Chapter 4: It's Not Exactly What You Think.

So officially, everything was destroyed. All my work went up into flames. Animal rights activists broke in, released the subjects, trashed the place, stole documents to use as "proof" and set everything on fire. All because somebody wanted to try and help the world to find a cure for cancer. You would think something of such noble causes would be fine with the general public. I guess people have their own idea of nobility. I also guess that federal agents have their own idea of "official", or else they really wouldn't have me in this situation. I am Professor Langwell. I work for the biological department for the government. You know, the one you don't know exists. Yes, that one.

The incident happened about two weeks ago. Everything I just told you about the report is true. Well except for the culprits of course. The true culprit happened to be mistreatment of a testing area. Contamination can be such a bitch. You see, science is nothing more than trial and error. You give somebody a pill to help with their cold, they get better, success. You give somebody else a pill to help with their cold, they die; well damn, better not do that again. You drop a vial of germs and bacteria that theoretically will prevent cancer and maybe even cure it, you have to initiate the containment protocol. When all else fails, destroy the problem. Simple yet still a pain in the ass. Why go to such lengths to make sure something helpful doesn't go out into the public? Well, that's what the feds want to know, so they are transporting me to some unknown place in God only knows where.

You see, logically, to battle something that grows and infests parts of the body, you have to introduce something that will allow natural tissue to grow and counter act the growth of cancer cells. Okay, I will admit, maybe it is really not all that logical but hopefully you see what I am getting at. I may have found a way to bring the tissue destroyed by cancer back to life. Just imagine, being the one person that finds a cure for cancer. A freakin' cure for cancer! Yeah, that's pretty badass once you think about it. The whole thing though is trying to figure out how to keep the tissue growth contained. Whatever could happen to animals pretty much did. I remember when we first tried the medicine on the first subject, which of course was a rabbit. Cancer disappeared all right. Every tissue that was cursed was cured and restored, and then the medicine wanted to continue. By the next day, the rabbit doubled in size. It wouldn't have been a problem if the skin didn't start to tear. All in all, it was a failure.

That problem was continuous, until the most recent strain that is. Finally had the growth contained to normal output. It was very promising, but then we found that this new strain of the medicine stretched out to the brain and caused the subject to act very aggressively. It was an interesting sight indeed. The subject literally gnawed its own lips to nothing. We had to destroy it, sad to say. Once you get pass the growling and sudden attacks, it was actually a cute mouse. Can't say the same thing about the rabbits, I digress though.

"Professor Langwell, you have a lot of explaining to do. We have been watching you and frankly, you are completely insane."

I find it interesting. They bring you against your will to some God awful room in some God awful building just to call you insane.

"You call me insane? Me? The one who will bring to the science community the biggest discovery of all time? You obviously don't know who you are working for, sir. I have plans for you. You are going to be the variable. Tell me, are there any allergies I should know before we start? I need data you know, so I can compare it to the others. How 'bout your family history, tell me, any cases of insanity or mental illness?"

Something about this never gets old, well then again the subjects do. Rabbits became too boring, mice were old fashion, but humans seem to act differently every time. Sure there were things that were the same, but the events that led to it and the events that followed are always different. Why didn't I start with people to begin with? This was my favorite part though, the very beginning. The look on their face, the way their eyes grow slightly wild, and the way the question.

"What are you talking about? I'm the one who will ask the questions. What exactly are you working on?"

I didn't have the heart to tell him. I don't think I have a heart actually. Hmm, maybe something to look into after this experiment.

"Now, now, I cannot give any detail until after the experiment. Now please, answer my questions. Data is important you know."