he could have his. As she learned and adjusted to what pleased him, Alec buried his hands in her hair, holding her to him. He wanted to thrust into her mouth and spill his seed into her mouth. His hands grabbed fistfuls of her hair and pulled gently until she was looking up at him.

"Put the condom on now," he demanded. He sounded more like a conqueror than a gentle lover, but he was beyond everything now. A satisfied smile blossomed on Leah's face as she realized she had driven him to the brink of his control with her ministrations. She rolled the condom onto him. "Get up."

She rose with her lips tilted in her own conqueror's smirk. Alec pushed her against the table and then lifted her until her butt was on the edge of the table. Spreading her thighs wide, Alec used his thumbs to spread her open and inserted a finger into. He watched her face as he did it again, added another finger and did it again. Her expression wasn't pretty. It was fierce and beautiful. It was exactly what making love should be. Alec caught her mouth and kissed her, letting her feel his raw passion.

He needed her to be as close to the brink as he was. He knew he wouldn't last long once he was inside her tight sheath, so he needed her to be right there with him. When Leah was, he withdrew his hand. Her eyes flew open in dismay until she felt his thick, hard shaft probing her entrance. He guided himself into her body. His thrust was a smooth glide that took him in to the hilt. The wet heat made him groan and freeze to enjoy the moment. Her slick inner muscles pulsed around him. She whispered his name.

"You're so perfect," he murmured against her temple.

"Alec," she whispered softly. He pulled back to look at her. Her eyes were wide with lust and entreaty. "Do it again."

He chuckled softly and withdrew. Leah gasped. He thrust back into her and that drew a low moan from her. Together they found the tempo that bound their bodies together. He thrust hard and fast into her. It was what she liked and it drew incoherent, mewling cries from her. His mouth covered hers hungrily. The kiss sent new spirals of ecstasy through them. She returned his kiss with reckless abandon as he hammered into her. Her legs wrapped around his hips and his grip on her shifted, tightened. The small change in position had Leah seeing stars with every thrust.

"Alec," she cried, "Please!"

He hardly heard her. Passion pounded the blood through his heart and chest. His heart beat was hammering in his ears. Her hips lifted to meet his. Her raw sensuousness carried him to greater heights. The involuntary spasms of her climax began. The waves of ecstasy throbbed through her and brought on his own climax. With a final thrust, their passion exploded in a downpour of fiery sensations.

Alec could barely stand. With what little energy Alec could muster, he switched their positions so he was sitting on the table and she was slumped over him. He was still firmly embedded in her and while he dragged in air, every once and awhile he would feel her inner muscles clench around him in a dull throb as if to make sure he was still there. His hands caressed her back as she floated back to earth. Later, he would take pride in the fact his lovemaking had left her so dazed, but right now, he was too dazed himself.

Leah lifted her head from where it had been buried against his neck and looked at him. Her face was flushed pink and her lips were slightly bruised from his kisses. He could tell she was a bit embarrassed. Alec kissed her again, once again the gentle lover. He considered what he could say to make her feel at ease. Before he could think of something, his stomach let out a loud growl.

Her eyes widened and then began sparkling with mirth. "Hungry?" she asked, lips tilting into a smile.

"I'm completely drained," he drawled. She realized the innuendo and blushed.

Alec watched lazily as she bit her bottom lip. "Um, after I lock up here, did you want to get something to eat? With me?"

Alec gave her a slow, wide smile. "Definitely with you."

She smiled back, confidence back in place. Alec kissed her again. His hands, which had been running up and down her back in comfort began to caress her thighs. As he felt his desire begin to resurrect, his hands traveled to her hips and then scaled her ribs to her breasts. She had barely gotten her breath back and now his roaming hands drew a small gasp from her. "I stay in a dorm at Calumet College and my roommate is out of town," she huskily informed him.

Alec grinned. "After dinner, we'll go back there for dessert."

Leah's eyes widened as she felt his shaft harden inside of her. She bit the bottom of her lip, closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Alec groaned at the rapt expression on her face. Her eyes flickered open and she pushed him downward until his back was on the table and she was kneeling above him. He shifted them so he was lying more comfortably on the table.

"What do we do now?" he asked, knowing full well that she was taking control again and he was going to thoroughly enjoy himself.

She grinned at him as she rose and then impaled herself on his completely hard shaft. Alec drew in a swift breath. "We're in an archive," she told him, eyes glinting. "We'll make memories."

And they did.

AN: And now of course, at the risk of sounding predictable I must ask, did you like it? Did you like Alec? He knows a bit too much about exactly how to seduce women. Still, I'm a little bit in love with Alec right now and I have the perfect match for Alec. She's there in my mind too. She fell for Alec's tricks once and won't give him the time of day, even ten years later. Maybe I shouldn't have added that since I don't know when it will be written or if that will be Alec's story at all. So I'll change the topic and say this, please don't send me reviews complaining about graphic sex scenes. My short stories build up to those scenes. How can you not see it coming? Check ratings and remember that if you do find something wrong with my story (in terms of content, not typos) flames are welcomed at 25 words or more. Also I did edit this several times so I'm hoping for no typos :) I hope you enjoyed Remember This. Please review! Flawless Storm.